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Breaking a Curse or a Hex 

The single most powerful words I can speak to you when it comes to breaking a curse or hex are as follows:  

There is no such thing as a curse or hex! 


Hear these words loud and clear.  

Integrate them into your full being.  

Own them.  

Become them.  

Rather, become the person who believes them down to your bones.  


Curses and Hexes Are Not Real 

And neither is hell.  

Did I just blow your mind?  


Stick around.  

I’m on a roll.  

Here’s the thing, people can cast curses. They can conjure hexes.  

And you can create your own living hell.  

But it is all illusion.  

The power of love is infinitely more powerful than the power of hate or fear, so someone can sit with a ritual, call down the “dark gods” (also no such thing, by the way) and stick pins in a voodoo doll, and if you are all filled up with self-love and aligned with Source Energy, the so-called curse will not affect you in the slightest.  

As Abraham Hicks says, a trained assassin could have a photo of you, be outside of your building, and have a sniper rifle aimed right at you as you walk outside, and if you are aligned with Source, they will miss you every single time.  

That is the power of Love.  

Bird flying in the sky with a dramatic cloud formation in the background. Light shining trough which gives a symbolic value of life and hope.

Negativity Is Real 

Ah, you say, but what if I’m not aligned with Source? What if I am not filled with self-love?  

Then, sure, a curse might feel real to you.  

It is still not the result of someone else casting a spell on you or poking pins in a voodoo doll, but if you don’t have your energy right, yes, you can absolutely be influenced to hate yourself, to fear, to be angry, to attract darkness into your life.  

After all, you attract what you are.  

If you are feeling dark for long enough, you have surpassed being in a mood and entered into a temperament.  

The world sucks.  

People are awful.  

If something can go wrong, it will.  

These are statements made by people with a negative temperament.  

But remember, negativity is a purely human experience.  

Outside of humanity, everything is neutral.  

In terms of the Universe at large, everything is love, expansion, creation, infinity.  

Remember, you are the Universe having a human experience, so you are unkillable, infinite, and inevitable.  

Moon in sky

Your body may die, but your spirit never will, so you simply recycle into another human body when you wish it, when you will it.  

Another Abraham Hicks quote: “you can never get it wrong, and you will never get it done.”  

That’s it.  

Now, if you find yourself trapped in a negative spiral, you may feel cursed.  

Indeed, you may have created your own living hell.  

There’s this great moment in the graphic novel series Lucifer, written by the great Neil Gaiman, which is also an episode on the Fox show fashioned after the novels.  

Lucifer, the devil come to Los Angeles, is helping his detective friend and love interest work out a murder.  

Only, the man who committed the murder seems to not remember committing the murder and eventually commits suicide.  

The, he wakes up from the suicide to find himself back at the start of the murder mystery, like Groundhog Day.  

It’s a long winding story of pain and passion that ends with the camera, in the show, panning out to reveal the man is trapped in a chamber of hell, locked in there by his own guilty conscience, which he is unable to face.  

Another great film moment is the one in the Robin William movie What Dreams May Come.  

A couple has two children who are both tragically killed at the beginning of the movie.  

Then, within months, the husband also dies in a tragic accident.  

The wife cannot take the grief and so commits suicide.  

As the children and the husband wake up in heaven, they discover the wife is in hell.  

Not because she committed suicide as religion would tell us, but because she is so trapped in her own grief, that she will not allow herself to ascend to heaven.  

And, the rules tell us, she cannot be liberated by another.  

She can only liberate herself.  

These two stories, among so many like them, are perfect metaphors for how we live our lives.  

Heaven and hell are here, right here on earth with us.  

We get to choose in every moment if we want to live in heaven or hell.  

And only we can liberate ourselves.  

Heart chakra

Change Your Programming for Breaking a Curse

So, you think you’re cursed.  

You think you’re in hell.  

You may be.  

But it is your programming that is keeping you there.  

You have trapped yourself in hell, and blaming a curse, an enemy, an abuser, only sinks you deeper into your own hell.  

You must call all of your power back to yourself.  

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist who has been studying human behavior for more than 50 years, says that we are all like human computers. 

We have programs in our minds, called our subconscious, that drive us around all day on autopilot.  

“95% of your day is spent on autopilot.” He says.  

Your subconscious rules all.  

The other 5% of the day, you are conscious, fully awake, and creating.  

The rest of the time?  

Your conscious is thinking.  


Many gurus and spiritual people will tell you to simply be more mindful.  


Be mindful all day.  

Be fully present in every moment.  


We need our conscious to think.  

We need our conscious to plot and plan, to wish and desire, to be busy doing the work of preparing us for what’s to come – our dream life.  

The problem is, quite often our conscious, what we say we want, is vastly different from our subconscious, what we are actually doing.  


Well, Dr. Lipton says that all of our programming comes from the first seven years of our human life.  

Everything our parents did and said, everything our teachers did and said, all of our early trauma, all of our joys and pains, all of it forms our subconscious.  

And we spend the rest of our lives living out those early years on repeat.  

Like that man trapped in his own hell chamber.  

And when you try to change?  

It’s so painful! 

When your conscious goes against the autopilot of your subconscious you are met with serious resistance that can feel like a panic attack, like anxiety, like depression, like even more darkness.  

So what’s the answer then?  

Change your programming.  

It will take work.  

It will likely be painful, especially in the beginning, and it will be ugly at first.  

But then?  

Then it gets so beautiful.  

I love the analogy of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  

It is not an instant process.  

The caterpillar turns first into utter messy gross goo in the cocoon before using all of its materials to become a butterfly and literally chew its way out to freedom and flight.  

You must enter goo phase.  

Breaking the Curse 

Now, your most important work is to be done.  

You must clean up your energy and get to “breaking the curse” you are so sure you are under.  


The first step to breaking the curse, beyond realizing that there is no curse, is to surrender to your higher power.  

Acknowledge that you cannot control your life and destiny, your path, your heaven and hell, with sheer force of will.  

You must surrender and have faith in your inner being, always guiding you toward the light, the love, heaven on earth.  



Next, implement a daily practice of self-love, beginning with meditation.  

Meditation is where you will most often find your inner being.  

Before you do anything else each morning, sit for 20 minutes and quiet your mind, be still, and sink into a connection with your higher self.  

Sleep Well 

It is really hard to be joyful and abundant if you do not sleep well.  

Make sure you get your 8 hours of sleep every night no matter what.  

This is a supreme act of self-love in this world of hustle culture.  

Love yourself enough to rest.  

Eat Well 

Treat your body like a temple because it is one.  

Eat your fruits and veggies in season, from local, nutrient rich, organic farms.  

Invest in pasture raised, organic meat.  

Drink clean water.  

Make tea with sacred herbs.  

Turn food into an act of self-love.  

This act includes cutting out toxins like excessive alcohol and sugar, which are meant to be treats, not daily staples.  

Move Your Body 

You just cannot be upset all the time if you move your body.  

Build a daily routine where you walk, run, bike, swim, do something outside in fresh air.  

Heaven is waiting for you.  

Surrender Again 

And when it’s all said and done, surrender again.  

And again.  

You will be triggered.  

You will get angry.  

You will be sad.  

All of this is normal.  

Simply surrender again.  

And each time you do, you will feel the “curse” lift a bit more.  

That is the real act of breaking a curse.

Happy manifesting! 

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