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10 Questions to Ask Your Spirit Guides 

If you’re thinking about questions to ask your spirit guides, your head is probably buzzing with information and energy. 

It can be challenging to think about what to ask your spirit guides, because you want to be clear, concise, and understand the answer you receive in the proper context. 

To begin, it helps to understand what spirit guides are in the first place. From there, you can begin to formulate questions. 

And remember, you cannot ask the wrong questions, you cannot get any of this wrong, and it is all just a grand experiment in the human experience. 

What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides can be anything from Source Energy to your ancestors to dead relatives to dead historical figures and dead prophets. 

To better comprehend this, you must realize that you too were a spirit guide at one point, that your higher self is still a spirit guide for you and for others, and that Source Energy, God, the Universe, Nature, whatever you want to call it, is all knowing, all seeing, all being, and all present, not to mention all powerful. 

God is everywhere at all times, in all things. 

So are spirit guides, any part of us that is not trapped in human form.

Before we came into these human bodies, we were “merely” spirit. Before any matter existed at all, we were “only” spirit. 

We, along with Source Energy, created everything you see, touch, taste, feel, hear, and smell, and so much more. 

We set the ball in motion for evolved humanity, and then we imbued that humanity with our own spirit. 

Each time our human forms die, we return to Source Energy as spirits, and then we set intentions once more and imbue another human form in an ongoing and ever expanding process of reincarnation. 

While we are in our human forms, a small part of us is animating these bodies and minds, but the much larger part of us is still with God, all knowing, all seeing, all being, all powerful. 

And that much larger part of us is informing, guiding, and messaging our human selves so that we can live the full human experience to the best of our limited human abilities. 

It is up to us, in those limited human abilities, to pay attention, to open up, and to follow the guidance. 

We ask, our higher selves and our spirit guides respond. We either listen or we block. 

If you want to listen to your spirit guides, you must get into a place of listening. Otherwise, you are likely walking around blocked while your spirit guides are constantly messaging you. 

How to Listen to Your Spirit Guides

So, before you start asking away, be sure you are ready to listen. 

My best advice for anyone interested in communicating with spirits is to meditate. 

Every morning, sit for 20 minutes and clear your thoughts. 

When you meditate, you enter receptive mode, you lower your defenses, and you open yourself up to hear what the Universe is telling you. 

Empty your mind of all the chatter it loves to fill you up with. 

I do this by first performing a full body scan, from crown to toes, checking in with myself, cleansing my energy, and committing to the Universe to live my full human experience from a place of love. 

Then I let go. 

Sink in, deeper and deeper into your higher self, so that you leave behind all the worldly worries, and allow your higher self to step fully into your human form. 

It takes some getting used to. It may even take weeks to get to the point where you can feel your higher self coming into you, but when you feel it, you cannot deny it. 

It is like a buzzy vibrational energy, like you are just a bit outside of your body, not in total control, which is a great thing for a control freak like me.

You have to have intense faith that your higher self only wants what is in your highest good at all times, and that you can take back total control of your body at any time. 

Once you unite with your higher self in this way, you are more able to understand communication from it throughout your day. 

10 Questions to Ask Your Spirit Guides

Furthermore, once you connect with your higher self, this all knowing, all being, all powerful energy, you will be reluctant to ask silly questions like “how can I get my ex boyfriend to love me?”

People used to ask me why I never called in to this or that radio show or podcast, why I never raised my hand at an Abraham Hicks conference, why I did not ask questions. 

The answer is that I was asking questions, but I was asking them of my spirit guides, and my spirit guides always had the answers. 

I did not need to ask Abraham or anyone else. 

So, you can start small, and then work your way up. 

What Should I Have for Breakfast? 

What? What should I have for breakfast? 

That’s silly!

On the contrary. 

Asking what you should put in your body is a huge question. 

Sometimes the answer will be waffles. Treat yourself. 

Most of the time it will be eggs, spinach, seeds, grass fed beef, water. 

I’m sitting here now craving a cookie in the other room, and when I think “should I go get the cookie?” 

My answer is “no. You’re going to the movies later, and you’ll be having chocolate there. You don’t need a cookie too.” 

And it’s true. 

I’ll feel good about that chocolate in the theater later, but not if I stuff it on top of a giant cookie. 

Your spirit always knows. 

Where Should I Go Today? 

A wonderful question for your higher self is where to go. 

Today, tomorrow, next week, next year. 

Your spirit will guide you to places where you will be inspired, make connections with others in touch with spirit, and sometimes even to challenges that will help you become stronger. 

Trust your spirit, and go in the direction it leads you. 

Who Should I Call? 

There are days when you think you should make a phone call to someone

Maybe you need to finally follow up with that bill or that utilities issues. 

Perhaps your sister has been on your mind. 

Maybe an old friend needs to hear from you. 

Check in regularly with spirit and see who you should call, and wait for inspiration. 

How Should I Love Myself Today? 

Love yourself every single day. 

And every single day, after meditation, think about the ways in which you will love yourself. 

A long walk? 

A movie? 

Time outside or in your favorite chair with a book? 

If you’re sick, maybe stay in bed? Or maybe take that walk? 

There are millions of ways to love yourself each day. Let spirit guide you to what is best today. 

Should I Work or Rest? 

This is a big one for me. I am all about rest as a part of life. 

Not for the sake of working hard, not for the sake of resting in between work periods. 

But rest for the sake of rest. 

Because I am my best self when I am rested. 

But there are times for work, also. 

And if you do work you love (and I hope you do work you love), you will look forward to it eagerly if it is timed divinely.

So checking in on whether you should work or rest right now is one of the great questions to ask your spirit guides. 

What Movie Should I See? 

Seriously, this one and the book one below are incredible forms of communication with spirit. 

What movie should I see? 

Let spirit guide you and then see the movie you are drawn to. You will be amazed by how the right film or show can inspire you to take action you might not have otherwise. 

What Book Should I Buy? 

As above, a book can inspire you to do great things, big and small, so head into a bookstore and wander the shelves. 

Check out book covers, read descriptions, and allow yourself to be pulled to the right book for you. 

How Can I Be of Service? 

Much of our lives, when they are lived well, are lived in service. 

As a mother, wife, daughter, writer, friend, cousin, sister, and so much more, I am in an almost constant state of service. 

But if I am not acting from a place of inspiration, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. 

Spirit can help you prioritize where to serve each day. 

What Am I Meant to Do with My Life Right Now? 

This is a big one and it can be tricky. 

Be careful not to leave this too broad or you will be frustrated. 

Sit with yourself, think about what you really want, your big goals, and then ask for guidance on where to start. 

Where Is My Work? 

And finally, if you are wondering what your gifts are, what your strengths are, you can begin asking spirit to show you who you are, and where you are meant to work in this life. 

Like with the question above, leave yourself open, and take baby steps along the way. 

In the end, don’t forget that spirit guides lead you through impulse and intuition. You will feel pulled, drawn to, and guided. 

Never pushed, led away, or cautioned. 

Life, after all, is meant to be fun. 

Happy manifesting!

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