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What Are Some Good Smudging Mantras?

You may be wondering at this point, “What even is smudging?” The short answer is that smudging is a ceremony in which you burn sage and other herbs to release positive energy. Negative energy can take the form of stress, lingering emotions from arguments or breakups, being preoccupied with work or school, or anxiety.

Crystals for Cleansing

Positive energy is the opposite: it can come from relaxing, spending time doing things you love with people you care about, laughing and smiling often. Basically anything that makes you happy!

If your home holds negative energy, it can make it hard for positive energy to come in—so it’s important to cleanse the space while doing your smudging, or as we prefer to call them– cleansing mantras!

A quick way to remedy this problem is by simply burning (ethically sourced) sage and letting the smoke cleanse your home of negative feelings and thoughts. A smudge stick (a bundle of dried herbs tied together) or loose herbs will work too! You could also use clove oil on a piece of cotton if you’re staying in a place where fire isn’t allowed or just don’t want to deal with burning something.

“As the smoke rises, my prayers are carried to the heavens.”

“As the smoke rises, my prayers are carried to the heavens.”

This mantra is for those who need a reminder that their prayers and intentions are being heard. Practitioners of smudging often use the smoke from sage to carry their prayers an intentions to heaven.

Sage is traditionally used in smudging ceremonies around North America because it has been known for centuries to have healing properties. Smudging can be done by taking a piece of sage and lighting it with a match.

Once you see smoke coming out, you can blow out the flame so that you’re just left with smoke.

The idea behind this mantra is that when you light your sage, the rising smoke will carry your prayers and intentions to heaven, where they’ll be listened to by divine beings who are more powerful than we are here on earth.

“May the smoke clear away all negative energy and may I be filled with positivity, light and love.”

When you light your smudge stick, you can use language to help guide the intention of your ceremony. A mantra is a phrase or set of words that are repeated over and over again, sometimes in conjunction with breathing.

Ancient spiritual traditions have used mantras for thousands of years as a tool to attract the energy they wish to create in their lives.

how to cleanse your house without using sage

A mantra can be spoken out loud or silently used internally throughout the course of your smudging ceremony. There are no right or wrong words for a smudging mantra; as long as it’s meaningful to you, it will work well.

Here are some awesome mantras to use when cleansing your home:

  • May I be filled with positivity, light and love. (This is good if you’re looking to boost positive vibes.)
  • Let this smoke cleanse my mind and body. (This is perfect if you’re experiencing negative self-talk.)
  • All my negative thoughts and feelings be gone! (Use this one if you want something more direct.)

“I cleanse my body and mind. I am worthy of love and health.”

“I cleanse my body and mind. I am worthy of love and health.”

You can use this mantra as you smudge your home or yourself. It’s a good reminder that we need to take care of ourselves and our surroundings, inside and out, for optimal well-being. And it reminds us that we are always deserving of love and health, regardless of whether we have them at the moment. If you find that you’re not feeling so positive about yourself right now, try turning over a new leaf by becoming more conscious of your thoughts.

Are they mostly negative? Or do they seem focused on the future? Do they focus on what you want in life (and make you feel excited) or what you don’t have (and make you feel disappointed)? Refocus your thoughts on what is happening now—and make those thoughts positive ones!

“I am protected from negativity and evil. I will always be guided by God’s light.”

The following smudging mantra is a useful one to use to protect yourself from negative energy:

“I am protected from negativity and evil. I will always be guided by God’s light.”

This mantra speaks of the power of God, and how his power is greater than any evil. It conveys that God is there to protect you and guide you in your path through life.

God will show you the right course of action, making sure that you don’t fall into temptation or take the wrong path in life. He wants what’s best for you as his beloved child, so he will keep a close watch over you at all times. He also wants you to have love in your heart, so he will lead you on the path toward becoming more loving toward others each time you ask him for help.

“The smoke rises and carries with it all negativity. May my body and spirit be cleansed of all evil.”

“The smoke rises and carries with it all negativity. May my body and spirit be cleansed of all evil.

Smudging is a purifying ritual that helps you rid your home, body, or specific object of negative energies. It’s often associated with Native Americans but can also be found in other cultures around the world.

During a smudging ceremony, you burn one or more herbs while praying or visualizing the smoke cleansing away specific forms of negativity—such as anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, doubt, and anxiety—from wherever you’re performing the smudging. This can make it easier to let go of these issues on an emotional level after they’ve been released from the physical space.

Smudge yourself at least once a week to clear any negative energy that may have built up on your aura over time due to your interactions with others or stressful situations you’ve experienced in life (whether yesterday or decades ago).

It is important to have a good smudging mantra while performing a smudging ceremony so you can focus on releasing negative energies.

Smudging, which is the purifying smoke cleansing of your home, or of your body, is a common practice in many spiritual traditions. People use the smoke from sacred herbs like sage and cedarwood to clear negative energies from their homes and their bodies. While smudging, it is important to have a good mantra so that you can focus on releasing negative energies.

This is how it works: you light up some sage or cedarwood sticks (or loose-leaf) and let the smoke waft over your space or your body.

As you do this, focus on any negativity inside of you leaving your body through the top of your head and being released into the air.

You want to concentrate on releasing these negative feelings because they can easily return if they are not properly expelled into the air.

If this seems hard for you at first, there are two things that can help: a smudging mantra, and remembering what it feels like when negativity enters your body/space/life.

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