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What Are Words Of Affirmation and Why Do They Matter?

What Are Words Of Affirmation and Why Do They Matter?

Your words have power. They can shift your mood, change your mindset, and influence and impact those around you — especially your children.

The words you say matter, and they have a lasting effect.

In order to understand this, we need to talk a bit about the five love languages.

What Are The Five Love Languages?

1. Quality Time

When someone’s primary love language is quality time, they thrive on spending time together.

Quality time involves giving your partner your undivided attention: no phones or distractions. The best way to express love to a person who has quality time as their primary love language is to just be with them!

You can also show them you care by taking an interest in their hobbies and interests.

For example, if your partner plays tennis, you could watch one of their matches or practice by playing a game of tennis with them!

2. Physical Touch

One of the most potent ways to speak life into your partner is by giving them physical touch.

People will often say they want to hear words of affirmation, but I’ve found that some people struggle with feeling truly loved without physical touch.

A hug, cuddling in bed together, holding hands while walking down the sidewalk, and putting your arm around someone on the couch are easy ways to give physical touch.

You can also give kisses! Kisses on the cheek, a kiss on the forehead, a kiss on the lips, and a kiss on the hand are all options for showing love with your body.

3. Acts of Service

This is when you do something for them. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing or to take up a huge amount of time or anything, but when you fold the laundry so they don’t have to, or cook dinner– this is where they really feel loved.

4. Receiving Gifts

I know that people think people who need gifts in order to feel loved are shallow, but the gifts don’t have to be extravagant. They can be as small as a candy bar or a tube of chapstick. Just something to let them know you were thinking about them.

5. Words Of Affirmation

Words of affirmation can be as simple as telling someone they did a good job or that you’re impressed with the way they handled something. It can be a compliment about their appearance or even just telling them it’s nice to see them.

When your love language is words, it feels good to hear kind things said.

Relationships, Friendships, and Words of Affirmations

The love languages each have to do with your relationships, the ones with not only romantic partners but your closest, dearest friends as well.

Friendship is about needs and wants on both sides. If you’re in need of a best friend, you must first tell the universe you’re ready for one.

An affirmation is a great way to do that. Stand up, and say it with your chest so the universe knows you’re serious.

“I am a great friend who deserves great friends. I will nurture and grow my friendships until they fulfill everyone involved.”Best Friend Affirmation

How To Get A Best Friend

Having a best friend is essential, and it’s also pretty awesome. Fortunately, finding one (or several) isn’t too tricky.

To have a best friend, you need to be friendly, be interested in others, and be prepared to spend time with someone other than yourself.

Here are some easy ways to help you get a best friend:

  • Practice being kind and friendly.
  • Ask questions of your friends.
  • Take an interest in what they’re doing.
  • Invite them to things.
  • Invite them to come over for dinner or watch a movie at home with you.

Being friendly makes it more likely that people will want to spend time with you—and the more people you hang out with regularly, the bigger the odds are that someone will end up liking you enough to become your best friend.

How To Be a Good Best Friend:

Okay, so you’ve nurtured your friendship, and now you’ve got yourself a best friend. That’s great and all, but you still have to keep your best friend. And just how do you maintain this friendship?

Here are some tips for being someone’s Best Friend Forever (BFF):

  • Don’t keep secrets from each other (within reason)—friends who don’t know each other’s secrets aren’t true friends.
  • Keep in contact—through the years, you might move away or drift apart, but make it a point to contact each other. At least once a week. A simple text is sometimes all we have time for, and that’s okay.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff—which, speaking of, don’t be mad if your friend doesn’t text you back. Friends don’t hold grudges.
  • Be there—Sometimes, your best friend is going to need you to drop everything and be there for them. Do it.