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How to Make Sun Water: A Beginner’s Guide

How to make sun water?

In the witchy world, we hear about moon water all the time. It makes sense, of course, the moon revolves around the earth, so her energy is intimate and close.  

But what about how to make sun water?  

Think about it: nearly every religion – pagan and traditional – honors the sun in some way.  

Muslims pray at sunrise and sunset.  

The Greeks and Romans had Apollo and Sol.  

Christians see the sun as a sign of hope, it is the metaphorical son of God, and it speaks to Jesus’ resurrection.  

And of course, many pagan religious celebrate the solstices and equinoxes, all directly connected to the sun.  

So, the question is, how could we not make sun water? 

Water – the Element, the Symbol 


First, let’s talk about water. We do a lot with water in witchcraft and spiritual practice.  

We cleanse our spaces with water.  

We clean ourselves with water. We celebrate the first rain of spring.  

And we make all kinds of potions and tinctures with water.  

The water element is a powerful one among the four elements because it speaks to the single most important constant in human life: change.  

Sure, you could say air – and by extension breath – is life. And it is. But we don’t really have to think about breath. We should. But we don’t have to.  

Breath comes and goes, and we don’t really resist it.  

But oh, how we resist change.  

Indeed, the human inability to surrender to divine will, and the change therein, is what causes us so much heartache, pain, and suffering in our lives.  

If we could all simply flow with life as water does, we would manifest so much more, more than even we can imagine.  

As Abraham Hicks says, “the Universe has a much better imagination than you do.”  

Well, obviously, we have only our limited human minds.  The Universe has infinite wisdom and sight.  

Therefore, any ritual we perform that includes fresh water will encourage us to embrace change, flow with life, and adapt and adjust accordingly.  

Water Symbolism 

Throughout history, water has been a symbol of wisdom, power, grace, music, and undifferentiated chaos.  

One of my favorite things to teach my children is to flow like water. I point to the raging river we live on and I show them how the water does not force or insist, it does not resist, and it never ever dies.  

Water, instead, flows. It goes around, over, under, and it is a force to be reckoned with. It carves pathways through earth and even through rock.  

It is perhaps the most disorderly of all the elements, pure chaos, which makes it inherently feminine, as the masculine is order and the feminine is chaos.  

We need chaos for creation. Creativity and innovation stem from chaos. Chaos is what keeps us moving forward, fearlessly pursuing the unknown.  

Indeed, humans are mostly water. 

Men’s bodies are about 60% water, and women’s bodies are about 55% water.  

And water is deeply healing. Many illnesses and sufferings we endure can be cured either instantly or overtime with proper hydration.  

10% of headaches are cured by simply drinking glass of water.  

Thus, it makes perfect sense to include water in any ritual.  

Even one that revolves around the sun.  

The Sun – the Element, the Symbol 

The sun is a representative of the fire element.  

The fire element symbolizes energy, assertiveness, and passion.  

Interestingly, fire is a masculine energy, active and productive. It pushes, it burns, it supports, and provides.  

Fire is all will and determination, never calm or settled.  

Masculine energy is inherently the provider energy, the doer, the aggressor.  

Remember, we all have masculine and feminine energy.  

This has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. This has to do with the balance of energy within us all and within the universe.  

Fire and Sun Symbolism 

When we think about the sun, we think of a constant in our lives. It is a main source of fire. The sun rises and sets every single day. It provides us with an essential vitamin for our mental and physical health – Vitamin D. It is critical for our total wellbeing, and it offers us energy to get through life.  

All we have to do is bask in the solar energy.  

The sun is also at the center of everything in our lives.  

Probably one of the biggest shifts in human thinking was the realization that we revolve around the sun, rather than that the sun revolves around us.  

It was such a big deal when Nicolaus Copernicus theorized heliocentrism that the Catholic church threatened him with excommunication, torture, and death if he did not recant.  

You see, the church had been telling its congregants for years that all of life revolved around humans. That we were at the center of everything.  

Copernicus’ radical statement that the sun was indeed at the center of everything, at least of our own system, threw the church’s position into chaos.  

What does it mean for humans that we are not the single more important thing in the universe?  

That we are merely a part of a much larger, much more complex, much more powerful system?  

It means we must humble ourselves at the feet of nature if we hope to learn to coexist with it.  

Copernicus did eventually recant. He was not interested in becoming a martyr and dying for his scientific theory. But the match was lit, and the science stuck.  

Copernicus, of course, was exiled and excommunicated, and died that way. The church only formerly apologized to Copernicus 359 years after his death.  

Pope John Paul II declared Copernicus correct in his theory in 1992.  

The sun is at the center of everything. It drives us. It propels us. It feeds us. And it can destroy us.  

The sun is a wonderful metaphor for how important it is for us to balance our energies.  

Combine it with water, and you get a perfect balance of masculine and feminine, chaos and order, creation and destruction, and flow and determined will.  Talk about health benefits.

Sun Water 

The good news is that sun water combines these energies and brings balance and the element of water into our lives.  

sun water

There are a few different kinds of sun water, but the best and easiest is sun light water. Much like moon water, sun light water is water that is powered by the energy of direct sunlight.  

When it comes to witchcraft and ritual, you want to keep your practices simple and easy because you are more likely to follow through with them. Notice that nature is not complicated.  

We humans sure do find ways to make life complicated, don’t we?  

Keep it simple.  

Sun light water is also safe to digest. I just don’t see the point of making a water that you can’t drink. I suppose if you simply like to have a bunch of jars and bowls filled with water in all your spaces, you can, but the idea, for me, of making a water is so I can drink it and embody the energies I am working with.  

Remember that any time you make anything, the most important part of its creation lies in your intention.  

Why are you making sun water? What energy, or energies, are you trying to channel? What is your expected outcome?  

With sun water, you could be focusing on bringing balance into your life, in which case you should meditate on what is out of balance.  

Do you find yourself in a constant state of production, with your masculine taking over and your feminine lying dormant?  Are you experiencing health issues therein?

Sun water is the best way to help you give gratitude to your masculine while balancing it with the softer, more in flow feminine.  

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your feminine creativity, all nurturing, receiving, and chaos?  

Sun water can help you become more active and willful, more empowered in your own life.  

In any case, be sure to sit for several minutes, or days, on what your purpose is in making sun water.  

Then, make it! 

How to Make Sun Water 

What You Need:  

Glass bowl 

Image of the sun 

Spring water 

Outside surface 

An incantation or prayer for what it is you seek.  

What to Do:  

Choose a sunny day.  It’s a good time to harness the energy of the sun.

Place the image of the sun on an outside surface and place your clear glass bowl on top of it.  

Glass containers capture energy from without and bring it within.

Then pour the clean water into the bowl.  

It is best to begin this ritual early in the morning, so you catch the magical power of the sun’s different rays.  

Recite your incantation over the bowl. An incantation can be something as simple as  

“May the sun provide the energy 

I need to bring into me 

Sun rays shine down today 

So that balance in me may find its way 

As I will it so mote it be” 

Keep it short, sweet, simple, and to the point.  

Repeat the incantation three times, holding the bowl up to the sun for the last recitation, and pouring all of your faith into the final line.  

Let your sun water sit all day in the sun, and it will be ready to jar and drink at your leisure or right then at the end of the day.  

As you drink your charged water, remind yourself of what you asked for, of your incantation, and allow yourself to be transformed.  Your sun water now has magical properties with no side effects!

Happy manifesting! 

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