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Ask a Witch: How to Write a Protection Spell 

Learning how to write a protection spell takes a tremendous amount of personal development work.  


Because if you are here seeking a protection spell, you are living in fear.  

You are not just afraid.  

You are living in fear.  

And there is a difference.  

Don’t worry. I will explain protection spells, how to write them, how to cast them, and how to use them.  

But first, let’s talk about fear.  


Release Fear to Write a Protection Spell 

“Fear is the mind killer.” We hear Timothee Chalamet say in the most recent remake of the movie Dune. 

It was one of the most striking scenes in the trailer leading up to this blockbuster film.  

And in fact, it is a very important scene in the book as well.  

Frank Herbert, author of Dune and the many books that followed it, builds an entirely new world for us. In it, there are those known as witches, and Paul Atreides, the character played by Timothee Chalamet, is the son of one.  

During that impressive scene about fear, Paul is being tested by a matriarch of the witches.  

She has a long narrative about the difference between mere mortals, ordinary humans, and witches, those with the power to see beyond fear.  

Paul must place his hand in a black box and not remove it no matter what happens in order to prove that he is worthy of joining the order of witches to which his mother belongs.  

She has spent his life training him to control his mind, to work universal forces, to wield magic, and now he is being given his final test.  

It’s no spoiler to say that Paul does not remove his hand, regardless of the immense amount of pain to which he is subjected.  

For one so young, he surprises the matriarch, and she comments that he may indeed be “the one.”  

The one to lead their people forward into a brighter future for them all.  

The point of this scene comes down to that single line.  

“Fear is the mind killer.”  

And indeed, all evidence shows us that it is.  

Outside of science fiction, in the real world, fear is the mind killer.  

Anxiety was one of the leading shared attributes of those who died from COVID during the pandemic.  

Moon in sky

“Our greatest fears will come upon us” is not just an adage. 

It is a reality.  

When you live your life in fear, you shorten your life span, your health deteriorates, and you can even infect others with your fear.  

Healthy Fear 

This is not to say that we should not have any fear, that we should be entirely fearless.  

We were born with a fear mechanism for a reason.  

From the time we are very young, we understand the power of gravity, and we do not leap off tall buildings, or playground equipment.  

We learn about hot stoves after a single incident, and we never place our hands there again.  

Fear keeps us alive.  

But it must be healthy fear.  

We must allow our fear to simply be a survival instinct that shows us when we are off the path.  


“The beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord.” The bible says in Proverbs 9:10.  

I am not religious, but I find the Christian Bible to hold a tremendous amount of wisdom, and while on its face this quote might not seem particularly wise, it is.  

For if we see “God” or the “Lord” as “Love,” which I do, then we understand this quote to mean that it is wise to fear veering off the path of love.  

Remember that “to sin” comes from the Greek term which means to “miss the mark.”  

You’ve traveled off the path of Love, and you must right yourself again. 

Step into alignment.  

When we have a healthy, low-level fear of missing the mark, not because God will rain fire and brimstone on us or send us to “hell” but because it is painful to be out of love.  

It is painful to be angry, frustrated, irritated.  

It does not feel good.  

In fact, we have feelings specifically so we know when we are off the path.  

And that is all.  

Be afraid of missing the mark because it does neither you nor anyone else any good.  

And that’s it.  

Release all other fears.  

Write a Protection Spell: Release Your Fears 

free woman

And that is the beginning of your training on protection spells.  

You want to write a protection spell?  

Write a protection spell that calls you to release all of your fears but the one that keeps you on the enlightened path.  

Suffering from anxiety?  

You are not alone.  

The majority of people in the United States today suffer from at least some level of anxiety.  

And no wonder.  

Everything coming at us from all directions insists we be afraid.  

The news, social media, even films and television shows.  

Be afraid! They say.  

Be very afraid! 

But here’s the reality: we only have to be afraid of what they tell us to be afraid of if we accept their truth as our truth.  

The joy of this human experience is that we came here to be creators.  

We are spirits in human bodies.  

We are the Universe having a human experience.  

So, really, you are the television, and your channel is simply being broadcast.  

If the television goes off, gets broken, or gets destroying, the broadcast lives on.  

You just need a new television.  

You are unkillable, undestroyable, infinite.  

You have nothing to fear.  

You came here to create heaven on earth.  

The only slight fear you should have is veering from that path.  

And, again, not because “hell.”  

But because it feels like crap.  


You’re here seeking a protection spell.  

Doesn’t feel good, does it?  

When you release fear and step onto your path, I’m not saying it is easy or that you will never experience pain again, but so much of that crappy feeling of being afraid of the unknown is gone.  

It vanishes.  

And the only reason you feel pain once you are on the path of Love is the resistance that your programming puts up.  

Realize that you have spent an entire lifetime on autopilot living someone else’s programming. 

As Don Miguel Ruiz tells us in his Voice of Knowledge, your parents, your teachers, your government have all programmed you, have replaced your inner voice with their own, and now you simply live out their expectations.  

And how much easier you are to control when you are afraid! 

So your first step in learning to write a protection spell is to release your fear.  

Full moon ritual

Meditate to Release Fear 

I recommend meditating to everyone who wants to work with spells, but in this case it is doubly beneficial as you will both connect with your higher self, your inner being, and in doing so release your fears.  

Once you feel that connection, even if for just a second, fear washes away.  

In the face of that kind of love, pure, raw, open, creative energy, fear washes away. 

Make it a practice to sit for 20 minutes every day and meditate. 

When you wake up in the morning, drink a full glass of water to wash out your toxins cleansed from your body the night before, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue, make your bed, get some sunshine on your face, and sit on your yoga mat.  

Set your timer for 20 minutes, and connect.  

I like to do a full body scan from my crown chakra to my root chakra, aligning all of my principles to the principles of the Universe, of love.  

Clear each chakra as you work your way down, identify all of your body parts and check in with yourself for healing.  

“I am well.”  

“I am healthy.”  

“I am strong.”  

“I am here.”  

“I am here.”  

“I am here.”  

Say these words in your mind over and over.  

As you complete your full body scan, sink into yourself for the remainder of your time in meditation.  

Allow your mind to clear completely.  

When thoughts come into your mind, simply let them pass, like commercials or advertisements on the screen.  

Once you have spent several days in this meditation, you are ready to write a protection spell.  

Write a Protection Spell 

Now, whatever it is you are afraid of, real or imagined, you must remind yourself that you are far from powerless, that you are not a victim.  

You are all powerful, an extension of the Universe, and that you are capable of anything.  

In the witchy spiritual practice, we do not run from or hide from or turn away from what we do not want.  

We turn toward what we do want, we move into what we love, we surrender to our higher selves and our good feelings.  

Your spell then, should be something like this: 

“I am a child of the Universe, 

The ocean in a drop. 

I am always being guided. 

I am open to higher thought. 

I walk with Love and Light. 

A power comes from within. 

I have nothing to fear. 

Let my healing begin.”  

Write your spell down on a piece of paper, speak the words out loud under a new moon, and then burn the paper in fire, trusting the Universe to guide you toward that healing.  

A healing where you never feel afraid of anything other than stepping off this path again.  

Happy manifesting! 

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