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How Do I Cast a Spell or Use My Magic?  

To cast a spell, you must first recognize your power.  

I have said it before, and I will say it again: you are the spell. 

Until you learn that, you will be casting in vain, calling on some outward, external force without recognizing your own inherent force.  

Think about it – who are you to call on the forces of nature, on God, on the Universe, on any divinity to bend to your will?  

A witch! That’s who.  

Or, you know, just a human.  

Either way, those powers you call on are all made of the same stuff you are made of, the same materials, the same quantum mechanics, the same energy.  

You are the spell. 

Cast a Spell to Love Yourself 

So the very first spell you must cast shall be the one which identifies you as inherently worthy of casting a spell and expecting your will to be done.  

For me, it helps to understand things on a logical level.  

If we piece together the words of our ancient mystics and prophets, philosophers and teachers, from Aristotle to Homer to Jesus to Buddha, and then combine it with the words of our modern day mystic, Abraham Hicks, and then add all of that to the latest findings in astrophysics and quantum mechanics, we come up with something that looks like this:  

In the beginning, there was only energy.  

We can call it source energy.  

It was, by all accounts, undeniably, consciousness, a mind of some sort.  

That consciousness, call it God if you will, thought all of life into existence with pure loving energy.  

The energy thought it, spoke it, and materialized it.  

Will, words, and ways.  

Cast a spell.  

The first material was merely space, then objects in space – planets, suns, moons – then water and air, then material, matter, on those objects, living organisms that became plants, animals, and eventually humans.  

Humans are on the leading edge of all creation, and we are, as far as we know, the only living creatures with consciousness like the energy that created us.  

We too think, speak, and create to cast a spell, or to manifest.  

Indeed, it would seem that our express purpose in the larger universal context is to create.  

The purpose of the Universe, if you look at it both spiritually and scientifically, seems to be to expand.  

There is no good and bad in the Universe.  

That is small minded human stuff.  

We of course need contrast to appreciate and value our limitations, to enjoy the nature of our senses. We must know dark to know light.  

We must know pain to know pleasure.  

We must know lack to know abundance.  

But we were never, are never, intended to stay in those places of darkness, of pain, of lack.  

But humans, limited as we are in these fleshy forms, find justifications to remain in the dark.  

Hurt people hurt.  

Lack creates more lack.  

Pain creates more pain.  

We are ruled by a few universal laws, and the law of attraction is one of them.  

We humans are actually highly intellectual beings, and we pick up very well on patterns.  

So how is it so many of us fail to recognize our own patterns of behavior.  

We get what we put out.  

We continue cycles we begin.  

When we are in a state of lack, thinking of lack, we perpetuate lack.  

To break out of that cycle, we must step into a state of abundance.  

Cast a spell

Step Into Abundance and Love Yourself 

To cast a spell, your very first spell, you must cast from that state of abundance.  

Now you understand how the Universe began and how it is continuing to unfold, you must recognize your role as a divine being having a human experience.  

Before you came into this body, you were source energy. Call it an individual drop of that consciousness, with all of its limitless power, infinite love, and ongoing vision of all things and all outcomes.  

With that in mind, and with the experience of all of your past human incarnations, you decided to step into human form again.  

You set some intentions for how you hoped to expand in this lifetime, and that set of intentions determined your sex, the time you were born, your parents who would give you your name and your birthdate, your culture, your race, your national origin – all of it.  

It is incredibly important that you understand nothing is ever being done to you. Nothing is happening to you.  

You are not being punished.  

You are a god.  

You are doing all of it.  

You are the spell.  

Cast a spell upon yourself to wake up to this fact.  

How to Cast a Spell 


Step 1: Set Your Intentions 

The first steps in any spell or manifestation are to set your intentions. You must focus on what you want and gain clarity on what the outcome looks like.  

I like to meditate on my spell and my intentions for several days before writing them down.  

Sit with yourself, imagine your manifestation, feel your way into what it will be like.  

Step 2: Write the Words 

The writing part brings the spell into the material. You take it out of your mind and put it down on paper.  

For full instructions on how to write a spell, you can read my article on the consequences and language of spells.  

To sum it up, be sure your words are specific, short, and memorable so you can speak them out loud.  

Step 3: Speak the Words 

Design a spellcasting ritual for yourself.  

It does not have to be the same every time. You can tailor it to your specific needs or the circumstances.  

In the case of a self-love, awakening spell, it will help to be naked or as naked as you can be, to be close to nature, to have all four elements with you – earth, water, air, and fire – and to choose a moon phase that feels appropriate to you.  

Full moon, waxing moon, new moon, waning moon.  

Decide which one is closest to your heart and the way you want to honor yourself.  

During your ritual, be sure to speak your words out loud to the Universe, and then burn the paper on which you have written them.  

Step 4: Become the Spell and Let Go 

Once your ritual is complete, a successful spell will only come to fruition if you become it.  

All of your work now resides in this last step –  in trusting the Universe to deliver “this or better” and to slowly step into the person who receives this spell.  

For self-love and awakening, you must become love and keep your eyes, mind, and heart open.  

Even the most powerful of love spells calls for you to be the love you hope to attract. The simple love spells ask you to honor yourself first, always.  

If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else. Not really.  

Becoming the spell and trusting the Universe is your part of the creation. Then you let the Universe do its part.  

You do not doubt, you do not drown in negative energy. You know you are worthy, and you remain alert to all opportunities to become the spell more fully.  

Crystal to manifest

You Are the Spell 

That’s it.  

Casting a spell is as simple as pure intention, writing, speaking, and becoming.  

Professional spellcasters and novices alike work with the same four steps.  

There are no set rules about words or rituals. 

In fact, you must know in your heart that whatever resonates most powerfully with you is the best way to make your spell manifest.  

Following someone else’s specific guide is giving up your power. 

Listen to what others with experience have to say, and then tailor their lessons to create your own practice. Soon, you will be the rise in skill level, and you will be passing on wisdom.  

The more you embrace your role as a powerful practitioner of white magic, of natural forces, the more you set your magickal intention, your love intention, and trust those intentions to welcome you to the world of magic, the more potent magic you will have access to and the best results you will get.  

The real world is a better place when we call on our real magic spells to enhance our spiritual growth. That is, the more we recognize our own love magic, our divinity, the more capable we are of creating real change in the physical world.  

The most effective way of casting spells lies in growing our existing relationship with the Universe into every day common love, the kind of love we honor without taking for granted.  

It is, as with most things, simple, but not easy.  

But I have no doubt that you, like me, and like everyone else on this planet, has the capacity to return to the love from which we were created and channel our full power into something magnificent and yet unique to each individual.  

Happy manifesting! 

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