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The 8 Most Magical Gifts for Witches: Birthdays, Holidays and Just Because

The 8 Most Magical Gifts for Witches: Birthdays, Holidays and Just Because

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Gift-giving is a heartwarming but somewhat stressful tradition even for a practicing witch. On the one hand, you can’t wait to see the smile on your friend or loved one’s face when they finally unwrap your present. On the other hand, you’re not sure if what you picked out for them is going to be useful or interesting enough to escape the trash can or that lonely, dusty place on their shelf. 

It’s the same scenario for anyone you’re giving gifts to — even your witchy friends.

How to prepare a new tarot deck

I personally spend a lot — and I mean a lot — of time thinking about just what to give them. I keep asking myself, “Is this something they’ll like?” or “Do they already have this?” “Do they already have enough bath bombs?” “Is this a great gift option?”

Over the years, I’ve figured that the best gifts you can give are things that your witchy friends will find helpful in their craft. Trust me, every witch loves a good crystal ball or a little help from their favorite tarot deck. It’s basically like a little love spell in the form of an an affordable gift!

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Even if you end up picking out a duplicate, they’re more likely to appreciate stuff that they can use for their practice instead of things that might just serve as decor. Of course, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting them wall art or a framed picture, you’ve got to admit that even you’d find it weird to hang two of the same picture on the wall. 

To make this really work, it’s good to keep your witch friend’s practice in mind. There are lots of variations so make sure the gifts you get them align with their practice. Different witchcraft traditions will, obviously, require different witch gifts.

There is, of course some overlap, so let’s talk about some of the perfect gifts from the beginner witch to your witchiest friend.

A money spell on a witch altar

Also, consider their space or preferences. For example, if you know they’re concerned about their house catching fire, don’t give them candles or incense for smudging. 

With that out of the way, it’s time to put a magical smile on a witch’s face with these gifts for witches!

8 Gifts To Give People That Are Into Witchcraft


Whether your witch friend is a beginner or a pro at spellcasting, giving them their very own spellbook will always come in handy. (You can find my favorite one here.)

Gifts To Give Witch Friends 1 1024x684, Witchy Spiritual Stuff

If they don’t have spells to jot down yet, they can also use this spellbook as a journal for their thoughts, a drawing pad for their visions, or even as a recipe book!


Speaking of cooking, a witch can never have too many cauldrons. You can make potions in it or blend spices with it. You can even use it to whip up a mean batch of cocktails after a long and tiring ritual!

(You can find a super cute cauldron perfect for any witch here.)

Gifts To Give Witch Friends 6 1024x683, Witchy Spiritual Stuff

Besides, cauldrons are an all-around useful item in the kitchen so this gift will always be a great find. 

Mortar and Pestle 

If you’re giving your beloved witch a cauldron, you can take your gift-giving up a notch by getting them a sturdy mortar and pestle. Like a cauldron, it’s always helpful to keep an extra mortar and pestle on hand even if they have one already. 

(They have a ton of gorgeous mortar and pestle sets here.)

Gifts To Give Witch Friends 5 683x1024, Witchy Spiritual Stuff

If your witchy friend is more on the earthy side, a granite mortar and pestle will be a handsome addition to their herb-grinding ensemble. If they prefer to be a little more elegant, a marble mortar and pestle will be a beautiful but steadfast tool they can rely on. 


Like I mentioned, only get this gift for witches who aren’t uncomfortable handling fire or smoke. If they have bad reactions to smoke or strong smells, you can totally skip the gift wrapping for this one. 

(These candles here are super witchy and smell amazing.)

Otherwise, candles can be a very versatile present. Fragrant candles made with essential oils and herbs can be used for that much-needed smudging. If your witchy friend isn’t doing any house cleansing, scented candles can help them relax, meditate, and gather energy. 

Candles are every witch’s perfect idea of a magickal gift. They can banish negative energy under a full moon or Light one and chill in the light with a black bath bomb and a full moon bathing ritual.

Of course, let’s not forget that candles are a mainstay in practically every ritual or ceremony. Candles with different colors can also be lit up if your friend is performing a particular spell. 

Tarot Decks

You’ll never run out of options for this gift. There are lots of tarot decks that have different designs and energies surrounding them.

(You can see some insane rainbow colored tarot decks here that any witch will love.)

To pick something that your witchy friend would feel comfortable with, consider bringing along an item that reminds you of them. Be in tune with the spirit of this item and see if the tarot deck resonates with it. 

Gifts To Give Witch Friends 4 1024x681, Witchy Spiritual Stuff

If they’re on the creative side, you can even get them blank tarot cards that they can design themselves!

Throw in a pouch or a box for their tarot deck if you really want to make this present complete. 

Reference Books

New knowledge and wisdom are never unwelcome gifts to witches. So, getting them a reference book that can increase their knowledge of the craft will surely be appreciated. 

(The Green Witch is my favorite book for a beginner witch. You can find it here.)

Gifts To Give Witch Friends 3 1024x683, Witchy Spiritual Stuff

You can choose from books discussing spells, books that talk about the power of plants, books that explain sigils, and the like. You can even get them a book for witchy recipes!

Cloak or Hood 

Who says you can’t be stylish when you’re reciting your incantations or mixing your potions? Every witch deserves to feel beautiful while exercising their practice so what better way to invoke their inherent beauty by giving them a stylish cloak or hood? 

modern day witch

Beginner witches, in particular, will find this gift truly empowering. With a cloak or hood, they won’t just feel elegant — they’ll also be in a great mood to discover the wonders of Wicca!

Moon Calendar 

Every witch knows that it’s important to keep track of the phases of the moon.

How To Perform Moon Rituals 13 577x1024, Witchy Spiritual Stuff

Help a fellow witch out by giving them a beautifully designed moon phases calendar. Not only will this guide them through the seasons, but it’s also something they can proudly display on their wall!

Make It Magical

You know what they say about gifts: it’s the thought that counts. And it’s always a great choice to have a witch on your good side. The best way to do that is to find something that really shows you that you get their actual interests?

Consider a crystal like a rose quartz or selenite. Witches love selenite.

Rose Quartz Heart

Of course, you actually want to make it look like you put thought into your gifts instead of getting the resident witch in your life just anything.

Gifts To Give Witch Friends 2 1024x684, Witchy Spiritual Stuff

With the above gifts for witches that I’ve recommended, you’re bound to find something that your witchy friend will deem useful. Happy shopping!