Crystals for Men: Masculine Positive Energy

For men, there are a lot of pressures to handle and a lot of negativity can creep in. There are a number of crystals that can help men with their problems and help them to be more positive.

Most of the best stones for men are in dark colors and harbor a deep masculine energy, but a few are in brighter colors.


Garnet is a crystal that is highly powerful for men and their physical and emotional well-being. This stone is usually a brownish-red to a deep, dark red.


It helps people to have more vitality. It is also helpful for being more positive and eliminating the negative.

It transforms negative energy into positive energy to help your mental state and quality of life. It helps you to balance your emotions and to keep your thoughts stable to allow for better relationships and to find intimacy.

Garnet is associated with both the crown and root chakras for better balance of your entire self. This crystal restores energy that you have lost due to taking care of others and makes your emotionally and physically stronger.

If you find things to be chaotic and confusing, it’s helpful to have a garnet to make yourself more decisive. This stone is also known as a powerful stone of sexuality and can enhance it and regenerate it.

Keep it in a pants pocket to help with your sexuality as well as to attract success.

Smoky Quartz

Smokey quartz can be gray, brown, or black or have wisps of each. It has long been a symbol of power that men have carried into battle.

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

It’s a highly masculine stone that can help you with having better mental clarity and when things are uncertain and decisions need to be made. Like a garnet, this crystal can take negative energies, vibrations, and thoughts and turn them into positives.

It takes that negativity and directs it into the earth so that it is neutralized. With its association with the root chakra, it’s helpful for giving you resilience and helping you to be independent as well as to lead.

It’s highly balancing to the emotions so that you can make good decisions. If you tend to have a bad temper, get terrible thoughts, or have aggression or moodiness, smoky quartz is a good stone for you.

If you fear failure, are afraid of taking risks, burned out, or have an unhealthy habit, this stone can be helpful to change things. You can use smoky quartz to help you with accepting responsibility and allowing you to communicate more effectively.

Keep a smoky quartz close to an entrance to give you protection and attract good luck, according to Feng Shui.


This beautiful crystal is perfect for men, though it has both dark and bright green swirls of color. It works to attract love the way that rose quartz can do the same for women.


When men want to attract love, malachite can help them in the transformation they need to make it happen. It’s common for men to feel trapped with the way things are and wishing for things to change.

With malachite, you can create that change and be in better control of your life. It’s also common to look for the most perfect romantic partner possible, but life is never perfect.

You can use malachite to help you to end your quest for perfection. It can allow you to look past small flaws so that you can appreciate a person and weigh them fairly as a partner.

Other old patterns that haven’t been serving you well can be broken down with the help of malachite. It’s also a wealth stone that can attract wealth to you and have better business relationships.

This crystal is also helpful for healing problems like muscle issues and liver and heart problems. It’s believed that this stone is so related to the physical heart that being attracted to it immediately often means that there may be heart problems that run in your family.


The amethyst is another crystal that isn’t necessarily a dark color, with its hues ranging from pale purple to very dark purple. The many dimensions of this stone give users both grounding and an uplifting energy.

Amethyst Quartz

It can help you to escape the confines of your own head and to be more a part of the world. It assists men in trusting their intuition and instincts instead of being paralyzed by too much analysis.

Amethyst is also a healing stone that can help you to get rid of negativity. It’s helpful to keep a cluster of amethyst crystals in your home or workplace so that you are protected from negative energy.

It is also helpful if you are susceptible to heavy anxiety or panic attacks. You can lessen these by putting your amethyst on your chest and making yourself breathe slowly.

For help with your mental clarity and charisma, wear an amethyst in a ring. This stone can also be useful for help with arthritis pain and migraines.

Tiger’s Eye

There are different colors of tiger’s eye, and the colors may include dark shades of brown, blue, or red. This crystal has a decidedly masculine energy that can help you with being more decisive, brave, and assertive.

Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s Eye

It is helpful with the many positive aspects of masculinity that are to be celebrated. When you have better spiritual harmony, you can better use your physical strength in positive actions.

As a helpful stone for men, it also helps you to increase your sexual vitality while it assists you with having emotional clarity. It’s helpful for succeeding in your relationships of various kinds.

If you have thought patterns that have been limiting you, you need a tiger’s eye to help you break out of them. It can also help you to approach a situation able to think more creatively.

It helps you to have more willpower and increases your motivation so that you are better able to achieve your goals and have the abundance you want.

Red Jasper

This reddish-brown crystal is a favorite of many men who like to utilize crystals to be their best selves. It’s helpful for being better grounded and centered so that you feel more supported.

Red Jasper
Red Jasper

Often, men feel intense pressure to provide for others, and this stone can help you to do that with more ease. It can help you both with having more wealth and having less stress about it.

Red jasper is also highly protective, and it’s a healing stone that can help you to heal yourself as well as others. The reddish hue of this stone can attract more passion to you.

It allows you to have less fear so that passion can lead you when it’s needed. It will boost your libido so that you make better sexual connections that are more emotionally fulfilling.


Pyrite burns with masculine energy, mimicking the look of gold. Also called Fool’s Gold, this stone is perfect for attracting money to you.


It sends out an invitation to prosperity and wealth so that you make better decisions with your money. It will help to guide you to the right actions and give you the motivation you need to get more wealth.

It also serves as a protective shield that repels negative energy that is aimed at you. It can enhance your masculine energy and boost your confidence and positive energies.

It helps you to get rid of fear and the hesitation that it can cause so that you think more clearly and can make important decisions. This can also give you the motivation you need to move toward your goals in a positive way.

Keep a piece of pyrite in your home or office to both help you with relationships and protect your space.


The deep red color of this crystal has given it the nickname “bloodstone.” When it’s polished, it becomes a metallic black but keeps its deep red inside the stone.


It works for men in much the same way that blood works in the body. While blood is a filtration system that replenishes your body, hematite can take negative energy around it and change it into self-confidence and strength.

It helps you to use your own unique abilities in ways that are more constructive by allowing you to think more clearly. In your home Feng Shui, this crystal is placed in areas that are in the northern section for more success and to make progress in your life.

Hematite gives you grounding that can help you have a stronger foundation. It’s perfect for getting rid of stress and thinking in a way that is more rational and logical.

It can help you to focus better so that you can accomplish more. It keeps people from directing their stress at you and allows you to be more creative.

It’s also great to use for areas of pain. It has an energy that is much like a magnet and can pull out pain that is in your joints or muscles.

You can tape a hematite to a painful area to help relieve the pain. It’s also a powerful stone for healing insomnia.

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