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Crystals for Astral Projection: The Complete Guide 

Crystals for Astral Projection: The Complete Guide 

When thinking about crystals for astral projection, it is important to first understand what your journey will include and what it requires of you.  

While you will be sold by many on the necessary materials you need to make magic happen in your life, the thing many wellness companies and individual teachers and gurus leave out is that the magic is in you. 

You are the spell.  

So, if you are seeking means of astral projection, and hoping that crystals for astral projection will help you get where you hope to go, be sure you first take the time to build the foundation necessary for such an intense undertaking.  


Astral Projection 

What is astral projection, anyway?  

Astral projection is the act of allowing your consciousness to leave your body and travel through space and even sometimes time.  

Some people astral project in their dreams, also referred to as dream walking.  

Others astral project during meditation.  

Still others do it with the help of psychedelic drugs like mushrooms.  

Dream Walking 

Dream walking is probably the easiest way to astral project. You begin with a focus on lucid dreaming, the kind of dreaming that takes place where you are fully aware of your dreams while you dream them.  

The practice involves setting the intention to remember your dreams before you lie down to sleep.  

You can include a nice bedtime tea, like moon milk, which includes herbs like lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and even ashwagandha, honey, and milk, all of which will settle your nervous system before bed and promote the production of melatonin, which aids in restful sleep.  

Keep a journal next to your bed, engage in some light meditation as you lie down, calling out to source energy to help you surrender control of your subconscious, and drift off to sleep.  

As you enter the dream state, softly touch the edges of your consciousness, reminding yourself that you are dreaming, but that you have the power to manipulate this expansive world of dreams where anything is possible.  

The laws of physics don’t apply.  

You can do anything.  

Practice lucid dreaming for several days or even weeks until you get very comfortable with it.  

Then, set your intention before sleeping, once you feel strong in your ability to lucid dream, that you will leave your body and drift into space and a sort of timeless dimension.  

Trust that you can return to your physical body at any time you want to. There is nothing to fear from this out of body experience as you can never truly be severed from your body except in final death.  

Be sure to take note of your experiences immediately upon waking each time, so your faith and your belief in the process can grow stronger in the act of doing.  



The next step in astral projection is through meditation.  

You can plan for an hour or two of meditation during which you first prime yourself to access your subconscious mind, leaving your waking mind, the ego, behind and settling into your higher self.  

Your higher self already has access to that anything is possible dream space.  

Remember, the universe is vast and expansive, and source energy has nothing but love for you.  

So you can access this mesmeric state at any time.  

You have simply been conditioned to stay in your ego space, which keeps you firmly rooted and attached to your body and all that is material on this earth.  

Your job now is to dissolve that attachment, allow the ego to be a passenger rather than the vehicle and driver, and drift.  

You will, at first, need two hours to really click into your full higher consciousness, so be sure to plan around that time frame.  

Settle in, set your timer, and for the first twenty minutes, just perform a full body scan wherein you check in with each of your chakras, from the crown chakra down to the root, clearing out negative energy and welcoming in only positive energy.  

Dr. Joe Dispenza recommends visually imagining each of your body parts as you work your way down, then visualizing your full body where it is, then the room you are in inside of your house, then your house inside of your city, your city inside of your state, and so on until you see yourself as a tiny speck on earth, and the earth as a tiny speck in the universe.  

It is as once humbling and profound.  

By the time you finish that visualization, you should be settling into a nice expansive space of meditation.  

The goal is to allow your body to sleep while your subconscious awakens.  

And remember to go lightly, allow it to be soft and slow.  

Your body may resist, feeling agitate and push back.  

Just ease back in and go slowly forward.  

Have patience.  

Then, encourage your subconscious to wander outside of your body, soaring into that dream space.  

spiritual woman

Allow this process to take as long as it will, weeks or even months.  

Astral projection is an advanced meditative process that is not meant to be pushed, shoved, or manipulated.  

It is a connection to something far far bigger than you, so you will be called to open up, and then open up again.  

And then open up still again.  

The goal here is deep relaxation, a release of all negative energies, and a welcoming of your spirit guides into a high vibration energy level.  

Remember to take notes in your journal each time you come out of your meditation to track your progress and give yourself physical encouragement.  


Psychedelics have their time and place.  

I think that they can hold tremendous healing power in terms of releasing stored trauma, opening up our spirituality, and helping us surrender our egos to our higher consciousness.  

I also think that they have the potential to become a quick fix and just another drug that excuses us from doing the daily work necessary for long-term awakening and enlightenment.  

I include psychedelics here with great caution, but I would be remiss if I did not include them at all.  

I will quote a great spiritual teacher who once said that psychedelics are like “kicking open the door to spirituality.”  

Yes, if you need that kick because you have been trying unsuccessfully to connect to source for a long time, like years, and you have found no progress, I would check out psilocybin or even journey to Peru for an ayahuasca retreat.  

But, experiment with these drugs only under the supervision of a trusted shaman, in a safe space, and with a friend or partner.  

Psychedelics will offer you a much quicker opportunity to astral project, but they will not teach you to access that same portal without their aid, so be mindful that if this practice is one you want to integrate into your life, you will still need to put into place daily or weekly practices that allow you to do so without the aid of drugs.  

burning sage

Crystals for Astral Projection 

Now, the point of crystals for astral projection is to have earthly reminders with you of your goal.  

Think of all material objects on earth as imbued with energy, and as such crystals hold the energy from our ancestors, the power that they placed in them, and the power the universe gave them when they were created.  

We draw on those energies with crystals when we resonate with the crystals.  

So be sure to hold each crystal in your hand and check in with yourself.  

Don’t expect a crystal to support you in your astral travel experience just because it is on the list here. 

All witches, spiritual people, and even naturopathic healers know that crystals, totems, tarot cards, and even medicine only work because we believe they will.  

With that said, here are the crystals for astral projection most aligned with the purpose of astral projecting.  

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli 

Blue Calcite 

Black Tourmaline 

Blue Lace Agate 


Black Obsidian 

Smoky Quartz 

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Red Jasper 

Clear Quartz Crystal 

Note here that crystals with blue tones correspond to feelings of peace, serenity, communication, and understanding.  

They help open you up to your internal master healer as astral stones that welcome you into the spirit realm and the spirit world, where you can connect with your guardian angels.  

The black stones are grounding, reminders that you are an earthy being while you reside in this body and that you have nothing to fear, no negative entities or lower levels. You can trust in a black calming stone to enter a calm state and invite spiritual healing, which also invites physical healing.  

The rose and red stones are each a beautiful stone for your heart chakra, the center of your love and compassion, as well as your high vibration, which opens you up to even higher powers of the dream state.  

Finally, the clear quartz is a great stone both for clarity of purpose, helping you navigate your way to energetic beings outside of the physical world as well as for emphasizing and enhancing any of the other stones you are working with.  

Happy manifesting!