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So You Think You’ve Been Cursed? 

If you think you’ve been cursed, you have a lot of work to do.  

There’s a lot of unraveling, unlearning, relearning, and reprogramming to be done.  

But fear not. The first few steps will wash away the “curse” almost instantly.  

The rest of your work will be ensuring you don’t end up back under a curse.  

Let’s talk about it.  

What It Means that You’re Cursed 

First of all, get ready for this:  

You’re not cursed.  

There’s no such thing as a curse.  

Curses are not real.  


Not what you expected to hear?  

You’re on a site written by a witch, and you’re being told that not only are you not cursed, but that curses are not even real? 


It’s true.  

Curses are not real.  

So, if you think you’re cursed, it is only because you think you’re cursed.  

That is how powerful the mind is.  

Your mind is so completely and totally powerful that you have essentially placed yourself into a room of darkness and insisted that there is no way out.  

You are walking around under a dark rain cloud of your own making and insisting that it is something that has been done to you.  

And guess what.  

The more you insist, the more it is true.  

You see, every single one of us gets to create our own reality.  

We get to create our own truths.  

We get to manifest our desires.  

And whether you think you are desiring it or not, you clearly are, because, well, here you are.  


Energy Is Everything 

Okay, now let’s go deep.  

Here’s the thing, if you think you’re cursed, it is because you have placed yourself in the darkness.  

I wrote an entire article on how this happens, so you can read more about that in “How to Tell if You’re Cursed.”  

And while I will touch on the more surface details of that topic here, the real point of this piece is to help you get out of the darkness you are in right now.  

Because whether it is real or not, whether it is all in your head or not, it feels very, very real.  

And there is no disputing your feelings.  

Your feelings can make something so real that they can actually cause you physical pain.  

They can heal your body from serious illness like cancer and heart disease.  

They can cause illness like cancer and heart disease.  

As the saying goes, “the brain is a helluva drug.”  

Your mind is powerful beyond belief.  

Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book Big Magic, says that you cannot control your feelings. Your feelings are controlled by your thoughts. But you can control your thoughts, and so control your feelings.”  

Everything, all of it, is energy.  

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

And you have complete and total control over your own energy. 

So, it does not really matter in terms of what you will do now why you think you’re cursed.  

Maybe you wronged someone in the past.  

Maybe you have lived a life you are not proud of.  

Maybe you have allowed someone into your life that you should not have and now they won’t leave.  

And yes, you will have to contend with all of that. 

If you do not know where you went “wrong,” it will be very difficult to get it “right.”  

I put these words into quotation marks because, again, there really is no such things as wrong and right. 

As Abraham Hicks says, “you can never get it wrong, and you will never get it done.”  

You are an infinite being. You are the Universe having a human experience.  

You are the spell.  

And you are the curse.  

It is up to you to break the curse and cast a new spell.  

Break It: What to Do if You Think You’re Cursed 

Follow the steps below, in order, and then repeat as often as necessary until you feel free from the curse and completely free from ever being cursed again.  

Acknowledge Yourself as I Am 

The very first step in coming out from under a cursed feeling, out from under that cloud, is to acknowledge that you are an infinite being.  

In the beginning, before all time and space, there was only a pure, loving consciousness.  

No evil.  

No darkness 

Only curiosity and a desire to expand.  

That consciousness has the ability to see all, be all, and do all. It is all powerful, all knowing, and unkillable.  

It’s express purpose is to move forward and expand, to create.  

We, each of us, is a drop of that vast ocean.  

We are spiritual beings in human bodies.  

We are the transmission, the broadcast, from Source Energy, that consciousness, into the television or radio that is our human body.  

The television will breakdown at some point and die altogether, but the transmission is still very much alive.  

When you acknowledge yourself as that “I Am,” as the spirit, as the unkillable, indestructible consciousness, you have very little to fear.  

In fact, the only real thing there is to fear is stepping off your path of “I Amness.”  

It’s dark and cold and scary and ugly to feel trapped in a human body, in a miserable human experience, and feel limited by illusions like skin and bones, time and space.  

That is a true curse.  

But, the nice thing is, like the prodigal son, all it takes is acknowledging your state as a limitless being here in a slightly more limited body here to have an experience.  

The only point of pain and suffering is to show us how to feel joy and freedom.  

We were never meant to dwell there.  

They are mere mechanisms of contrast.  

We feel pain so that we may feel joy.  

We suffer so that we may feel bliss.  

We see darkness so that we may step into the light.  

Your first step out from under the curse is simply to become aware that you are not your body.  

You are not your thoughts.  

You are not your limitations.  

You are the Universe having a human experience.  

Read Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul.  

Read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief. 

Read Dr. Ellen Vora’s The Anatomy of Anxiety. 

Read Caroline Myss’s Anatomy of Spirit. 

Read Pema Chodron’s Things Fall Apart. 

Read Gabrielle Berstein’s The Universe Has Your Back. 

Read Rebecca Campbell’s Rise Sister Rise. 

From doctors to writers to philosophers to healers, they all tell us the same thing in beautifully different language.  

They are all preaching the same teachings the Jesus and Buddha were offering thousands of years ago. 

Release the things that weigh you down and ascend into your higher consciousness. 

Release Negativity 

Once you acknowledge this reality, that you are an infinite spirit, you will begin to see the light instantly.  

You will naturally feel a bit lighter.  

Now you have to stop carrying all that baggage around with you.  

Dr. Lipton, a cellular biologist, tells us that we are programmed from the time we are born until we are seven years old by our environment. Our parents, our lifestyle, our schoolteachers, all of our experiences are recorded into our subconscious.  

Then, we play that subconscious programming out over and over for the rest of our lives.  

We live on autopilot, subconsciously replaying every trauma, every story, every bad and good experience we recorded in those early years.  

Once you realize that, and also acknowledge that you are not any of those things, that when your human body dies, you will release of that negativity, you can begin the work of releasing it now.  

The negativity you are holding onto is part of this curse you are convinced you are under.  

And it is time to release it.  

You can hold a ceremony for yourself.  

Light a big bonfire under a new moon, write down a release spell, and burn the spell in the fire.  

Walk barefoot on the earth and acknowledge yourself as a beloved, held, child of the Universe.  

You are that love.  

You are that Universe. 

You are that consciousness.  

Let everything else go.  

And just… be. 

When you feel the negativity rise within you, the bad thing happens, the bad feeling comes up, sit with for a second or two, acknowledge it, own it as a part of your that you are releasing, and then let it cleanse you.  

The negativity is telling you that you are going off the highway, the path of light and love.  

Surrender all that negativity to the divine.  

Let God hold it for you.  

Build and Reprogram 

Now the real work begins.  

You will be triggered over and over, more and more in the beginning of your transformation from “cursed” to “blessed.”  

Every single time you are triggered then, you must shift it.  

“Oh,” you will say. “Here is where I have more to learn. Here is where I can open up more to love. Here is where I can have compassion for myself. Here is where I can surrender more.”  

You will spend the rest of your life awakening. There is no quick fix. Old habits die hard.  

But that initial healing, that acknowledgement, will effectively remove the curse.  

And your continued commitment to being whole and healed will ensure you never allow yourself to be “cursed” again. 

Happy manifesting! 

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