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35 Crystals for Sexual Energy

One of the great pleasures of human life is sex. Enhancing or improving our sexual experiences is one of our favorite pastimes.

One way to improve your sex life is with crystals. Crystals resonate with the earth, our chakras, and our bodies to create positive outcomes.

crystals for sexual energy

Science has determined that 99.9 percent of everything is energy; therefore, everything we do, have, or see is a part of that energy. The chakras are the energy centers of the body, and when they are working properly, our lives move as they should in all areas.

When they’re not in balance, our lives get off track and can cause us to have problems in all areas. Crystals, with that same earth and life energy, can help us balance our chakras.

Energizing our chakras can help us release emotional baggage and open ourselves up to enhanced sexual pleasure. The sacral and root chakras, in particular, are connected to sexual enjoyment, although the throat and heart chakra also play a part in sexual enjoyment.

Root Chakra

The root chakra represents our foundation. If the root chakra is in balance, it helps us free ourselves from trauma of the past, and baggage to allow us to enjoy the physical aspects of sex.

The root chakra centers on our basic needs for survival and security. When the root chakra is out of balance, we may feel confused or untethered and lack the ability to balance any of the other chakras.

When this chakra is in balance, we can access the kundalini energy that lies there. Kundalini is the cosmic energy at the core of each person.

Once awakened, kundalini energy moves up through the rest of the chakras and helps us achieve enlightenment. It also frees us to be our sexual selves.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra houses our creativity, relationships, and sexuality. It is the pleasure center of the body and allows us to improve our relationships

Balancing the sacral chakra also helps us free our creativity and find pleasure in more mundane pastimes such as writing, drawing, or other physical activity.

When the sacral chakra is in balance, our relationships improve, and we can move forward in creating the life we desire. When we let it get blocked, we can lack motivation, have low self-esteem, a low libido, and be unable to create intimate connections.

Stones for Sexual Energy

You may see some stones in here that don’t appear to directly affect sexual interactions; however, these stones will help us rid ourselves of past trauma, so we can move ahead in our relationships.

  1. Agates – throat chakra, opens heart and enhances communication, promotes healing, increases creativity, passion, and vitality
    1. Fire Agate – opens us to manifestation of our greatest loves, desires, and achievements, creativity, and sexuality, helps awaken kundalini energy
    2. Red Agate – increases passion and attracts people made for each other.
    3. Crazy Lace Agate – a crystal of creativity and playfulness, encourages you to take a more playful approach to sex.
  2. Amber – stone of courage, increases strength and vitality, promotes feelings of security and safety, and brings positive emotions and joy, passion, and intimacy.
  3. Amethyst – a calming stone that helps you feel more centered and in tune with yourself so you can enjoy the moment with your partner without worrying about the future.
  4. Aventurine
    1. Green – instills optimism and a drive for new experiences. It also allows you to move forward with an open heart.
    2. Red – the embodiment of passion, lust, heat, emotions. It represents fire energy and promotes more sexual encounters between partners.
    3. Orange – balances the sacral chakra and stimulates the flow of chi (energy), It also increases creativity and variety, and promotes emotional healing.
  5. Calcite
    1. Pink Calcite – helps process emotions and stimulates chakras from crown to heart. It promotes peace and well-being, and helps create stronger bonds with those you love
    2. Orange Calcite – best known for joy and creativity and can aid in balancing the hormones. It promotes emotional healing
  6. Carnelian – boosts stamina and supports sexual drive and desires. Provides vitality to sexual organs. Carnelian targets the sacral chakra to enhance sexual energy. It is also connected to the root and sacral chakras
  7. Citrine – Long associated with the sacral chakra, citrine promotes the best orgasms,
  8. Coral – can reduce fears, depression, panic, and nightmares. Coral can attract success and increases foresight. Promotes emotional healing and helps balance the chakras.
  9. Emerald – a stone of relationships and romance, encourages unconditional love and emotional bonding between lovers. Emerald promotes compassion and trust, balances energy and promotes harmony in relationships
  10. Yellow Fluorite – energizes the sacral chakra, increases creativity and sexuality and promotes feelings of joy and happiness
  11. Garnet – enhances sexual relationships, promotes balance, passion, love, devotion, and commitment. Garnet boosts the sacral chakra and can stimulate the root chakra as well as, thereby, balancing sex drive, aiding in fertility, and deepening the bond between lovers
  12. Goldstone – represents the power of fire and inspiration. It can help put lofty ideas into practice.
  13. Howlite – allows us to process emotions and gain a greater understanding ourselves,
  14. Jade – a feminine stone that boosts success in bed. It prolongs climax and provides stamina, brings balance and love, and eases anxiety
  15. Jasper
    1. Red Jasper – awakens the dormant flame in you. It arouses sexual mood and endurance, increases passion. Red Jasper promotes sexual healing and cleansing and energizes the sex organs.
    2. Yellow Jasper – increases physical energy and drive, boosts sexual desire, enhances stamina and maximizes physical performance, boosts self-confidence, helps you embrace your sexuality.
    3. Unakite Jasper – balances the sacral chakra, increases creativity and vitality, promotes emotional healing, It also connects to the third eye chakra
  16. Kyanite – helps bridge energy gaps
    1. Blue – works well with all chakras
    2. Black – clears energy in all chakras, replenishes the meridian system. (Lower back or lower stomach)
  17. Labradorite – stone of transformation, increases creativity and self-expression. It also helps release emotional blockages,
  18. Moonstone – a stone of balance, and calm, It can heal and balance the sacral chakra, which brings a flow of positive energy. It is the stone of new beginnings, and represents emotional stability
    1. Rainbow Moonstone – balances male and female energies. It is also helpful in balancing hormones
    2. Orange Moonstone – balances the sacral chakra, and connects the sacral chakra to the heart chakra, creating a sense of balance.
    3. Pink Moonstone – inspires unconditional love and creates stronger bonds between lovers. It also helps overcome emotional trauma
  19. Malachite –Resonates with the feminine libido and boosts it. It brings extended stamina and passion and helps release emotional blockages
  20. Obsidian – protection from negativity, heals emotional blockages, It also promotes strength, clarity, and compassion, and helps us release baggage.
    1. Snowflake Obsidian – Stone of purity, releases negative emotions while promoting inner peace and self-acceptance. It balances the sacral chakra and promotes emotional healing
  21. Onyx – cures sexual libido, reduces stress and anxiety, It also boosts sexual health and rejuvenates sex drive
  22. Opal
    1. Fire Opal – long connected to love. Stimulates the sexual organs and enhances desire and the release of inhibitions
  23. Peridot – represents growth and renewal and helps restore balance and harmony to the body. It also balances the sacral chakra by promoting positive emotions
  24. Pyrite – activates and nourishes all the sexual energies, encourages risk taking, and exploring sexual desires
  25. Quartz – stone of clarity, and powerful properties. Clear quartz is a neutral crystal, adaptable to all situations, much like a white candle. It intensifies libido boosting crystals and helps with building healthy relationships
    1. Smoky Quartz – awakens the potential of the root chakra, invigorates the body, and connects to the universe. It helps balance our inner and outer selves so we understand our needs and desires better and helps passion flow freely by cleansing the sexual centers.
    2. Rose Quartz – represents romance and opening the heart. It helps heal the heart center and build trust. It enhances relationships and promotes greater self-love and self-acceptance. It is an aphrodisiac crystal and improves sexual imagination
    3. Tangerine – energizes the sacral chakra, increases creativity and sexuality, promotes feelings of joy and happiness, stimulates the flow of chi. Energy center of manifestation and self-esteem, stone of ambition.
  26. Rhodonite – Stone of transformation, helps increase creativity and self-expression, releases emotional blockages, promotes change and growth, sacral chakra, healing from emotional trauma
  27. Roselite – unlocks the door to the subconscious and encourages growth. It helps with meditation and the development of psychic abilities. Roselite also increases passion and attraction to others.
  28. Ruby – carries the universal message of love and eroticism. It stimulates the central nervous system and encourages vitality and sensuality
  29. Sapphire – attracts prosperity and peace and opens the mind. It helps bring unclouded vision, and promotes positivity
    1. Blue Sapphire – brings lovers closer and inspires passionate dreams, throat chakra, enhances communication between lovers.
    2. Orange Sapphire – vitalizes the seat of sexual energy, improves the visual perspective towards the opposite sex, enhances sexual desire, enhances self-confidence, magnifies fertility and sex drive
  30. Selenite – radiates energy cleansing vibrations
  31. Serpentine – inspires sexual passion and rejuvenation, supports kundalini energy, and allows for sexual exploration. It extends the senses, clears chakra blockages, and enhances sexual performance.
  32. Sunstone – stimulates vitality and enthusiasm, balances the sacral chakra, uplifts the spirit and provides the confidence needed to improve your sex life while promoting an abundance of positivity.
  33. Tiger’s Eye – stone of power, protection, and healing
    1. Blue – eases frustration and balances sex drive
    2. Red – connects to the root chakra and earth boosting sexual energies, It provides protection as one heals from sexual trauma and promotes passion
  34. Topaz – connects the sacral chakra with the heart chakra, and creates balance and harmony,
  35. Tourmaline
    1. Pink – stimulates libido. It strengthens sense of smell and enhances the perception of pheromones.
    2. Black – one of the most powerful energy purifying crystals absorbs the negative energy of others and the environment. It also boosts self-confidence and soothes trauma.

No matter what area of your sex life you want to improve, there is a crystal that can help. Using more than one crystal will enhance the effectiveness of the healing.

As always, you are the sole determiner of which stones you use. The guidelines here can help steer you in the right direction, but you make the decision about which crystals feel the best to you.

No matter what any guide says about a stone, if it doesn’t feel good to you, don’t use it. Stones generate energy, and the stones you need will resonate with your personal energy.

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