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How To Use Tiger’s Eye Crystals To Align Your Chakras

Many crystals are attuned to one of your chakras more than others.

Because they carry specific geochemical and mystical connotations, they naturally help cleanse and align a particular chakra.

Tiger's Eye

However, some crystals are so potent that they can transform your entire body, either by tuning into multiple chakras or through a waterfall effect.

One such crystal is the tiger’s eye, which has long been cherished for its dually grounding and inspiring properties.

We all strive to achieve our goals while warding off stress and toxic vibes. And there’s nothing like the bold and beautiful tiger’s eye to accomplish both.

🐅 Tiger’s Eye Meaning and Lore

Since ancient times, people have used tiger’s eye for courage, confidence, and knowledge. Perhaps the Wizard of Oz should have given this crystal to Dorothy’s companions!

Warriors would carry tiger’s eye into battle, harnessing the metaphysical strength of a jungle predator. Roman soldiers entrusted the stone to protect and guide them in their endeavors.

Tiger's Eye Necklace

In many ancient Mediterranean societies, the Tiger’s Eye doubled as an Evil Eye.

As they believed that malevolent spirits must look you in the eye to harm you, the crystal’s eye-like appearance was a decoy as well as a talisman of strength.

The ancient Egyptians considered the tiger’s eye a source of divine wisdom — an empowering blend of personal confidence and clear-headed knowledge.

To them, tiger’s eye united the protections of Ra, the god of the sun, and Geb, the god of agriculture.

In Eastern mythology, the tiger is a magnificent symbol of integrity, power, and good fortune. Thanks to its resemblance to the magical beast, tiger’s eye was often carried as an amulet of luck and bravery.

The Chinese cherished the tiger and named the mighty cat one of the trines of the zodiac. The Tiger is a force of bravery, good fortune, kindness, and fortitude.


In Chinese medicine, the tiger’s eye channels these energies to restore the balance between the yin and the yang.

Because tiger’s eye has traditionally been associated with personal power and fortune, it also connotes abundance and prosperity. People have long used the crystal to focus their intention on growing their wealth.

The tiger’s eye stone’s multifaceted symbolism and mystical benefits have earned it the nickname of The Shape-Shifter. It is a powerful tool for cultivating courage and confidence in all aspects of your life.

👀 Tiger’s Eye and the Chakras

Like many yellow-hued crystals, tiger’s eye is highly attuned to your solar plexus chakra. This is your energy center of confidence and motivation.

When your solar plexus is blocked, you may feel paralyzed by fear, averse to risks, or disconnected from your goals.

Stressful situations can leave you feeling insecure and scattered, hesitant to pursue your dreams or tackle a new challenge.

solar plexus chakra

By contrast, a cleansed and spinning solar plexus sends the sun’s brilliant energy throughout your chakras. When we feel inspired and confident, we are better able to open our heart, mind, and third eye.

However, we must not let our confidence turn to arrogance or impulsivity.

That’s why it’s vital to remain grounded and resilient, and tiger’s eye also aligns the root chakra to help us stay in touch with ourselves.

The tiger’s eye crystal channels these energies from the Universe, promoting our sense of confidence, bravery, and self-esteem. Even in times of chaos or stress, this stone helps us to overcome our fears and step forward with the tiger’s almighty courage.

Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s Eye

Remember that good luck is not a passive event in our lives. Fortune is more likely to come our way when we embrace our personal power.

Thus, aligning our solar plexus and root chakras with the tiger’s eye is one of the best ways to cultivate wealth — in our health, finances, and wherever else we may need it.

🐯 Ways to Use Tiger’s Eye

As a well-known crystal of protection and courage, tiger’s eye is ideal for cultivating your personal confidence and resilience.

Many people carry it as a talisman, especially when facing difficult situations.

how to use tiger's eye

🌞 Tiger’s Eye for the Solar Plexus

If you’re feeling insecure or out of touch with your power center, you can unblock your solar plexus with the help of tiger’s eye.

  • A grounding, nourishing activity can help, especially if it’s in the sun. Here are some ideas:
  • Spend time gardening and keep tiger’s eye with you as you care for your plants.
  • Go on a nature walk, carrying tiger’s eye, and focus on your deepest dreams and inspirations.
  • Meditate or practice yoga in the sun and hold the tiger’s eye stone close to your heart. (Tip: Aromatherapy is a nice addition here.)

As a blocked solar plexus often coincides with insecurity, confusion, and lack of confidence, you may need crystals that cleanse the solar plexus chakra:

  • Lemon quartz cultivates resilience and restores joy during stressful events.
  • Pyrite blocks negative energy and promotes determination.
  • Agate transforms passionate emotions into positive energies.

When your solar plexus is blocked or misaligned, you may experience some physical symptoms.

This chakra is the center of your gut and liver health, pay attention if your stomach is upset or your nerves are wracked.

Many people have found that tiger’s eye promotes strength throughout the body and is particularly helpful for spinal alignment and hormonal balance. In the ancient world, healers used tiger’s eye to treat vision issues, which is another helpful benefit!

⚡️ Tiger’s Eye to Channel Personal Power

Carrying or wearing a tiger’s eye stone can help you step forward in each moment with the mighty tiger’s bravery and grace. As a potent reminder of our inner strength and confidence, this crystal is a potent talisman throughout our daily endeavors.

Tiger’s eye is beautiful enough for any jewelry, or you may simply carry the stone in a pouch or pocket.

tiger's eye bracelet

You could also place a tiger’s eye crystal on your desk or workspace to promote a sense of strength and confidence throughout the day.

Tiger’s eye is also beneficial in any spellwork or divination that strives to build self-esteem or tackle a tough situation with courage. It promotes mental clarity while revealing your truest purpose and motivation.

When drawing tarot or Law of Attraction cards to gain insight into a matter of fear or low confidence, place the tiger’s eye at the center of your ritual space.

You can also use the stone to charge the deck before drawing cards.

🐅 Clearing and Activating Your Tiger’s Eye

As with many crystals, tiger’s eye eventually dulls and loses vibrations as you use it. This is especially true for this stone, which wards off negative energy — and may absorb a lot of it.

Before using a tiger’s eye in a ritual, cleanse it by placing it in the sun or under a full moon. Allow the vibrant solar or lunar rays to recharge the crystal for at least 4 hours.

moon over ocean

If you’ve been carrying the stone around, regularly clear away any toxic vibes, it’s absorbed.

☀️ Cleansing Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Whether you’re eager to cleanse your solar plexus chakra or are in need of some good luck, tiger’s eye will help you harness your personal power.

This precious stone boosts your motivation while warding off negative energies.

It is a highly effective crystal for nourishing your solar plexus while grounding your root chakra.

This combination helps you act with confidence yet clarity, so you can overcome your fears and achieve your goals.

Blue Tiger's Eye
Blue Tiger’s Eye

As tiger’s eye has long been cherished for yielding protection and abundance, it’s ideal for almost every life situation.

Carry it or meditate with it to boost your confidence and mental clarity. Use it in spell work to manifest wealth or rid yourself of low self-esteem.

It truly is the Shape-Shifter. This extraordinary crystal can help us transform any situation into one of power and confidence.

big roaring tiger for tiger's eye chakra

Remember: no one messes with a tiger, the true king (or queen!) of the jungle!

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