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How to Meditate with Crystals 

Learning how to meditate with crystals is a powerful step up from meditating alone. You start to integrate prayer and intention into your meditation, and it can have a profound impact on your daily routine.  

Meditating with crystals takes focus and foresight, so it is helpful to first be sure you understand all the elements involved.  

Why Meditate 

First, why meditate at all?  

Well, ample evidence shows that people who meditate regularly, as in several times a week, are more peaceful, have lower resting heart rates and blood pressure, are overall healthier than their nonmeditating counterparts, and seem to be generally happier.  

I mean, you can’t hate that, right?  

Furthermore, there is additional evidence, in no small measure, that shows meditators can learn to heal themselves of virtually any illness.  

This reality is the one Dr. Joe Dispenza focuses on in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.  

As he points out, we have spent a lifetime, and that is a long time for some of us, conditioned to believe that we are powerless victims, just pinballs in this machine called life that bats us around and we just have to tolerate it, putting our lives and wellness in the hands of medical experts.  

Sadly, if recent years have shown us anything, it is that those medical experts don’t really know much about our actual overall health and total wellness.  

I read a great quote recently by a lifelong general practitioner, a man who had been practicing medicine all his life in the mainstream western medical model, and he said that in all his years of practice, the most important thing we can do for our health is stay away from doctors.  

Unless, he says, there is an acute emergency, we are better off allowing ourselves to heal at home, or better yet, learning about herbs and the body’s relationship to food and self-healing.  

One of those mechanisms for self-healing is meditation.  

You see, it turns out, by all accounts, that the body is actually beautifully designed to heal itself.  

Any time we are wounded or ill in any way, our bodies jump into action to make us better, and they know exactly what to do to get the job done.  

The problem?  

We get in the way.  

We eat crappy food, we short our sleep, we don’t properly manage our stress, we don’t move our bodies, we hide indoors, we stare at screens all day.  

We are putting our bodies under a constant barrage of attacks, and then we turn to doctors when we don’t feel well.  

When really, we could just start with some good old meditation.  

Meditation is the first step to getting out of our own way.  

Meditation allows us to quiet our minds, to be still, and to sink into our higher selves.  

Furthermore, as Buddhist monk Pema Chodron points out, meditation also allows us to detach from our daily worries, our pains, our struggles, the things we take so seriously that, seriously, will pass if we just let them.  

I cannot say enough about meditation, and it is, at the very least, worth a try.  

How to Meditate 

Now, as to how to meditate, there are various approaches, but I would start off with the easiest and most basic way: sit down in a quiet place and just be.  

That’s right.  

Just. Be.  

I always recommend meditating before you do anything else in the morning, and by that I mean get out of bed, open your curtains, face the sun, make your bed, brush your teeth, and drink a full glass of water.  

I like to then take a walk outside to face the day and feel the fresh air on my face, come back inside, set out my yoga mat, and stretch my body for about 10 minutes.  

Then I meditate.  

I go through all of these motions before meditating to wake my mind up fully.  

The goal during meditation is relaxed awakening, which means your body is completely at rest, and your mind is fully awake. 

When you can achieve this state, you call be super mindful, super aware, and you can quiet your mind. 

The thoughts, of course, will come racing in, but when you are in a state of relaxed awakening, you can simply let them float back out. Pay them no mind.  

Like advertisements that you don’t want to see, just keep flipping past them.  

No thank you.  

Give yourself at least 20 minutes for meditation most days of the week.  

The Power of Crystals 

Okay, so why meditate with crystals?  

Why not!?  

Just kidding.  

Crystals, after all, are just rocks, right?  

So the trick to understanding meditation, or anything you do, with crystals, is not in understanding what the big deal is about crystals, but what the big deal is about anything.  

The fact that crystals are “just rocks” makes them all the more powerful as meditation tools because a crystal can help bring your attention and focus to the reality that everything is energy.  

Even this rock.  

Rocks grow from the earth, you grow from the earth, and you are connected to everything, even rocks.  

Furthermore, crystals have been a part of various spiritual practices for thousands of years, which imbues them with the power of collective belief.  

So you are not only drawing on the magnetic energy of the Universe but also on generations upon generations of belief systems that have taken root energetically on this planet.  

And, as we all know, belief is everything.  

Belief leads to knowledge, and knowledge creates reality.  

This explains why crystals are so powerful, especially as a meditation tool.  

How to Meditate with Crystals 

To meditate with crystals, the first thing you want to do is choose your crystal.  

Choose Your Crystal 

You can choose your crystal in one of two ways – either based on your chakra system or based on your intention.  

Or both.  

I like to meditate on my chakra system as I generally trust the Universe to guide me through my soul path each day, so I don’t typically need to set intentions other than clarity so I can remain open to guidance.  

If I was going to set an intention, say on clarity, I would choose the crystal that corresponds to that intention.  

In this case, the crystal would be a clear quartz, which is not only a great clarity crystal but also corresponds to the crown chakra, which is the one I am most often working on.  

The crown chakra is the primary channel of communication between you and you higher self; it is the site of your intuition and divine intelligence.  

So, yea, when I meditate with crystals, I am most often choosing my clear quartz.  

But, if you were to meditate on, say, manifesting money or love, you could choose a jade or a rose quartz, respectively.  

If you are heading into a day where you will need courage, you could meditate with a tiger’s eye.  

If you are feeling down and need some positivity, you could meditate with an orange or yellow citrine. 

And if you’re hoping to spark some romance and intimacy, you could meditate with red jasper.  

There is a whole range of crystals to choose from, and the most important thing you can do is choose the crystal that you resonate with on your particular issue or intention.  

Now, if you want to work with your chakras, you could choose a chakra crystal.  

This approach is not all that different from choosing a crystal based on your intention; it is merely coming at it from a different angle.  

In fact, I would say you can always come at it like this: what is your intention? What is the chakra that corresponds to that intention? What crystal corresponds to that chakra?  

When you approach meditation with crystals in this way, you are always taking a you centered approach, rather than a rock centered approach. 

Basically, you are empowering yourself and making the crystal your point of focus, rather than putting all of your faith in a rock and making yourself a powerless supplicant.  

See the difference?  

It is semantical but profound.  


Once you have chosen your crystal, write down your intentions or your prayer, set the rock on top of the paper, and sit as described above for 20 minutes.  

In the beginning of your meditation, simply work on quieting your mind and getting still.  

I like to engage in a full body scan, from crown to root, just checking in with myself and doing a basic chakra cleanse.  

When you are finished, allow yourself to sink into your higher self and connect. You will feel a kind of click as you slide into place, behind your subconscious and into your greater awareness of self and space.  

From that place, set your intention and hold your crystal gently, pouring all of your faith into the Universe to have your back.  

When you come out of meditation, burn your paper and place your crystal in a location where you will be able to see it throughout the day.  

Happy manifesting! 

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