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How to Write Your Own Magic Spell

So you’re wondering how to write a magic spell.

When you first begin practicing magic, the experiences are typically light and loose. You may be, should be, surprised and delighted.  

“Oh my goodness, I did that!” 

That’s how magic works. That’s how spellcasting works.  

But how do you perfect it? How do you hone your magic so that it is intentional? And you’re probably wondering by now how to write a spell down on paper.  


Magic is as old as time. Literally.  

What we mean when we say “magic,” at least those of us deeply entrenched in the spiritual world, is the ability to work with universal energy.  

We recognize universal laws, and we work with our own spirit and Source Energy to create our own reality.  

Taken a step further, we can practice magic to help create the realities of others.  

This magic is as old as time because it is the same magic that brought all of life into existence.  

You see, before there was something, there was nothing.  

“Duh.” You say.  

Well, sure, duh. But really try to imagine nothing.  

Try it.  

You can’t.  

Because if you’re imagining it, it’s something.  

So, from nothing, something was born, and that something is what we call consciousness. We call it consciousness because from that consciousness everything else was created.  

Science shows us that thought precedes form.  

Everything you can see, taste, touch, and hear, was a thought in consciousness first.  

Maybe not always human consciousness, but some form of consciousness had to bring to life everything that exists.  

It perfected over time, from tiny atoms to great planets, to living breathing plants and amoeba, fungi and sea life, land animals and finally humans.  

Evolution is a form of magic.  

The fact that the sun and the earth and the moon all coexist and function together and indeed depend on each other for stability is a form of magic.  

It simply happens to be that when we can explain something in precise and scientific terms, we call it science.  

When we cannot, when there is any absence of clear data, we all it magic, the supernatural, hocus pocus, you name it.  

But once upon a time, airplanes were magic. Motor vehicles were magic. Microwave ovens were magic.  

Now they are science.  

So, science does not make magic happen. It merely explains it.  

The mistake we make is in thinking that science is all there is, and that magic is not real because we don’t have science to line it all up and lay it all out neatly for us.  

We must, to practice magic, take a leap of faith.  

And once we do, we’re in it.  

The First Magical Step 

magic spell

The very first time you begin writing your own spells, effective spells, and using magic words is usually a bit tremulous, doubtful, and hesitant.

You can switch from “yea, right” to “show me.”  

That’s it. Open yourself up to that higher consciousness, to source energy, and ask to be shown magic. 

Then trust and wait.  

One of the most important things in your successful spell lesson plan is attention.

This is an integral part of the magick and all magical action.

If you’re not paying attention, it will pass you by.  

You will think a thought seconds before someone else speaks it aloud.  

You will share a dream with someone close to you.  

You will want something with all your heart and a doorway to that thing will open up in front of you.  

You have achieved the goal of the spell, often with a single magic word. That’s good news.

But beware – if you shrug it off as mere “coincidence,” you will be less likely to see it the next time it happens.  

Remember, coincidence just means incidences coinciding, which is universal magic.  

When you recognize magic for what it is, it appears to you at ever increasing levels, and before you know it, you are ready to practice magic ritually and regularly.  

Universal Laws 

magic spell

When you begin to practice magic, you must first recognize and accept the universal laws.  

There are very few of them, and there is nothing to obey. They are not commandments; they are realities you must adhere to if you plan to work with them.  

  1. Law of Attraction 

The law of attraction is probably the most powerful universal law. You attract what you are. Like attracts like. Energy goes where attention flows.  

There are various ways of expressing this same basic principle – whatever you are focusing on is what is coming into your reality. You are constantly creating your own reality. 

  1. Thought Precedes Form 

Yes, you create your reality because thought precedes form. So, you go out into the day, and you meet a bunch of awful people. And you think “people are awful.”  

The reality is that you had already decided that the world is bad, people are awful, you are in a bad mood and it’s only going to get worse, or some version of that negativity. 

Had you gone out into the day with sunshine in your step and love in your heart, doors would have opened for you and people would have been kind and loving with you.  

You’re not changing those people with your thoughts. Your thoughts are sending out energy, and other people are attracted to that energy. Your best brings out the best in others.  

And when you do happen to encounter someone in a negative space, it does not affect you, and they cannot touch you. 

  1. Divine Oneness 

We are all one.  

This one is tough to deal with for many people.  

“I’m not the same as that jerk! We’re not one!” 

Yes. You are.  

We all come from the same loving, divinely wise, infinite source of energy.  

It is our humanness that makes us “jerks.”  

The negativity does not exist outside of the human experience. It is not part of our spirits when we enter our human bodies, and it is not in our spirits when we leave our bodies. We leave it all behind in this life.  

So, outside of our humanity, we are all one. And we are all one in that we are all spirits having a human experience.  

We cannot know why people do what they do, what broke them, what malfunction is taking place in their humanity. We have to always come back to our oneness.  

This of course does not mean we have to hang out with “jerks” or give them any of our attention. In fact, it is better if we don’t.  

But we must accept our oneness.  

There are other universal laws like vibration, polarity, correspondence, and inspired action, but these three are the most important to keep in mind when beginning your magical spiritual practice.  

How to Write a Magic Spell 

magic spell

The steps for how to write a magic spell are simple but they must be followed exactly, or your magic may reach beyond your control.  

Remember, you cannot control outcomes, but you can control your thoughts and your actions, which will greatly influence your outcome.  

The Universe, Source Energy, Consciousness, Spirit, whatever you want to call it, knows much much better than we do, and has a much better imagination.  

So, when you ask for something, when you cast a spell, the Universe is reading your energy and always delivers on that energy, perhaps not exactly as you imagine it, but, if you’re careful with your magic, always in surprising and delightful ways.  And once you’ve mastered how to write a magic spell, you’ll be a powerful witch indeed.

These 5 tips for writing a spell will get you results every time.  

  1. Set the Intention and Feel Good About It 

I always advise meditating on what it is you want. Sit with your purpose, your why, your desire. Why do you want this? What do you hope will come as a result.  

When you realize that everything we ask for, we want because we think it will make us feel good, you can get yourself into that good feeling space to set your intention. Imagine yourself with the spell complete, how happy you will feel, and try to embody that happiness now as best you can.  

This action sets the tone for the universe to match your energy and send you the thing you seek.  

  1. This or Better 

When you cast a spell, ask for something, or pray for something, it must be from a positive space.  

Abraham Hicks calls it “this or better.”  

Remember the Universe has a much better imagination than you. You’re just hoping for a one-day trip to Disneyland, and the Universe can send you for two weeks to Disneyworld! 

Be really careful not to ask from a place of lack. If you “need” this thing, the Universe can only read your needy energy and will send you more lack, more neediness.  

  1. Rhyme and Repeat 

All spells should rhyme and be repeating three times. This makes the spell more memorable and lets the Universe know that you are serious.  

Make the spell short, sweet, and to the point:  

“Disneyland for my family 

We’re on our way, my family and me. 

I trust what the Universe has in store 

Disneyland and so much more.” 

And always finish with “as I will it, so mote it be,” or some version that lets the Universe know of your will and your faith.  

  1. Write in Pen on Paper 

Write the spell down on paper in pen to solidify your words.  

  1. Burn 

When you have written the spell on paper and repeated it three times, burn it.  

Either throw it into a fire outside or burn it over a candle or with a match.  

This lets the Universe know that you trust it to always deliver.  

Now, stand back and watch the magic happen.  

And don’t forget to write your magic spells in your spell book, even if it is a digital file.

Happy manifesting! 

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