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6 Top Crystals for Sleep and Relaxation: Chill Out

6 Top Crystals for Sleep and Relaxation: Chill Out

We all need crystals for sleep. Practice and rituals for sleep. A dedicated single-minded approach to sleep.


We’ve heard it for years, right? “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” The hyperproductive nature of Americans has got us all convinced we should only be sleeping 5 or 6 hours a night, and that anything more is sheer laziness.

Fortunately, more and more science is coming out, and more and more doctors are telling their patients, “If you don’t get more sleep now, you will be dead.”

It’s true.

Numerous studies have shown that insufficient sleep increases a person’s risk of developing serious medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

“Sufficient sleep” is generally agreed to be between 7 and 9 hours of sleep, with 7 being on the short side as the risk of dipping down into the 6 hour range is high.

Most sleep doctors say they schedule 9 hours a night for sleep to allow for falling asleep late, waking up in the middle of the night for a time, and for rising earlier than expected.

Seems like too much?

Absolutely impossible?

How does early death sound? Chronic illness? Walking around mentally impaired?

All of those sound much worse than simply carving 9 hours out of the 24 you’ve got each day to dedicate to lying in bed and resting up.

Benefits of Sleep

The benefits of getting more sleep are myriad.

Your brain functions at a higher level than you may even realize. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say “as long as I get 6 hours, I’m fine.”


What does fine mean?

I mean, really.

You’re fine. Meaning you’re not crashing into cars?

Fine is not good enough.

You deserve more.

The people you love deserve more.

When you sleep your 8 or 9 hours each night, you are more relaxed, more calm, less irritable.

You lose weight, you feel great, you feel energized, you eat healthier.

And, you’re more capable of doing magic.

What? Magic Comes from Sleep?

Yes. You’re more powerful, more magical, and you manifest more when you sleep?


Because you manifest from a place of relaxed awakening.

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks at length about the connection between our minds and our bodies. How advanced meditators can perform incredible, unbelievable feats, and it all comes as a result of being more rested, more relaxed, and more open.

Sleep comes first.

If you’re tired, you will have trouble focusing, trouble going within, trouble reaching your higher consciousness, which is where you manifest from.

So, if you want to practice magic, you must get your sleep.

Want to be a good witch?

Get your sleep.

Want to live a life of happiness and abundance?

Get your sleep.

“Okay, okay!” You say. “I’m sold. But how do I get more sleep?”

Tips for Getting Better Sleep

Schedule It

Yep. Just like those sleep doctors above, you will need to schedule your sleep. Especially if you have been shorting yourself, you will need to plan for 9 hours in your bed, not matter what.

And make sure those hours are at the same time each night, give or take an hour. Stick to a bedtime and a wake time.

It will take some time to get into this routine, and you will feel like your body is fighting to sleep less. That’s normal.

Have patience and persistence.

Watch Your Nutrition

You are what you eat. You’ve heard it a million times. Your daily cheeseburger habit with extra fries will keep you up at night. Too much sugar in your diet will keep you up at night. Too much fried food, too many processed foods, and on and on.

Sure, have a burger and fries (and a shake!) every once in a while. Have some chocolate for Easter or Christmas (and of course Halloween), but in your daily life, make sure you’re eating mostly plants, lean protein, and complex carbs.

A healthy diet will give you a healthy gut, which will give you healthy sleep.

Also be sure to stop eating a couple hours before bed to let the melatonin kick in and kick you off to sleep.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

It may seem like alcohol helps you relax and sleep, but that feeling is an illusion. Alcohol actually amps up your heartrate, and while it may knock you out, you will get restless sleep.

You will also likely wake in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep.

And as you get older, that alcohol will start to make you sick, which will make it even harder to sleep.

Create a Restful Sleep Environment

Your bedroom should be quiet, dark, and cool, ideally below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lie down with a book and a booklight and give yourself time to get sleeeeeeeepy.

Move Your Body

Aim for an hour of movement every single day.

Even just a nice relaxing walk or hike. Take an audio book and get some time moving.

This will get your body nice and energized during the day, which will make you more active, which in turn will help make you tired at night.

Get Outside

Ever heard of circadian rhythms?

The more morning sunlight you get, the more your brain will tell you to be sleepy at night. Your body and brain move with the sun and the moon.

So get as much natural daytime light as you can so your brain knows it needs to conk out at night.

Manage Your Stress

Brain going a mile a minute at night? You’re trying to sleep and your mind is trying to figure out all the problems of the day, of tomorrow, of next year.

It’s time to manage your stress, clear your mind, and let your brain sleep at night.

Start by practicing daily meditation in which you just sit and focus on clearing your mind. This practice will make it easier to then clear your mind at night when you’re getting ready to sleep.

Turn Off Screens

Falling asleep to your screen wires your brain up and makes for restless, and shorter, sleep.

Make sure you turn all screens off at least one hour before bed, and preferably two.

Herbalism at Work

And finally, try an herbal tea before bed.

As a kitchen witch and tea witch, I love experimenting with herbs in my cabinet.

One great recipe is called moon milk and includes a ton of calming herbs and milk and honey to get you in the sleep zone.

Drink it an hour before bed so it gives you plenty of time to relax and won’t keep you up going to the bathroom all night.

Crystals for Sleep

To support your other sleep practices, keep some relaxing and calming crystals by your bedside to help you tap into that good dozing power.


This healing and calming crystal is my favorite for soothing yourself to sleep. It also pairs well with a lavender tea.

Amethyst Quartz

Rose Quartz

The love stone will help you soften, lighten up, and open your heart before bed, to prepare for the ultimate act of self-care and self love – a good night’s sleep.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz


A feminine crystal, this is the nurturing, mothering energy every poor sleeper needs. It’s like a lullaby to send you off to dream land.



Like the clear quartz, this stone will bring clarity to any issue you are trying to work through, allowing you to relax and rest.



A healing and messenger stone, the angelite will allow you to feel your best before sleeping and will also bring you messages from the spirit realm. So keep a dream journal next to your bed as well!


Black Tourmaline

A grounding and deeply positive stone, this crystal will absorb all of your negative energy and send you off to dreamland feeling intensely present.

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

As always, remember that crystals serve as energy conduits for what we already know. These crystals are made of the same stuff we are, and they will only work for us if we let them.

It is up to you to put the practices, routines, and rituals into place, and then have patience as your sleep gets better and better.

Healing does not take place over night, and acquiring a healthy sleep routine is a supreme act of healing.

Crystals For Dreaming

Create an altar next to your bed, meditate on a relaxing sleep, drink your tea, read a lighthearted, inspirational book or article, and trust the universe, and your body and mind, to do the rest.

Getting great sleep really is an act of great faith.

Happy manifesting!