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20 Crystals For Grief: When Something You Love Is Taken From You

Grief is one of the most challenging periods to go through, and there may be no end to it. However, some of it can be made easier with certain crystals.

These crystals can help with many of the emotions that go into grief and allow you to move along in the stages of grief and eventually come to the acceptance stage.

Rose Quartz

This lovely stone is useful for many things, and grief is among them. This crystal is known for being all about love, including helping you with your self-love.

During the stages of grief, it’s common to need more self-love so that you better care for yourself. Self-care is an essential step in working through grief.

The overwhelming power of grief can make you care less about yourself, and rose quartz can help turn this around. When times are difficult, you may push love aside, but rose quartz can help you put it back in the forefront again.

Many people will isolate themselves while they experience grief, and this stone can help you accept the love that others are giving you so that you’re better supported. It also allows you to be gentler on yourself during this time.

It’s helpful to wear rose quartz in jewelry while feeling grief.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz


It’s common to get lost in your head when you’re grieving, and moonstone can be a good grounding crystal to help combat this. Many people will feel far apart from the world during grief, and this crystal is excellent for helping you focus your mind more easily and let go of the numbness caused by grief.

It is also highly calming, so it can help with the fear and shock that can come with losing a loved one. Relieving these emotional states can help you to move through the process of grief at the right pace for you.

Having better emotional balance is important, and moonstone encourages this. If you avoid emotions during this time, this stone can help you have full emotions again for a better life.

If the death is a new beginning for you, this stone is perfect for helping you progress through this change. If you feel mired in negative thoughts, use this stone to bring yourself out of them.

Use moonstone as jewelry, or place it under your pillow to better connect to your third-eye chakra. You can also place this stone directly on that chakra to enable healing.



This is one of the best crystals for helping people through grief. It can get people through difficult stages in their lives by allowing them to see positive outcomes that can be a part of the loss, such as family members getting back together or taking you into a new stage in life.

It is a stone with lithium in it, so it is well-suited to helping people with having a better mood and have less anxiety. It can help you feel more whole after a loss so that you won’t have as much suffering as you move through the grieving process.

This stone is an especially helpful one for when the grief has been difficult for you. Not everyone grieves the same, and some take losses harder than others.

If a loss has hit you hard and you have anxiety and depression, it’s a good idea to use lepidolite. When times are tough, you need good balance mentally, and this stone can help you achieve that.

It can also help you to sleep during times when it’s difficult. If you aren’t sleeping, put this crystal under your pillow to keep it nearby as you go to bed. It can offer you comfort as well as deeper sleep.

During the day, you can wear it in jewelry to find that better balance.



Amethyst is a potent healer, and it can help heal you of some of the most challenging aspects of grief after a loss. It’s a powerful stone that is a universal healer, helping you through anything tricky.

While grieving, you may have stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc., making everyday life more difficult. Use this crystal to help relieve all of those problems and to rid yourself of the negative.

It can help you feel calmer and have more positive emotions. Grief can also cause insomnia, and amethyst can help rid you of it and help you have better dreams.

Through intense pressure, amethyst geodes are made, which can remind you that there can be beauty to be found after anxiety and stress. Amethyst can help you calm your mind when your thoughts are racing, or you feel overwhelmed.

When you have extra stress and anxiety, it can make your grief worse unnecessarily, and this stone can help you cut the exaggerated effects of grief so that you feel better. It can counteract your negative emotions for more calm even if you are still grieving.

You can hold an amethyst while you take even breaths to help you or wear it in jewelry. It helps that it’s a pretty purple color that’s perfect in every type of jewelry.

Amethyst is an abundant stone that is easy to find and inexpensive.


Smoky Quartz

Grief can make it easy to feel lost, and smoky quartz is great for helping you to feel found again by grounding you in reality. It brings your energies back to where they need to be so that you can face the reality of the situation.

This can be difficult to deal with for some, but it helps you work your way through the stages of grief. During the denial stage, this can be especially helpful for finding your way back to the earth and the realities there.

Smoky quartz will absorb some of your fear, and doing that makes coming back to earth not seem so daunting. When emotions are starting to take over, you can use this stone to help you to feel back in control.

It’s a helpful crystal when you’re having symptoms of depression or you are being overwhelmed by your feelings. When you feel that your energy has become negative, this stone can help it to turn in a more positive direction.

It’s also helpful for mitigating the shock that you can feel after a significant loss. If you’re feeling abandoned and anxious, you can use this stone to feel safer and more secure.

It’s a good practice to carry this crystal in your pocket while you’re grieving.

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

Pink Opal

Along with the five stages of grieving, there are many different ways to grieve. If you are spending a lot of time handling the denial stage, you can use a pink opal to help you move through it and arrive at the next stage.

Often, denial is driven by a fear of the unknown, and this stone can help with that emotion. It can help you move through denial and arrive at the anger stage that is so necessary to get through for your healing.

And pink opal can help you move into that stage with the calmest energy possible for you. Having a loss can be emotionally wounding, and this stone can help heal those wounds.

It helps your aura to be more accepting of warmth and love and to attract them to you. It’s also helpful for bringing warmth and love to your work area and your home.

The energies of pink opal are highly calming, and they can help you rid yourself of anxiety and stress.

Pink Opal
Pink Opal

Apache Tears

This stone is a gentle type of black obsidian that is an excellent crystal to use when you’re in any stage of grief. Like any black obsidian, it offers strong protection for the user.

It can take the negativity around you and turn it into positive energies that can then be released to the world around you. It gives you a safe space to be in while you’re grieving.

This stone is great at grounding as well as being comforting just when you need it most. One of the worst things to happen during the grieving process is being stuck in certain emotions without being able to get yourself back out again.

Apache tears can help you get your emotions flowing again to relieve yourself of some of the grief you feel. This gentle stone is great for helping you through any trauma you feel as a result of your loss.

This crystal is also helpful for purification to help you have fewer negative vibrations in your aura. It can help your energy be more positive and calmer and help protect you when you feel like you’re in a fragile state.

Apache Tears
Apache Tears

A few other great crystals to help you when you’re sad are:

  • Green Calcite – This crystal is great for those going through a tough time.
  • Black Agate – Protects against negative thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Emerald – Strengthens intellect, sharpens the mind, and encourages creative thinking.
  • Black Tourmaline – Helps with change, particularly when you lose someone.
  • Jade- Keeps your soul healthy and promotes happiness.
  • Jasper- Gets you through a profound loss.
  • Ruby – For coping with sorrow.
  • Tiger’s Eye – Helps with exhaustion.
  • Hematite – Grounding, balances energy, and opens the heart.
  • Peridot – Strengthens intuition.
  • Diamond – To find someone new.
  • Chrysocolla – Helps with your connection to the spiritual world.
  • Carnelian – Gives you energy and the courage to move on.

Can crystals really help you through a loss?

Sometimes holding a crystal does the trick.

Other times? You may need more help, say from a friend.

Crystals For Dreaming

Crystals can be one small, helpful step on your road to health and healing. The most important thing is to remember that you are not alone.

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