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What Crystals Should Be in the Kitchen?

Crystals for the kitchen is one of my favorite subjects.  

In all the years I have identified as a witch, and we’re talking like the third grade, I never knew there were different kinds of witches.  

I mean, sure, I knew from The Wizard of Oz that you had to decide if you were “a good witch, or a bad witch.”  

Which, of course, I learned years later was total crap.  

There are no good witches and bad witches.  

There are merely witches who do good and bad things with their power.  

But there is a whole range of categories witches get to choose from in terms of how they identify their area of practice.  

Today, I would probably say I am an eclectic witch, which means I practice a full range of magic in all areas.  

But if I absolutely had to narrow it down, I would say I am a kitchen witch.  

I have loved being in the kitchen since I was a little girl.  

I love everything about being in the kitchen.  

I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to clean my kitchen, I love utensils, pots, pans, plates, and I especially love feeding people.  

Crystals for the kitchen are kind of my thing.  

Kitchen Witch 

If the definition of a witch is someone who stands in her full power, who accepts that she is a divine being with access to an all-powerful Universe that wants nothing more than to meet every single desire she has, and is always learning new ways to work with the energies of that Universe, then a kitchen witch is someone who does all of that in the kitchen.  

We work with food to heal, food to indulge, food to inspire, food to enlighten, and so much more.  

We work with plants and animals, liquids and solid, hots and colds, and we alchemize it all in ways that create real, amazing magic.  

I did not realize for many years that kitchen witchcraft was so much more than food.  

I think my first inspiration was Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic.  

You see, for so many years I saw the kitchen as the heart of the home.  

I made delicious lasagnas and stews, bright salads and savory casseroles.  

And of course, mountains of cookies and cakes.  

I was so busy filling people up that I never really took the time to understand the inner workings of kitchen magic.  

My magic was just serving people good food.  

healthy food

I inherited my recipes and my love of feeding people from both my mother and my father, who inherited from their mothers, who inherited it from their mothers.  

Rich sauces and gravies, thick cheesy potatoes and warm puddings.  

But my parents, and their parents, and their parents, grew up in times that had been shaped by the Great Depression.  

The Great Depression, along with Industrialization one hundred years earlier, took people away from the land.  

For the last two hundred years, governments and corporations have been feeding us.  

They have manufactured our food, they have mass produced our plants and animals, and they have rationed our food and told us what to eat.  

At the same time, a medical institution rose that told us about our bodies, disconnected us from our inner knowing, gave us pills, and conditioned us to trust in them.  

Not in ourselves.  

And look, thank the gods for industrialization that gave us, women, an opportunity to work outside of the home.  

Thank the gods for the progress that allowed women to have more options.  

Thank the gods for the changes that created a middle class out of a poverty class.  

Thank the gods for indoor plumbing, central waste, central heating, and yes, antibiotics, surgery, and vaccines.  

But, like with negativity, we were never meant to abandon positivity and simply adopt all negativity, swimming in fear and despair.  

We were merely meant to use negativity as contrast.  

Similarly, we were never supposed to abandon our own inner knowing, our own intuition, our own sense of self trust, our own connection to healing and health, to wellness and love.  

Herbal Witch Healer Witch Kitchen Witch 

I would speculate, and I think I am on solid ground here, that kitchen witches have always been healer witches and herbal witches.  

We have a longing for food, for plants, and for the connection between the earth from which we have come materially, and our bodies.  

As the Shaman Alberto Villoldo says in his book The Wisdom Wheel, the western world was the only civilization kicked out of the garden. The rest of us are the shepherds.  

The shepherds of the earth.  

The ones who talk to the plants and animals.  

The ones who listen to the plants and animals.  

And it is high time we in the west made our way back into the garden.  

High time we reclaim our roles as shepherds as well.  

And kitchen witches, healer witches, herbal witches know this is true.  

The reclamation has begun.  

More and more back to landers are rising up, finding creative ways to homestead, homeschooling our children, and yes, reconnecting with our plants and animals.  

And that’s where crystals for the kitchen come in.  


What Crystals Should Be In Your Kitchen?  

Figuring out which crystals for your kitchen are best will depend largely on what’s in your kitchen.  

If you are not a kitchen witch, do not enjoy cooking, but still love eating and spending time in your kitchen, you could have a clear quartz crystal, even a vast array of clear quartz crystals of all shapes and sizes spread out, maybe on display on a little mirrored plate.  

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a wonderful amplifier of energy, and if you love food, clear quartz will amplify that love, will make your meals that much happier, and will bring anyone in your kitchen into a space of clarity.  

If you are a healer, someone who works with herbs, maybe a tea witch with a shelf full of little tins that hold lavender and lemon balm for calming, passionflower and hibiscus for romance, ginger and turmeric for energy, and so much more, you could bring a raw green opal and a green aventurine into the kitchen, place them on windowsills and in the center of your table.  

Green Opal

Green Opal
Green Opal

Green opal encourages healthy eating and cleanses the physical body.  

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is energizing and joyful.  

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

If you prepare food as medicine, making meals rich in probiotics and prebiotics, if you have tempeh in your fridge next to fresh sauerkraut, if you chop raw onions and garlic into your salads, if you simmer red sauces on the stove rich with herbs and spices, you could place carnelian on your stove or near your spice jars.  



Carnelian boosts vitality and helps to release bad eating habits.  

If your big push in the kitchen is just to get people together, if family style eating is your dream come true, even if you order out all the time and just sit around the table and laugh, sharing meals and memories, then include a citrine in your kitchen.  



Citrine is the happiness crystal It is bright and sunny and reminds everyone how much you all love each other and love being together.  

Crystal for the Kitchen 

Of course, you can include any other crystals you love.  

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and you are currently working on your self love, bring a rose quartz in to remind you to be gentler and softer with yourself.  

If you have been ill or anxious, have some amethyst crystals with you as a healing, calming, and soothing stone.  

The bottom line is that you must make the kitchen your space with your energy and your feelings.  

Kitchen witchcraft is all about self-ownership, autonomy, and self-knowledge, the more you practice magic in the kitchen, the more you will come into your truest self, the practical magic inside you will come alive.  

You will be able to recognize what your body is telling you, which foods your body needs, which herbs and roots, spices and proteins will function best with whatever your current energy is.  

It is my contention that we were never supposed to be kicked out of the garden.  

We were merely meant to explore what else is out there.  

And we did indeed find plenty of wonderful things.  

But we were meant to go home, to return, to continue our slow, steady, loving, open relationship with the earth and all of its creatures.  

As someone who grew up surrounded by concrete in a big city with cars rushing by at all hours of the night, stores open 24 hours a day, and the only trees around having been planted by city planners, it is a huge awakening to move away from all that, to sit in silence, to be still, and to listen to what the garden has to say.  

And after all these years, I am pretty sure it is saying “welcome home.” 

Welcome home. 

Happy manifesting.  

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