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Basic Witchcraft Spells For New and Beginner Witches: Easy and Simple

Basic Witchcraft Spells For New and Beginner Witches: Easy and Simple

Basic witchcraft spells are part of every practitioner’s way of life. Whether it’s everyday witchcraft like cleansing your aura of negative energy from traveling or helping your heart heal from a devastating breakup, spellwork can help you when things in life get too tough to handle.

Basic Witchcraft Spells

There are various spells online, all promising positive results. The truth is, that spellcasting goes beyond incantations, magical tools, and special objects.

A successful spell begins with a pure intention and ends with surrendering to higher forces. Here’s a brief background of what you need to know about spells and some common examples you can use.

What Is a Spell?

A spell consists of words uttered with powerful intent. Often, the practitioner reciting the spell accompanies it with gestures to raise energy.

I know you’re probably thinking of archaic texts with hard-to-pronounce words and divine forces you’ve never heard of. These days, spells are much simpler and easily executed as they have already been co-opted by modern practitioners.

Casting a spell is basically a ritual that creates a coherent pattern, which then taps into a higher power to help manifest your vision.

Witches use specific colors of candles in candle magic to represent their desires (e.g., red for passionate love, pink for romantic love, or green for prosperity).

Others are more comfortable using herbs they find in the kitchen. You can also pick up items that have great significance to you.

Many other witches use things like tarot cards and other different divination methods to help with their own spells. Your magical path is your own, and you should treat it as such

Misconceptions About Spells

There are several misconceptions about spellcasting, partly because of how it’s depicted in film and literature.

You always see witches cursing people as great plot points, but that’s not the case for witches blessing acres of land to keep it fertile all year round.

Non-practitioners may attribute successful spells to the placebo effect, working only because you believe in them.

Others may see them as a plain coincidence. I can understand where they’re coming from, as they don’t see any observable evidence of a spell’s power. Trust me, though, they can be incredibly powerful.

Spells have a rich history and have been used for various purposes. The reason why they’re so powerful is that they rely on energy generated by pure thought.

When done correctly and ethically, they can work well for you as a practitioner.

How To Cast a Spell Right

To make the most of spellcasting, you must focus on these important aspects:

Evaluating Your Purpose

An effective spell starts with pure intention. Pay special attention to why you’re doing this in the first place. Will it do you more harm than good? If the answer is yes, perhaps it’s better not to cast the spell and go with the flow instead.

Using Meaningful Correspondences

Spellwork involves selecting items that connect the spiritual plane to the earthly plane. Universally accepted symbols are great, but items that are personally meaningful to you are even more powerful.

Purifying Your Sacred Space

This is something that most beginners easily forget. You’d want to start with a blank slate before casting your spell. Otherwise, any residual negativity or psychic debris can affect the potency of the spell you’re casting.

Releasing Your Intention

One important reminder for newbie spellcasters is to surrender. If you’re too attached to your wish, you’ll find that it will take longer to manifest it.

Basic Spells for Beginners

I know you’re excited to cast spells, so I’ve compiled a few of the most popular ones for you. Bear in mind, however, that even with how simple they appear to be, they can be very powerful.

Love Spell

Beginners usually want to test their powers with a love spell because, let’s face it, it sounds like the most fun. Before you cast a spell of attraction to draw that dreamy coworker of yours to your desk on Monday, make sure you’re not breaking a relationship up along the way.

Use a pink candle, which stands for romantic love, and carve a symbol into its side. This can be a heart, a rose, or an infinity knot.

Stare into the flame while visualizing the two of you together, happy and in love. Then, say these words out loud: “I am yours, and you are mine. Our fate together is sealed. So must it be.”

Confidence Spell

This is one of my favorite simple spells because it’s a quick way to feel good about yourself. This is especially helpful when you have a big business meeting coming up, if you have to speak in front of a crowd, or if you’re simply feeling less than pretty.

Sit in front of a mirror, and on a piece of paper, start writing all the wonderful qualities you have. Vividly remember instances in your life that elevated your self-esteem.

Look in the mirror while saying these words: “I am here to bring the world beauty and light. I remind everyone why it is bright.”

Cleansing Spell

If you’ve just moved into a new home or want to purify a space where negative people normally converge, this is a great spell to use. You’ll notice feeling much lighter afterward.

Sit in your home’s entryway and light a sage smudge stick. Place the burning sage in a fireproof bowl and watch the smoke rise. Allow it to escape and cleanse the room while imagining your space enveloped in white light, neutralizing all negative energies.

Say these words: “May this home be protected day in and out. I replace all negativities with my highest and purest energy.”

Protection Spell

Protection magic is crucial and one of the first things you learn. You can make a protection jar like the one here, or you can simply cast a protection circle around yourself. Imagine a white light coming from deep within yourself emanating out around you in a magical circle, covering the things your magical light touches with a blanket of protection.

Success Spell

A success spell is what you may call an all-purpose spell because that’s exactly what it does — bring success to whatever intention you may have.

Whether it’s nailing that coveted job or completing a challenging project, this spell is a perfect way to raise positive energy.

Light an incense stick during the waxing moon because this is when the moon grows bigger, signifying the growth of your intention.

Close your eyes and focus intently on your heart chakra. Imagine filling it with light as you visualize your dream in great detail. Then, say these words: “The Universe brings to me my heart’s desire. This blessing fills me with love and joy.”

Keep Your Intentions Pure

When basic witchcraft spells, remember to always wish for something positive, taking great care not to wish harm or misfortune to anyone.

tarot cards

The Rule of Three specifically states that what you send out comes back to you threefold.


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