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Why You Should See a Psychic (Even if You’ve Been Led to Believe it’s a Sin)

Why You Should See a Psychic (Even if You’ve Been Led to Believe it’s a Sin)

Deep mysticism, tarot cards, familiar spirits, and other forms of divination have long been embraced and accepted as a way to touch the spiritual world. However, if you’re from certain faith traditions, you were likely raised to believe that these things are sinful and that they go against the ways and teachings of the Holy Spirit.

You may have been led to believe that seeing a psychic was a mortal sin, that it blasphemed the name of Jesus Christ, and that it opens you up to evil spirits. The truth is, teaching people that psychic readings are a sin is simply a way to create fear and gain control over them.

Fortune tellers and psychic mediums offer insight and guidance into our lives, helping us make decisions and move forward with confidence and clarity. Many religious teachings claim that these “soothsayers” are simply “Satan” appearing to us as an “Angel of Light,” hoping to steer the faithful away from anything beneficial other than their apologetics.

While the Christian church can do good and has the ability to help and guide people in their lives, it’s not the only tool out there. For many people, the use of Bible verses to detract from the good intentions of those with psychic ability can be detrimental and keep them from such things that could help them.

There’s much to gain from psychic readings, palm readings, tarot card readings, and other forms of divination. If you have been led to believe that psychic readings are actually contact with demonic spirits and part of the new age movement, it’s time to set the record straight.

Why You Should See a Psychic

Psychic readings provide clarity and insight into your life, including in areas of struggle, confusion, and uncertainty. Factors that are negatively impacting your heart and your mental health can improve with the guidance of a psychic.

By seeing a psychic, you can have certain concerns addressed and laid to rest. They are able to offer you a deeper perception of things, giving you advice on how best to proceed in your life to reach your goals, hopes, and dreams.

Here are some reasons you should see a psychic:

They Can Help You Prepare for Things

Our lives can be unpredictable and chaotic. Things can change quickly or the unexpected happens.

More often than not, we’re caught unaware and completely unready. Things come up and we’re left in the dust, needing to make decisions and clean up messes.

A psychic reading can provide you with valuable information and insight into potential happenings in your future. With this information, you can get some sort of idea about the way things may play out so that you can ready yourself instead of being caught unaware.

While you’re not going to have every detail of your future spelled out for you, simply having a vision for the flow of your life can be incredibly empowering. It can open your eyes to what may come and give you the ability to prepare.

They Can Give You a Positive Perspective

Sometimes things are just very hard, very dark, very grim. We can’t see the other side and we’re stuck looking at the circumstances right in front of us.

It can be hard to face the things we’re going through, especially when we can’t understand them. Those times when you feel trapped and overwhelmed, when you can’t see the forest for the trees, seeing a psychic is incredibly valuable.

A psychic can help you see the truth about your circumstances and understand your role in them. They can give you insight into things so that you can take down any blocks you’ve unknowingly placed in your life and move towards a positive outlook.

They Can Give You Closure

Difficult, unforeseen happenings can lead to the end of relationships, jobs, and other life situations. When something ends seemingly out of nowhere, it can be hard to deal with the aftermath of our emotions and physical situation.

These types of losses can feel massive and leave us uncertain of many things. A psychic reading can be the best tool for finding peace in your circumstance and being able to move on.

Questions to ask a psychic

With a psychic reading, you can have many of your questions answered regarding your loss. The answers you’re given are often one of the strongest tools on your path to closure.

They Can Help You Find Purpose

Understanding yourself and having vision for your life is often easier said than done. Many people have difficulty gaining clarity about their life’s purpose and find themselves struggling to gain motivation because they don’t have a clear path.

If you’re on a journey of self-discovery, a psychic reading may be exactly what you need. Someone with psychic ability will be able to lead you and reveal your soul’s direction.

Instead of feeling lost and confused, you can gain understanding and confidence about yourself and the path that you should be following. With clear guidance, you will be set and ready to start pursuing your purpose.

Moving Beyond the Fear of Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, and Psychic Mediums

If you’re from the christian church or another similar religious tradition, you might be starting to understand why you were taught that seeing a psychic is a sin. The church teaches that these things are only found in Jesus Christ and the sacred scripture; purpose, understanding, preparation, and truth.

When a psychic reading can offer these things, the church sees that as a threat. They don’t want you to know that you can find guidance, clarity, insight, and purpose from spirit guides, tarot cards, and other types of divination.

Okay, are you starting to get it? If the christian church doesn’t want people to choose psychic mediums instead of, or alongside, Jesus, all they have to do is yell, “sin,” “evil spirits,” or “demons!”

Teaching people that the command of the Lord demands they stay away from anything with a “spirit of divination,” has been very effective in getting people of faith to avoid psychics. This teaching plants the seed of fear and helps perpetuate the false idea that it is a sin to see a psychic.

Keep in mind that many scriptural interpretations are superstitions based on rules and standards created by the church. Instead of listening to teachings based on fear and control, turn to the heart of what the christian God is supposed to stand for.

This God is said to be a loving God who created all things. Coming from the same Source, all things are energetically connected.

This means, if you believe in the christian God, you believe He created psychic abilities. The gift of insight and foresight was carefully designed and given by Him to psychic mediums, providing a way for people to receive divine guidance.

To say that it is a sin to see a psychic is to say that it is a sin to receive spiritual guidance, or that the powers of divination that align energetically with the powers of God are sinful. It’s denying people healing, life-changing insight.

Does Scripture Support Psychic Ability?

So, if seeing a psychic isn’t a sin, could it actually be supported by scripture? I would say yes.

You may think I’m off my rocker here, but I believe that it does. The Bible talks about seven gifts of the spirit that are given to people by the Holy Spirit.

Among these gifts are, “Words of Wisdom,” “Words of Knowledge,” “Prophecy,” “Discerning of Spirits,” and “Interpretation of Tongues.” Now, these may be wrapped up in christian speak and cloaked under the banner of their faith tradition, but they sound a whole lot like psychic abilities and various forms of divination to me!

Sisters, it’s time to stop living in fear about things that have merely been watered down and changed over generations. Over the centuries, so many people have been bogged down, hurt, and prevented from fullness and healing simply because the church chose to misrepresent their God and their sacred scriptures.

It’s time for the perpetuation of this idea to end. Seeing a psychic is not a sin and divination is in fact held up as a gift in the scriptures itself.

So, get out there and visit that psychic! You’re in for a treat.

Magickal Mage

Tuesday 2nd of August 2022

Not only does the Christian church teach against seeing psychics or dealing with witchcraft. There are people who have personal testimonies who have been psychics/ witches who tell there “scary stories” of their life doing spells and dealing with familiar spirits and etc. They tell their stories of being horribly possessed. Then they write books and go on popular Christian tv shows to tell their experience. Then the Christian church, friends, and family have fuel to show why one shouldn’t see psychics or deal with witchcraft. There are well known people in the tarot community who became “born again” and began speaking against the tarot/divination community that supported them.