Crystals for Motivation: Increase Focus, Productivity, And So Much More

When I say energy is everything, I mean energy is everything. You can do very little with low energy, and what sucks the most is that it is a vicious cycle. If you have low energy, you don’t want to do anything.

Likewise, if you don’t do anything, you will have low energy. The cycle repeats and repeats until you find yourself shaming yourself, calling yourself lazy, and doing even less. It is an exponential spiral downward.

Fear not. All is not lost!

I know. I sound like a Debbie Downer (apologies to everyone named Debbie), but that is not my goal here. My goal is to tell you I see you. I have been there. We have all been there. And there is a way, indeed, there are several ways, out.

You can break that low energy cycle. There are practices, rituals, meditations, and even crystals for motivation. Build just one of these into your day, and you will notice your energy changing almost instantly.

A Note About Energy

Remember, Einstein said it best: “Energy is everything, and that’s all there is to it.”

It’s not just an expression, something we say in the spiritual world to get you to believe in the law of attraction. It is a matter of physics that no scientist can ignore. Our bodies are vibrating with energy, and energy will grow and fade at exponential rates based on how we treat our bodies.

Energy communicates and operates physically, in how our bodies feel, mentally, in how our minds feel, and spiritually, which translates directly to our bodies and our minds.

Author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss has been doing energy work, writing books, speaking, and conducting workshops that teach others how to do this energy work for decades.

She discovered very early on that when we are energetically ill that illness manifests into physical illness eventually for all of us.

So, while you may be seeking motivation for this or that other thing, this or that other day, this or that other experience, it really is in your best interest to get motivated for all the things, all the days, all the experiences.

The higher your energy vibrates, the healthier you will be, the better you will feel, and the more positivity you will bring into your life for both the short and long term.

Tools to Get Motivated

Although energy begins at a spiritual level, most people have trouble getting motivated at that level first. If you are seeking motivation, it is usually because you are already feeling down and negative.

Asking you to get spiritual and speak to your higher power, to believe in something bigger than yourself and draw on that power to motivate yourself is a stretch at this point, I know. Rest assured, I won’t start there. The tools to get motivated are in order, so let’s begin:

  • Move Your Body

Seriously, we begin with the physical because the physical will motivate the mental. If you do not move at all right now, walk to the mailbox.

Walk around the block. Start with 10 minutes a day. Wherever you are, start now. Then, slowly build in 5 minutes, another 10 minutes, until you get to a minimum of one hour a day walking outside, preferably in nature.

Your energy will rise exponentially over time, and you will be excited to get outside. If you are dreading it, put on your headphones and listen to an uplifting podcast (no murder mysteries!) or your favorite upbeat music.

  • Drink More Water

Most Americans do not get even a fraction of the water we should be getting (half our body weight), and it causes a huge lag. Add to that insult the injury of soda and caffeine, which may make you feel temporarily energized, but it is fake energy that only leads to the inevitable crash.

Carry a bottle around with you and make sure you take sips all day long. Water can be an instant energy and mood lifter.

  • Cut Alcohol

Alcohol is great for lifting your spirits sometimes. But it always comes with the downer effect the next day.

If you are feeling unmotivated, cut alcohol out of your diet until you get on track. It will save you a ton of energy, calories, and mood swings.

  • Cut Back on Sugar and Processed Foods

Another energy killer that is insidious enough to seem friendly. It might give you a burst of energy to have that donut or candy, but you will crash, and you will crash hard.

Sugar and processed foods clog your arteries and make your blood sluggish, which makes you sluggish. Seeking motivation? Cut the crap.

  • Get Your Veggies and Fruits

Not only will your body and mind respond positively to you getting your 8 fruits and veggies a day, but you will also notice yourself feeling considerably lighter on your feet.

When you have more pep in your step, you’re more likely to take more of those steps. Get lots of greens and berries, too, which are good for your brain and your blood.

A happy brain leads to a motivated person.

  • Get Enough Protein

Protein is all energy. Make sure you get plenty of protein from a variety of clean sources. Remember, you are what you eat, and the animal you eat is full of whatever it ate as well.

Nonorganic meats can be stuffed with filler foods that even include things like drywall. Yuck!

So make sure your animal protein is organic, and include plant proteins like nuts, seeds, avocado, and beans. You’ll be jumping with joy in no time.

  • Get Enough Sleep

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” How many times have you heard, or said, this one? Sure, you’re totally lacking in motivation, but you’re still up all night on Netflix or your phone, and then you have to drag yourself out of bed after only 6 hours of sleep to get to work or school.

Sleep is the primary, most important factor in human health. Just cutting out one hour of the recommended 8 hours per night can affect mood, balance, and brain function.

Get your 8 hours and you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and not even reaching for the caffeine, sugar, and white flour carbs.

  • Do Yoga

An incredible way to wake your body up each morning is to do some gentle stretching. You can find great YouTube videos or just go with what feels good. It circulates blood to your whole body and wakes up your brain. Stretch for motivation.

  • Meditate

Here’s where I will tell you to reach for your higher power. Clinical psychologist and religious scholar Jordan Peterson is fond of saying “we all have a god; it’s just a matter of whether we know our god is.”

Yes, we are all working for something, praying to something, holding something in reverence. Sit and think about what your god is, and then meditate on it.

You are a divine, perfect being with a connection to the all-knowing, all seeing, all present, infinitely wise universe. Put that first, and motivation will flow into you like life blood.

  • Start a Gratitude Journal

One final, and fun, way to get motivated is to think about, and write down, everything in your life for which you are grateful. Energy flows where attention goes.

Focus on the good, and the good will grow. Before you know it, you will be excited and motivated to go out and get more of that good stuff.

Start small, start with what works for you, what resonates most with you, and stick with it. Consistency and patience are the keys to long term positive change.

Crystals for Motivation

In addition to the listed practices and rituals you can put into place for motivation, you can also keep crystals with you to remind you of what kind of energy you are hoping to ramp up.

Depending on your reasons for seeking motivation, you can keep the crystals near you, say on your bedside table or at your desk, or on your person, in a pocket, as a bracelet, or around your neck.

Tiger’s Eye This stone is great for shaking off lethargy and getting yourself physically energized.

Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s Eye

Clear Quartz My favorite stone for gaining clarity and cleansing. Keep this one to keep your spirit free.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz The love stone is perfect for feeling loved and supported as you reach for your goals.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Citrine A bright orange stone to keep you positive and bright when all feels dark.


Amethyst Purple is the color of healing and overall health. Wear this around your neck to fortify you.


Lapis Lazuli Keep this one with you for inner truth and consistency.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Apatite This stone is a ward against apathy, that feeling of worthlessness or indifference. Regain your passion.


Always keep in mind that crystals work with you, not for you. You already have all the power and energy these crystals hold inside yourself. The goal in working with crystals is to remember who you are.

You are the child of a wise and loving universe.

You’ve got this.

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