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A Beginner’s Guide to Casting Spells 

A Beginner’s Guide to Casting Spells 

Look, there are tons of jokes and memes about how you can brush Cheeto dust off your fingers and cast out angry spirits from your house by lighting a match, and they’re funny jokes and memes! But casting spells realistically requires a tremendous amount of energetic focus and practice.  

Anyone can call herself a witch.  

Anyone can practice magic.  

Anyone can work with the Universe.  

We are all, after all, created equal in the loving gaze of Source Energy.  

But when it comes to devoting yourself to the craft, to actually manifesting your vibrational energy into material reality, you have work to do.  

We all do.  

There’s this great story about the monk with sweaty palms. Eckart Tolle recounts this tale in his book A New Earth. 

The monk was due to preside over the funeral of a powerful figure in the town. As the mayor and royals arrived for the funeral, the monk noted that his palms were sweating out of nervousness.  

After the funeral, he returned to his temple and told his students that he would have to step down, that he had failed to see all beings as the same, and that he still had more work to do towards enlightenment.  

He took a position as a student under another teacher and returned 8 years later, enlightened.  

We all have work to do.  

A Note on Casting Spells 

So let’s get clear – when you cast spells, you are sending your energy out into the Universe, and the Universe will always respond.  

Think about it – spelling literally means crafting letter to form words.  

That’s what you are doing when you spell cast, you are creating something new with your words, and with your energy.  

Before you do that, before you even begin to do that, you must understand the nature of your relationship to the Universe.  

You are the Universe 

To begin with, you must acknowledge that you are the Universe. In the very beginning of time, before there was time, even, there was consciousness.  

Today, we call that consciousness God, the Universe, Source Energy, Nature, Yahweh, Energy, you name it, it goes by a hundred names. More.  

It has infinite names.  

Because it is and always has been all things.  

It is. And always has been. All things.  

Which means it is you.  

That consciousness has had one single purpose since the beginning of time and space – to expand.  

To that end, it manifest, through thought and energy only, the galaxies, the planets, solar systems with suns, moons, starts, black holes, and so on.  

Then, on each planet, life was created, or not as a direct result of its proximity to its sun, how many moons it has, etc.  

And on our planet, earth, life evolved.  

From amoeba and microscopic organisms to fungi and early plant life.  

We had small creatures and large creatures, mostly in the ocean, and then marine life adapted to the land, lost gills, grew wings, and evolution continued to progress in marvelous ways, all towards beautiful expansion.  

As each life form on earth expands, the Universe benefits.  

The Universe has no ill will, no rewards or punishment, only cause and effect.  

Only the law of attraction.  

As you focus on it, as you are, so you manifest into your life.  

And with each thing you manifest, you have the opportunity to expand.  

You get to learn from your consequences, good and bad, or not.  

Either way, the Universe expands.  

And it is entirely neutral on what happens here in our human reality because, no matter what, the Universe expands.  

And when we are not in our human bodies, we realize this truth.  

Because we, too, are the Universe.  

When we are in spirit form, we are fully connected to the Universe, with all access to power, information, and sight that the Universe has.  

We have lived thousands of lives, learning from each one, and then setting intentions before the next one.  

We long to be human again as we sit in spirit form because there is so much value in limitation.  

Sure, as spirits we can do all, be all, see all.  

But we can’t taste chocolate.  

We can’t fall down and rise again.  

We cannot triumph.  

We cannot have orgasms! 


But seriously.  

Limitation is the whole point of humanity. 

We ask ourselves, as the Universe, what can we really achieve, how much can we accomplish, how much joy can we experience, with these sets of limitations.  

Joy Is the Whole Point

Because, after all, as humans, joy is the whole point.  

If expansion is the primary path for the Universe, then joy is the primary path for humans.  

But man we sure do mess it up, don’t we?  

Because we have free will as humans, just as we do in spirit form, but in spirit form, we have zero negativity, zero pain, zero suffering.  

All is bliss because we are permanently enlightened.  

How magnificent that must be.  

But in human form, we are limited, so we need contrast.  

We must experience suffering to appreciate joy.  

We must understand darkness to value light.  

We must know sadness to know joy.  

But the goal is always joy.  

Think about it.  

Every single thing you do, no matter what it is, you do because you think it will make you feel better.  

You are always in search of joy.  

Even the ascetic who swears off all materials things, even the monks who sit in meditation for days, weeks, months, they do this because they are reaching for a better feeling.  

Joy is our primary goal and purpose as humans.  

We were never meant to sit in our suffering, to agonize in pain, to dither over our doubts and fears.  

We were meant to live joyfully when we can and deal with the pain and suffering when it comes.  

But we have allowed our egos to take over.  

Sure, we need our egos to survive in the social world.  

Our egos, purely human realities, tell us how to behave, what is proper, what to fear, when to have guilt.  

Our egos, in moderation, are brilliant designs.  

Brilliant copilots.  

But we have let our egos drive.  

So, to prepare for casting spells, you must take your ego out of the driver’s seat and tap into your divine connection.  

This. Takes. Work.  

How to Prepare for Casting Spells 

The good news is, if you have made it this far and you’re still with me, you have already begun preparing for casting spells.  

You accept that you are the Universe in human form.  

You accept that you are responsible for every single thing that happens to you and realize that it is actually happening for you.  

And you accept that you will need to imbue every spell you cast with your energy.  

One more thing to know: you have already been casting spells.  



You have been casting spells since before you were born.  

You just never realized it.  

That is the law of attraction.  

You attract what you are.  

You attract what you focus on.  

You’ve been messily, haphazardly casting spells in your life forever.  

And you have either been learning from your manifestations… or not.  

If you have not been learning, you are likely living out the same cycles over and over and feeling stuck. 

Thus, your first step in how to prepare for casting spells is to unstick yourself.  

Confident woman

Unstick Yourself 

This is a huge step.  

You must start to do something different.  

Do something out of the ordinary.  

Shift your habits.  

Respond to your triggers in new ways.  

It will freak your ego out! 

And it will give you the boost you need to move forward.  

Just try it.  

Next time you find yourself about to say or do the same old thing, do something different.  

Say something different.  

Here’s an idea – tell the (gasp) truth.  

Speak with love.  


Let go.  

Walk away.  


This is a bold move that will help you achieve a blissful kind of joy that opens you up and aligns you with your spirit.  

Maintain Alignment 

Now, maintain that alignment.  

Meditate daily; sit for 20 minutes before you do anything else, and connect with your inner being, the spirit you that is all knowing, all seeing, and all powerful, and commit to a day of inspiration.  

“I am going to move forward from a place of love today.”  

“I am going to work toward my highest good today.”  

And then, stick to it.  


The Universe loves you unconditionally, and it loves everyone else unconditionally.  

You can do the same.  

That does not mean to be a doormat. You can love some people much better by simply leaving them alone.  

But you can love.  

Try it.  

Casting Spells 

Finally, begin your spellwork.  

Set an intention.  

Cast a spell for something small, or something general.  

You can start with unconditional love; cast a spell to allow you to be more loving.  

Or you can start with a new job; cast a spell to keep you open to new work opportunities.  

Make sure the spell relates to you and your energy alone. 

Remain open at all times to witnessing how the Universe delivers on your spell.  

Then take full responsibility for all outcomes.   

You will believe in real live magic in no time.  

Because you will have practiced it.  

The sky is the limit from there.  

Happy manifesting!