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Confidence Spell: How to Use Magic to Grow Self-Esteem

The key to a great confidence spell lies in your faith in the Universe. 

What do I mean? 

Well, it’s hard to have confidence in your magic when you don’t have confidence in yourself, and it’s hard to write a spell for confidence if you don’t have confidence in your magic. 

It’s like a double negative, right? 

So you’re failing to find self-confidence, which means you don’t believe in yourself or your magic. 

And you must start somewhere. 

Start with the Universe. 

Rock Bottom and Rising Up for Your Confidence Spell

Quite often, when we lack confidence, this can be seen as a sort of rock bottom of sorts. 

Which is great news. 

If you are here, reading this article today, you are feeling helpless, hopeless, and powerless. 

You are seeking answers and you ideally are willing to try new things you have not tried before. 

That’s the place we step into when we hit rock bottom. 

Why do you think so many people find God in prison? 

Or when they lose a loved one unexpectedly. 

The resolution cannot be found in the outer world, and you cannot find it in yourself. 


Before we go any further, let me say that you are incredibly brave for even seeking change. Very few people are willing to do what it takes to really cast a confidence spell

So know that while you may not always feel strong and confident, you can always, always be brave, and you have already proven that you are. 

Where you are right now, seeking confidence, is your rock bottom, it is your prison, and you must see it as such. 

The poet Rumi says, “if you desire healing, let yourself fall ill, let yourself fall ill.” 

I take this to mean that in order to rise up, we must see all the dis-ease we are experiencing, so that we do not let it weigh us down anymore. 

The native tribes in the Peruvian Andes believe there is, after all, only one disease – disconnection. 

And only one cure – reconnection. 

So, you want a confidence spell because you are disconnected, you are experiencing the dis-ease of powerlessness. 

Now it is time to reconnect. 

Cast a Confidence Spell

Wednesday Inspirational Quotes

Note that all spells require three ingredients – the words, the ways, and the will. 

Keep your words simple and to the point: “I am confident.” 

“I am strong.” 

“I am lovable.” 

“I am worthy.” 

“I am brave.” 

You have already proven your will, which is one of the mightiest forces in a spell. 

You really want to be strong, confident, and worthy. 

And you already have everything you need inside of you to be those things. 

Now you just have to find the ways. 

The ways are the materials you use to cast your spell and bring it to life. 

Here’s the thing about a spell – you need all three ingredients. 

Words can just be empty words. 

Will is nothing without ways. 

And ways are useless without will. 

You need all three. 

So you speak the words, even if right now you don’t believe them, and then you back those words up with the ways. 

And all along you assert your will. 


You’ve seen examples of the words above. 

You can write them down on a piece of paper and perform a ritual with them if you like for your confidence spell.

It is not necessary, but I am a lover of ritual. 

My favorite spellcasting ritual is to write down my desire on a piece of paper, build a fire under a new moon, and then speak my words out to the Universe. 

I tend to do this with my bare feet on the earth when the night is black as pitch and the fire is roaring.

I speak the words three times: 

“I am strong. 

I am confident.

I am brave.” 

Then I release the spell I have written into the fire and allow it to burn, symbolizing my trust in the Universe to bring my creation into fully manifested form. 

You can also repeat your words every night before you go to bed. 

Remember that whatever you speak into your head right before you fall asleep lingers in your head and seeps into your subconscious, where all of your programming is, the programming that operates 95% of your life each day. 

Then, when you rise, sit it meditation on your words. 

Allow yourself to be still for 20 minutes, quiet your mind, and feel the strength of an all-powerful, infinitely wise, deeply loving Universe supporting you. 

After all, if you cannot trust yourself, you can certainly trust in a Universe that has never, not once, let you down. 

Speak those words to the Universe and have faith that it will show you how true they are. 


The ways in a confidence spell involve changing your habits.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, you must already believe that you are that person. 

Do the things that confident person would do. 

Eat the foods that confident person would eat. 

Live the life that confident person would live. 

You can begin with small changes. 



Meditation is the beginning of all change, of all rising up, of all awakening. 

Sit for 20 minutes each morning before you do anything else and quiet your mind. 

As you sit, perform a full body scan, clear your chakras from the crown to the root, and pause when you get to your solar plexus. 

Your solar plexus chakra is the seat of your relationships with other individuals and your instincts. 

This is your “gut.” 

And your gut health relates to all the other health in your life. 

You need a strong gut to be confident. 

So take your time when you get to your gut, clear it out with your white light energy from Source. 

Commit to retraining the programming in your instincts that has told you you’re not good enough, strong enough, brave enough. 

Allow your heart chakra to love your inner child, the one trained to lack confidence. 

Tell yourself that you were doing the best you could to survive, and that you are free to step out of survival mode and into thriving mode. 

When you have completed your meditation, sit for another 10 or 15 minutes in quiet and just listen. 

Listen for your inner voice, feel your way through what comes next, and get really good and simply following your intuition, which is communication from Source and your inner being, not your instincts which are earthly bound and provided by other people and life experiences. 

Move Your Body and Lift Weights

One great way to build confidence and inner strength is to actually, physically, get stronger. 

Take up running, biking, swimming, or just power walking. 

And lift weights a couple of times a week. 

As you grow physically strong, you can tell yourself how strong you are in body, mind, and spirit. 

And low and behold, you will start to believe yourself. 

Eat Well

One of the worst things you can do for your confidence is to eat crap.

When you eat crap, you feel like crap. 

So watch your diet. 

Ensure you are not filling your gut and your brain with toxic chemicals from processed foods and chemical laden factory farmed animals.

Eat sacred plants from rich soil, animal protein from pastures, and drink lots of water

You will be surprised by how quickly you feel lighter, more focused, and more confident just from these dietary changes. 

Set Boundaries with Your Confidence Spell

Learn to say, firmly and without explanation, “no.” 

Do not apologize for yourself. 

Do not explain yourself. 

My general rule of thumb is if it is not “hell yes” then it is a “hell no.” 


A few times saying no when you want to will have you standing straight up with your shoulders back. 

Ask for What You Want

Do not be afraid to ask. 

The worst that can happen is you get a no. 

Big deal!

The primary reason women make less than men in the workplace is that they don’t ask for more. 


Expect this or Better

As you grow more confident, you will find yourself trusting in the Universe to deliver your desires. 

Expect it. 

Trust in the Universe to always deliver “this or better,” knowing full well that the Universe has a much better imagination than you do. 


And finally, your will. 

Allow your will to become stronger each time you see evidence of your growing confidence. 

Let confirmation of your strength and bravery change the way you see yourself and encourage you to do the next brave thing, and the next, and the next. 

Your will is only as strong as the stories you tell yourself, so be sure you tell yourself stories of your heroism. 

In the end, no essential oil, spell candle, or rose petals are going to make you confident. 

Only you can do that. 

You are the spell. 

So, sure, let the candle burn under a new moon or a full moon, but be sure to trust in your magic spells to ward off negative energy and self-doubt because of how powerful you are. 

Happy manifesting!

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