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The Dangers of Dark Magic 

When I was much younger, I explored all sides of the magical and supernatural world, including dark magic. 

I read any book I could get my hands on about witches, ghosts, and vampires. 

I started with Bunnicula, the story of a vampire bunny who sucked the juice out of fruits and vegetables as a small child, and I was reading Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour and Interview with a Vampire long before they were films. 

By the time I was a teenager, I found the supernatural to be a world I knew I belonged in. 

By the time I was in my twenties, I was hiding under my covers sure that I was seeing a dark figure in the corner of my bedroom while I tried to sleep. 

And it wasn’t human. 

I had several scares in those early twenties days before I gave it all up for good. 

I went years and years without reading or watching anything supernatural. 

I avoided scary movies, and if I read scary books, they were thrillers largely confined to the human world. 

No more ghosts for me. 

That was the danger of dark magic as I saw it. 

I had no control over it. 

We Are Creators

We are the creators of our own destiny. 

There is no denying this. 

As Abraham Hicks points out, before you were in this body, you were Source Energy, the energy that creates worlds, that has manifested everything we know and so much that we don’t. 

You are a creator. 

And, as the entire purpose of the Universe is to expand, you came here to help the Universe expand through your constant creation. 

And make no mistake about it, you are constantly creating. 

If you are happy, it is because you have made yourself happy.

If you are sad, it is because you have made yourself so. 

Abraham tells the story of Esther Hicks going throughout her day and acknowledging this: when she stubs her toe, she says “I did that.” When someone gives her a gift or compliments her, she says, “I did that.” 

This is the power of the law of attraction

We are always, always attracting what we are. 

We cannot escape it. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza puts a scientific spin on it and shows evidence of how our mood creates our reality. 

The nice thing is that it really does take a total state of mind to create a larger reality. 

Sure, a bad mood can attract negative interactions or a stubbed toe, but to really attract darkness into your life, you have to live in a constant state of darkness. 

Remember, energy is everything and whatever energy you embody, you will absolutely attract. 

Dark Magic

There is no getting around it. 

And dark energy wields dark magic in the same way light energy wields light magic. 

You can truly pour yourself into love and light, heading out into the world knowing that things are always working out for you, whatever this moment brings is perfect and good and that you can work with it. 

You can have faith that what may seem like an unfortunate circumstance actually holds a gift for you. 

Or you can decide that the world is a rotten place, that it is up to you to deal with evil people and tragic events, and that you are the reckoning some people need.

You can do this. 

There are plenty of stories out there of vigilantes, real and made up, of those who have likely been damaged in some way. Something awful happened to them, and now they wield their considerable power, for we all have considerable power, to create more darkness in the world. 

You will always get what you focus on, no matter what. 

Focus on the darkness, and you will get the darkness. 

And it does not always seem dark, right? 

You may be working with the darkness for a good cause. 

Maybe you are cursing a pedophile or hexing a serial killer.

But regardless of why you are doing it, you must understand that in working with the darkness, you are creating more darkness. 

Because, while love exists in and of itself, the Universe, Source Energy, is love, darkness is an energy created solely by humans. 

We are born with fear for survival. 

But the range of human emotions, hatred, anxiety, depression, disgust, all come from fear, and we are never taught to control them. 

So they quickly get out of control, and they become the darkness we end up working with. 

We think we need to strike back, to fight fire with fire. 

But fire with fire burns the whole world down. 

An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind. 

The Dangers of Dark Magic

And that is the danger of dark magic. 

You cannot use it without also letting it use you.

Because you attract what you are. 

So, you must become the darkness in order to wield dark magic. 

Some people, in their grief and rage, decide that it is worth it. 

And look, maybe it is, for you.

Maybe you have decided you would rather go dark. Rather hex and curse. Rather find ways to make them all pay. 

Whoever “they” are and whatever “they” have done.

I was there. I was angry and rageful and wrathful. 

I was self-righteous and proud on my soapbox full of issues.

I wanted to take down my abusive stepfather, all abusers of children, all politicians who stood against my protection of the innocent, and anyone who supported those politicians. 

And then my coworkers. 

And then my friends. 

And then my family members. 

My circle became very, very small

And I was reminded of Robespierre during the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. 

“Off with his head!”

Robespierre became suspicious of everyone, including his closest advisors and friends, until finally, he himself was brought to the guillotine. 

“Off with his head!”

There can be no other outcome for someone who decides to live in the darkness. 

And unfortunately, as I discovered, you cannot “dabble” in the darkness. 

You cannot play with dark magic the way you do with light magic. 

You really have to become it. 

I would speculate that this is because we are made of love, genuinely and literally. 

Source energy is pure love and we are created from pure love, so it is relatively easy to work light magic, to spread cheer and joy. 

We are not hatred and fear, those are mere emotions. 

So it takes much more energy to work dark magic. 

Which means you really have to embrace darkness to make it work. 

After all, Abraham Hicks tells us that love is 100 times more powerful than hatred or fear. 

100 times. 

That’s a lot of power. 

The Threefold Law

And remember, what you put out, you will get back. 

And most spiritual teachings say it will come back to you threefold at the very least. 

The Bible says tenfold. 

So you must become darkness to wield dark magic, and then when you do, that darkness is sent back to you several times over, so you become darkness again. 

And everywhere you turn, you see darkness.

You can have everything in your life going well, and you find darkness. 

I know far too many people like this in the world. 

I was one of them. 

Step Into the Light

But it does not have to be that way. 

One of my favorite stories in literature is the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. 

He renounces his family, his home, and his father, and he leaves. 

He wanders through the desert for weeks, months, years. 

He is desperate, dying, distraught. 

And finally, he wakes up. 

He realizes he was always meant to be at home with his father.

And in that moment, he turns around, and he is back home. 

No need to wander endlessly through the desert. 

As soon as you step into the light, you are home. 

The part of this metaphor that I love the most is the utter and complete forgiveness. 

It does not matter how far off track you wander, how dark you go, there will always be great love for you with Source Energy. 

And, because Source Energy knows all, sees all, and is all, it understands completely that you were doing the best you could with what you had. 

Because we all are. 

Light magic is far better to work with, and we just have to let those in the darkness find their way out, or not. 

We can shine the light, we can model, we can stand in the light and be there for them. 

But we are not here to bring about anyone else’s karma or enact revenge. 

That double edged sword is one we should not be willing to wield when we know that everyone, everyone is worthy of love and forgiveness, if only they would turn around and step into the light. 

We do no one any good from the darkness. 

Happy manifesting!

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