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25 Ways to Open Your Third Eye Chakra 

There are infinite ways to open your third eye chakra, but we’ll start small with what is manageable, relatively quick, and fairly easy.  

Basically, anyone can integrate these practices into their lives with a little bit of effort and a lot of commitment.  

The Third Eye Chakra 

Before working to open your third eye chakra, it helps to understand what the third eye chakra even is.  

If you are not closely familiar with the chakra system in general, just know that it is an energetic system in your body that is connected to both your spirit form and your physical form.  

The chakra system has been in place since the times of ancient India and has been used to understand and diagnose illness and open up pathways to wellness ever since.  

The ancient Indians knew then what science has finally been able to tell us now – energy is everything. 

And everything is energy.  

When we understand that energy, we can work with it, and when we work with energy, we are practicing what most people will call magic.  

And when you practice magic, you are therefore called a witch.  

Hence the reason you are reading about how to work with your own energy in the form of learning to open your third eye chakra on a witchy spiritual website.  


What Is the Third Eye Chakra? 

Your first step to learning to open your third eye chakra is to understand what it is.  

The third eye chakra is located between your brows in the middle of your forehead.  

It is the second chakra down from your crown, and it is one of the three “upper chakras,” which are connected to the divine.  

Your lower three chakras, for context, are connected to the earth.  

We humans are all made up of balanced elements of earth and spirit.  

We are created from the same materials that make up the earth, and we are imbued with energy from the spirit realm.  

For perspective, the crown chakra is your direct download of intuition and inspiration from the Universe.  

It is the seat of your Universal power and wisdom.  

Your third eye chakra is the spiritual part of you that sees all things clearly. You can see the capital T Truth with your third eye chakra, you cannot be fooled, and you see with the loving eyes of the Universe.  

With your third eye chakra, you can tell if someone is lying to you, you can read energy, and you can often even see why they are lying to you.  

You can see auras with your third eye, you can see someone’s true face, the one they hide behind the ego-based mask they show the world.  

The third eye is the visionary of God.  

The Four Clairs 

Psychic Witch author Mat Auryn teaches in his book that we are all born with supernatural senses as well as natural senses.  

So while we can all see, taste, touch, smell, and hear the physical world, we can also see, feel, hear, and know things about the spiritual world.  

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things beyond the natural world.  

Clairsentience is the ability to feel things beyond the natural world.  

Clairaudience is the ability to hear things beyond the natural world.  

Claircognizance is the ability to know things beyond the natural world.  

Again, we all have each of these abilities, but most of us shut them down at a very early age because the world around us conditions us away from them.  

They tell us it’s not real. 

And who are we to insist it is? Just little children to be indulged, hushed, or punished.  

The third chakra most clearly relates to clairvoyance and claircognizance.  

You can often see things very clearly, even things others cannot, and you know things as a result of strong third eye crown chakra connection.  

Some people maintain their power throughout their lives either because those powers were welcomed and fostered by those around them in childhood or because they came into this human experience with a strong will and a set of intentions to hold onto that power.  

Others come to their powers later in life, circling back to their childhood innocence, wonder, and openness as a result of a powerful awakening experience.  

Either way, help is often needed to foster, or further foster these powers.  

You may have had a hint of them; for example, you have a great intuition that allows you to get a clear read on people and circumstances.  

Maybe you see spirits.  

Maybe you suspect yourself a spiritual channel or medium.  

Maybe you are just great at divination and aura reading.  

Either way, you want to open your third eye chakra and keep it open.  

25 Ways to Open Your Third Eye Chakra 

Understand the Third Eye Chakra 

We already discussed this first one in depth, but I wanted to include it here again. You must know what it is you are working with, and why you want to work with it.  

Your intentions are everything.  

Open Up and then Open Up Again 

Once you set your intentions, you must open yourself up over and over to unblocking yourself.  

Your ego and your subconscious will fight you on opening up. They will fight you to stay closed because it feels safer that way.  

But you did not come here to be safe.  

Surrender Your Will 

Remember that you have a higher self who knows much, much better that you and has a much larger perspective and point of view than you do.  

Surrender your human will to that of the divine, of your higher self.  

Have faith in the larger part of you to guide you toward love and light always.  


Meditate for 20 minutes each morning, before you do anything else, and as you do a full body scan, making your way through your chakras, be sure to focus for several minutes on clearing your third eye. 

Have New Experiences 

You grow wisdom and openness through experiences, so have more of them.  

Say yes more.  

Get out more.  

Open up to possible outcomes you could never imagine.  


There exists an adventurous part of you whether you know it or not.  

Let her out to play! 

Adventure opens you up in ways you cannot think of now, but will be so grateful you did.  

Take a new trail, go rock climbing, see a new play, go on a date with a stranger.  

Teach yourself that you are an infinite being, and your infinite nature will get stronger.  

Meet New People 

Learning to read people requires meeting new people, hearing their stories, and observing how they behave.  

Without judgment or criticism.  

Let your higher self see people. Really, really see people.  

Read New Books 

Books are windows into the human soul and the human experience.  

Try new literature. 

Watch New Films 

Same goes for films.  

They are stories that help us see things in new ways, and this is all about seeing.  

Try films you would never ordinarily watch. Open yourself up.  

Ask Questions 

This has been a huge lesson for me. I am naturally wise and knowledgeable.  

I always have been.  

So I blocked myself for years by “knowing everything.”  

It took me decades to realize that I would be able to know, understand, and see so much more if I asked more questions rather than making more statements.  

Stay Curious 

Maintain that curiosity.  

Your ego will try to shut it down.  

Keep it open.  

Go Lightly  

Be gentle with yourself on your journey.  

Again, you are reprogramming your system to stay open, loving, and curious.  

Go lightly on this road so that you don’t give up and forget it.  

Be Patient 

And be patient! 

We are all in such a hurry to be grand masters of everything.  

Take your time, forgive your failures, and keep going.  

Stop Resisting 

Yes. You will resist.  


And again.  

Then you have to surrender and open up again and again. 

Remind yourself of this every time you resist.  

Have Faith 

You will lose faith many times and in many ways.  

Have faith again.  

Trust the process.  

Trust your higher self.  

Grow Your Self Awareness 

Know thyself is one of the most important adages on your journey to learning to open your third eye chakra.  

Be introspective.  

Do Shadow Work 

Integrate Your Shadow 

These two go together, alongside self-awareness.  

Be sure to work on your triggers and allow yourself to cycle through integrating all your parts into your higher self.  

Dream Weave 

Paying attention to and journaling your dreams helps your third eye see better in the waking world.  

Practice Breathwork 


Breathwork and chanting are both amazing focusing tools. 


Getting your bare feet on the bare earth for 30 minutes will help clear up any systemic blocks you have.  

Essential Oils  

Light incense of put essential oils into a humidifier to allow your mind to clear and to open your third eye chakra.  

Change Your Diet 

A crappy diet will have all your chakras blocked.  

Aim for a balance of whole foods – plants and grass fed, pasture raised animals – and lots of herbs and spices.  

Move Your Body 

And finally, move!  

Movement gets everything clean, clear, and opened up.  

Happy manifesting! 

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