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What Is Clairaudience?

What Is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience, one of the four clairs, or psychic gifts we humans have, can easily be the most difficult to manage as, if not managed properly, can make you feel quite crazy.  

Of course, psychic powers are never easy to deal with, and we see many, many people end up on drugs or alcohol or some other form of self-medication as a result of not knowing just how to cope with having more access to the Universe than the rest of us seem to.  

And you have likely heard the expression, “God never gives you more than you can handle.”  

But then, why would God give you a psychic gift that can overwhelm you? Why, in truth, do people commit suicide if they are so capable of handling everything in their lives?  

These are important questions and worthy of digging into, particularly if you are struggling to find your way with clairaudience.  

Psychic Powers and Your Spiritual Intentions 

So, first, let’s get one thing straight.  

There is no God giving you anything or taking anything away.  

You are God.  

You are the only God giving or taking anything.  

Before you came into this life, you were a drop in the ocean that is Source Energy, the original creative energy that manifested everything we know and see and think and feel and so much more.  

Source Energy is in everything.  

We, as individual drops, when we are not in human form, know everything, can see everything, all potential outcomes, in all times and all places, and we are infinitely wise and loving.  

We are creators at our very most basic essence.  

The purpose of the Universe, of Source Energy, is to expand.  

We come into these human bodies to have the human experience.  

To see, feel, taste, smell, and hear, all sensory experiences you cannot have as a spirit.  

And before you come into this human form, you set spiritual intentions that will contribute to the expansion of the Universe – you.  

Those intentions are based on all your past experiences and all your insight and wisdom into what could potentially happen in this next life.  

Those intentions then determine everything about your birth and your early life experiences.  

And here you are born, with free will and human limitations.  

You are connected, always, to your spirit form. You can feel your spirit there with you at all times, when you quiet your mind and sink in a bit.  

Your spirit is always guiding you, communicating with you, and encouraging you toward your highest good.  

But, look, to an infinite being, even the hardest and ugliest parts of life lend themselves to expansion, right?  

It’s all a gift, a lesson, more wisdom to be gleaned.  

And you can always, at any time, overcome it, if you tap into your intuition, the inner voice, the guidance system you were born with that is your higher self.  

But, yes, sometimes we are overcome ourselves.  

Sometimes it’s all too much.  

Sometimes, we quit.  

And because, in our spirit forms, we are unkillable and undamageable, infinite beings, there is no judgement, no shame, no blame.  

It simply is what it is.  

Look, I know that this stance is an incredibly enlightened one, and I do not make light of the suffering and the loss experienced by those who give up and leave this earth, whether through suicide or through the slower, more painful death of drinking, eating toxic foods, or taking drugs excessively.  

I merely make this point to show that each of us is always driving our own vehicle.  

Not a single spiritual guide on earth will tell you that you are a victim.  

Indeed, it is upon you to empower yourself, and if you have been born with a psychic power, know that it was your intention to have this gift and to use it well.  

There is no negativity, no curse, no dark purpose outside of humanity, in the Universe, or in Source Energy.  

So your power can only be intended for good.  

The Four Clairs 

In truth, each one of us is born with access to the five senses – sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing – and four additional, metaphysical senses – clairvoyance, or the ability to see things beyond the natural world, clairsentience, the ability to feel things with your psychic senses, claircognizance, the ability to know things, and clairaudience, the ability to hear things beyond the natural world.  

Sure, just like with the five senses, some of us are born with stronger and weaker abilities, and some of us have little access to them at all.  

But, just like with the five senses, we can strengthen and weaken those senses over time by either building them up or tearing them down.  

Some of us are born naturally strong in one particular area.  

Clairvoyants can see spirits and otherworldly figures like spirit guides. They communicate with the supernatural energies of the Universe through sight. They can also often see the past or the future more clearly than others.  

Clairsentients are typically empaths. They can read palms and absorb or give energy to others. They can also often facilitate healing in others.  

Claircognizants are often therapists, teachers, or coaches. They read people well and can catch “vibes” quickly, which makes them great leaders and managers.  

And clairaudients often hear voices, either the voices of their own internal personalities or the voices of the external beings. When you put everything into perspective and understand that God is in everything, that all gods are one god, and that spirit guides and internal personalities are often one an the same, you see there is no real difference.  


What is the difference between clairaudients and schizophrenics, then?  

Well, at face value, you might think nothing.  

If you are not prepared for it, hearing voices or hearing sounds other people cannot hear is scary.  

But the one way to tell the difference is that there are no supernatural evils.  

The Universe does not speak in negatives.  

So if the voices you hear, the noises you hear, are not loving, guiding, wise, and good, you are likely dealing with a mental issue, not a psychic one.  

There are no evil spirits.  

Is there evil energy?  


There exist, and have long existed, humans who have committed horrors, true atrocities, and that energy never dies. It must be transmuted into something positive and good.  

Until then, yes, you can get an evil chill from a place, and if you are easily influenced, you may bring that energy home with you, you might feel corrupted by it, and you will need to let it go.  

But there are no evil spirits whispering in your ear.  

That is all in your head.  

And if this is happening to you, get help.  

Clairaudience allows you to tap into the energy of the Universe and literally hear messages and answers for yourself and for others.  

How to Manage Your Clairaudience 

If you are discovering that clairaudience is a gift, and you want to hone it, there are a few practices to put into place the will help.  

First, know that you are not alone, that there are others out there just like you, that this is a gift, and that you can do this.  


The first thing to do to manage your clairaudience is to meditate.  

It may feel like you have a million voices in your head, even more than the rest of us, so take time to yourself every day to quiet those voices.  

Remember, you are in charge. You are in control.  

And just like you can shut down your five natural senses, you can also shut down your psychic sense.  

Sit for 20 minutes every morning, before you do anything else, and gently hush the voices.  

Home in on only your higher consciousness, and just sit in the quiet.  

Give yourself this gift every day.  

Find the Others 

I said you are not alone – go find the others.  

Find your tribe.  

There are millions of other people on earth with psychic gifts, and we live in the information age.  

Read the books, listen to the podcasts, join the chatrooms, and meet up with your cohort.  

You will feel infinitely better once you see living proof that you are not alone.  

Get Help 

If you are struggling, get help.  

I would advise a spiritual counselor, maybe one from a science of the mind church another new age style community where your gifts will be recognized and honored.  


And finally, the most powerful thing you can do to empower yourself and learn to manage your gift is to stop resisting and simply surrender.  

Things are much, much harder on every level and in every aspect of life when we fight against, push against, and resist.  

Allow yourself to surrender, put faith in your higher self to know so much better than you what is in your highest good, and learn to trust your intuition to guide you.  

You’ve got this.  

Happy manifesting!