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Words Are Key To Your Happiness, Here’s Why

Words Are Key To Your Happiness, Here’s Why

Your words have power. They can shift your mood, change your mindset, and influence and impact those around you — especially your children.

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The words you say matter, and they have a lasting effect.

quality time

There are five love languages—quality time is one of them. When someone’s primary love language is quality time, they thrive on spending quality time together.

Quality time involves giving your partner your undivided attention: no phones or distractions. The best way to express love to a person who has quality time as their primary love language is to spend time with them!

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You can also show them you care by taking an interest in their hobbies and interests.

For example, if your partner plays tennis, you could watch one of their matches or practice by playing a game of tennis with them!

physical touch

One of the most potent ways to speak life into your partner is by giving them physical touch.

People will often say they want to hear words of affirmation, but I’ve found that some people struggle with feeling truly loved without physical touch.

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A hug, cuddling in bed together, holding hands while walking down the sidewalk, and putting your arm around someone on the couch are easy ways to give physical touch.

You can also give kisses! Kisses on the cheek, kiss on the forehead, kiss on the lips, kiss on the hand are all options for showing love with your body.

best friend

  • Have a best friend

Having a best friend is essential, and having a best friend is a good idea. Fortunately, finding one (or several) isn’t too tricky.

To have a best friend, you need to be friendly, be interested in others, and be prepared to spend time with someone other than yourself.

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Here are some helpful hints:

* Practice being kind and friendly.

* Ask questions of your friends.

* Take an interest in what they’re doing.

* Invite them out to things.

* Invite them to come over for dinner or watch a movie at home with you.

Being friendly makes it more likely that people will want to spend time with you—and the more people you hang out with regularly, the bigger the odds are that someone will end up liking you enough to become your best friend!

  • Be a good best friend.

You’ve done it! You’ve found yourself a Best Friend! Excellent work on that one.

Now the fun part: maintaining this friendship! Here are some tips for being someone’s Best Friend Forever:

  • Don’t keep secrets from each other (within reason)—friends who don’t know each other’s secrets aren’t true friends.

positive affirmations

A simple exercise can help you keep your cool.

Sit down and close your eyes. Focus on the breath entering and exiting your nostrils, and let yourself breathe out any excess negativity you might be harboring.

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Repeat the process a few more times until you’ve felt peace filling your body.

Now repeat this exercise while picturing a positive outcome in your mind’s eye: if you had to get a job right now, would you?

Would it be great or terrible if there was an important decision to make right now about what to do with your life? Who would it be if there was a running buddy/boyfriend to talk with about these sorts of things?

Who would change that person’s life that would make it better? And think of something good that has happened in the past that has helped propel you toward happiness—a time when things seemed wrong but turned out okay.

Then think about all these moments adding up over time and how they have led up to where you are today—a life filled with positive experiences and one where bad things haven’t happened.

Now open your eyes. Do this exercise every day and see how it contributes to making each day more enjoyable!

words of affirmation love language

Words of affirmation are one of the five love languages or a way people verbalize their affections.

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering what words of affirmation mean or how to speak this type of love language.

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We’re going over all things related to words of affirmation, including words of affirmation examples and tips on how to best communicate with loved ones through words of affirmation.

What do we mean by “words of affirmation”? Words and compliments are potent tools for expressing affection.

In this sense, a person’s love language allows them to sincerely receive validation from others in the form of words, whether speaking about them or directly to them.

This can be done through affirming phrases like “I’m proud of you” or “you did your best” and can also be given silently through gestures such as notes on the fridge expressing appreciation for their efforts around the house.

words of encouragement

We often hear that words of affirmation are the best way to compliment our partner, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough when we say them.

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Words of encouragement are not only a more specific form of words of affirmation—but they can also be a different way to show love and affection in a relationship.

Studies show that praise from your partner can make you feel more confident about your abilities and encourage you to take on more challenges—and even do well at them.

The key is using encouragement at the right time: expressing them after your partner has given their best effort or helped solve a challenging problem can have excellent results.

It is important to remember that too much encouragement (sometimes called “overpraise”) can adversely affect our performance, so it’s best to use this method sparingly, perhaps once per week or every other day.

Here are some examples:

  • “I’m so proud of all your hard work.”
  • “You did great last week! I know this project is going well because I can always count on you.”

different ways

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.

Many people have low self-confidence or feel insecure about their relationships when it comes to dating.

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Words of affirmation may be just what is needed to boost confidence! This is an easy way to show your partner how much they mean to you. Here are some ideas:

  • Tell your partner how you really feel about them. Maybe they did something nice for you recently that deserves recognition, or perhaps they make a habit of making kind gestures throughout the week. Letting them know helps validate their hard work and shows them how much it means to you!
  • Make romantic gestures, like sending flowers, not on Valentine’s Day, or surprising your loved ones with chocolate when they least expect it! These acts will not only reinforce feelings but also help strengthen the relationship overall by showing appreciation as well as affectionate intentions from both partners involved in this type of communication style.

right things

Learning to express love through words can help you and your partner enjoy a stronger connection with each other. Below are several ideas to get you started:

  • Look for the positive. During a difficult discussion, it can be challenging to remember that your partner’s feelings are valid and that they are doing the best they can. However, it’s crucial to remember that it is good in everything, especially in your partner. When you feel like you’re about to say something negative or unkind, take a breath and think of something nice or encouraging that might be helpful instead.
  • Making changes at home can apply at work too! If you find yourself struggling with how best to offer encouragement or praise in the workplace, consider using words of affirmation as part of your strategy! This can lead to improved relationships with colleagues and better team cohesion.

sticky note

Words of affirmation are just that: words (and other forms of communication) affirming someone and making them feel valued.

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To determine whether this is your partner’s primary love language, think about what you do to show them love. Do you say things like “I love you” or “you look great today”? Do you leave them random sticky notes around the house? If so, this could be their dominant love language.

You can use words of affirmation to avoid conflict by learning how to express yourself more positively.

Choosing to speak simply, even when frustrated with your partner, can help de-escalate a heated situation before it gets too out of control.

Additionally, when your partner feels loved, they will be more likely to reciprocate that affection, which can go a long way in keeping your relationship strong and healthy.

If words of affirmation are your partner’s primary love language and you have yet to master the art of speaking them yourself, don’t worry!

You can start using positive affirmations towards them right away; who knows—they may really need to hear something from you right now!

love tank

One of the things we often forget is that the people closest to us need positive affirmations. We must remember to fill our partners’ love tanks with kind words.

Words of encouragement make a person feel good about themselves and their abilities. Saying nice things also makes a person feel loved and appreciated.

The more you share these words, the more your partner will want to be around you, as they will be re-energized by your positivity and kindness.

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If you want to know how to give your partner words of affirmation, I recommend reading this article: “How To Give Words Of Affirmation.”

partner’s love language

One of the most important ways you can love your partner is to show their love in the way that their heart perceives and feels it. For some people, quality time is the most meaningful way to experience love.

Others may feel loved through gifts, acts of service, physical touch, or words of affirmation.

You may already know what your partner’s love language is. If not, then you should ask! You can talk about this together when you’re feeling calm and relaxed—not when emotions are running high at the end of a long day or because one of you did something that hurt the other’s feelings.

Don’t be afraid to have this conversation; after all, asking your partner how they feel loved shows that you care about their needs and wants!

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Once you’ve talked with your partner and found out their love language, make sure to start showing them love in that way right away!

Suppose their primary or secondary love language is words of affirmation (the way they feel loved by hearing positive things said about themselves). In that case, finding little ways to compliment them throughout the day will show how much they mean to you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a short text message telling them how great they look today or a post-it note on the bathroom mirror telling them that you appreciate how hard they work, as long as it comes from your heart and makes them happy, do it!

better person

Being a better person means realizing that your actions are capable of causing lasting damage. It means recognizing that others have feelings and acknowledging those feelings without belittling the other person’s experience.

It means being more self-aware and understanding how your words and actions affect the people around you. Being a better person means reflecting on your past behavior, identifying areas in which you can improve, and working toward becoming a good person rather than simply knowing how to be one.

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Many people define being a good person as someone with a strong moral character who is kind, caring, considerate, generous, and always ready to help others in need.

A reasonable person may choose to sacrifice their interests for the sake; they may be willing to help even when they don’t have much left to give or when there is nothing in it for them at all.

They are loyal friends who appreciate the people around them because they understand what it means to be loved and cared about by someone else who truly cares about them too!

express love

If you and your significant other don’t make time for each other, it’s easy to follow the trend of living in the same space without connecting.

It may seem like a terrible waste, especially since we often spend so much time alone in our respective homes, but spending quality time together is something to be cherished, not missed.

Numerology Compatibility

What makes a great relationship? There are no rules or guidelines regarding what produces a great relationship. That being said, here are some things that I think are important:

  • It would help if you talked to each other. Whether it’s about trivial topics or more severe issues, talking to your partner is a good way for both of you to feel like you’re connected and have someone there for you.
  • You should respect one another. Treating your partner with respect should go both ways—if they can treat you the same way in return, then the chances are good that this relationship will last.
  • Don’t expect too much too soon. There’s nothing worse than putting pressure on yourself early on in a romantic partnership because it could damage the relationship before it ever has a chance to develop naturally. Take things at an even pace and allow yourself enough time—and space—to get used to being together before trying new things.

long way

Giving words of affirmation to someone can go a long way to boost that person’s confidence.

It can create a positive impact on the person and have lasting effects. A word of encouragement from you can influence them, so always say something nice when you see or think about that person.

right words

Finding the right words is essential. It’s not just about having the right things to say—it’s also about making sure you tell them at the right time, in the right place, and in the right way.

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For example:

  • If a friend tells you their cat died, “I’m sorry to hear that” is a good thing to say. But if they tell you their car died, “Hey, no worries!” is probably a better choice. (Although it can be challenging to know for sure what someone means by “my car died.”)
  • Similarly, if a relative gets robbed, “Don’t worry! You’ll get your stuff back eventually!” could be reassuring or insulting depending on whether they got any of their stuff back.

different love languages

Love is a tricky thing to express. Sometimes you want to spoil your partner with gifts or random acts of kindness, but precisely what someone wants isn’t always obvious.

A great way to start is by figuring out what kind of language you and your partner speak: the five love languages, in other words.

Each person communicates affection differently, and knowing what makes them feel loved will make relationships (whether romantic or platonic) that much more meaningful.

The five love languages are:

  • Words of affirmation—compliments, praise, and encouraging messages
  • Quality time—undivided attention from one another
  • Gifts—a present given for no particular reason
  • Acts of service—helping with chores or errands without being asked
  • Physical touch—hugs, kisses, snuggles

little things

Sometimes the little things make all the difference. You know, those random, tiny gestures that you don’t necessarily notice when someone does them for you, but that get under your skin when they’re not there?

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They can be as simple as a partner rinsing out your coffee mug without prompting or holding the door open for you after class.

Small gestures are powerful. They make people feel cared about and valued in ways that big gestures sometimes can’t.

best thing

You care about your partner, but how do you show it?

The importance of showing your partner that you care can’t be overstated. Studies show that the average person’s desire to receive positive affirmations from their romantic partner is only surpassed by their desire to have access to clean water and internet porn.

If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!

It may seem daunting at first. Maybe you’ve never been great with words. Perhaps you’ve tried before and messed up somehow—maybe you even got into a fight with your partner because they felt disrespected by something you said.

Show them how much they mean to you by telling them often! This can be a compliment, an expression of gratitude for something they did for you, or just saying, “I love it when we go down to the river together.”

Try not to call out their flaws or shortcomings too much—but if need be, include those as well! An example of this could be, “I’m so glad we met each other because neither is perfect, and we can grow together as people.”

partner’s primary love language

  • Give your partner the gift of your full attention. Put down your phone and make eye contact. Use body language to communicate that you’re listening.
  • Ask questions about what interests them or what they’ve been up to lately. You might be surprised by how much you learn about the one you love!
  • Express interest in their ideas and opinions, then listen to their response. This will show them that you care about what they have to say, which is a helpful reminder that you’re fully present when with them. Occasionally say things like “That’s so interesting,” or “I didn’t know that,” as it shows your partner that not only do you care enough about them to pay attention, but it also demonstrates an innate understanding of their needs by expressing genuine interest in their life experiences.”


You can use words of affirmation to express your love for your partner, even if that’s not their love language. Here are some tips and tricks for showing love:

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  • Learn their love language and speak it often.
  • Ensure you’re letting them know how much they mean to you rather than focusing on your needs.
  • Use real-life examples when affirming them.
  • Please focus on the things they do well rather than the things they struggle with.

Words of affirmation are a great tool to let your partner know they matter to you, no matter what their love language is. Remember: a good relationship doesn’t just happen—you have to work at it!

Experiencing positivity is as easy as talking to yourself.

We all can train our minds to believe what we are saying and positively influence our beliefs and physical health. We can make small changes in how we talk to ourselves and see our world.

Language does matter, including the types of words that you use to describe a situation.

What’s more, it has been shown that positive affirmations can help us live happier lives, so why not try writing your own?