Love Numerology: Make A Real Connection

If you’re a fan of numbers and believe that certain numbers have a connection to your life, then you’ll love Numerology. Numbers do provide special meaning to our lives and can help to guide us daily.

Unlocking the knowledge behind a number can set you up for great things to come. There are so many ways to use numbers to foresee your future and the person you are, and we’ll talk about them right here as we center on numbers, the various combinations they can take, and how they affect your life.

This is the stuff we love about Numerology and can’t wait to share it with you.

What is Numerology?

Numerology takes you on a path that is dependent on numbers. With Numerology, numbers mean everything, and I mean everything.

Numerology is a language of its own where there is a special meaning behind every number, and they all say something unique about you. For example, your birthdate is no coincidence; it holds special meaning in your life.

Putting it simply, Numerology is the study of numbers.

Interesting Facts About Numerology

  • All numbers have meaning. Negative numbers, as well as positive numbers, hold meaning in your life.
  • Applying it to your life can change everything. Numerology doesn’t just give insight into who you are but can help put you on the path to success if you are a faithful follower and apply it to your life.
  • Once discovered, you’ll always be a fan. Most people who venture on the path of Numerology rarely turn away because of the insight and perspective they gain about themselves.
  • It sets your path for a purpose. Many people have come to depend on Numerology to help them realize their purpose.
  • It’s not as simple as you think. Numerology is more than just knowing what numbers mean. There are different meanings behind combinations of numbers, meaning once numbers with meaning are combined with other numbers, the meaning can be totally different.
  • Numerology readings are the key. It takes a real Numerologist to sometimes help you make sense of various combinations of numbers.
  • Master numbers are a big deal in Numerology. Master numbers are the double-digit numbers 11, 22, and 33.

Either one of these holds meaning by themselves, but when combined with other numbers can hold totally different meanings. The number 22 is the master builder and a powerful indicator of success in your life.

  • Numerology starts at birth. Your name and birthday are important factors in the person you are. So, don’t take either of these for granted.

The Meaning of Numbers

You already know that numbers hold particular meanings. Wouldn’t it be great to get familiar with the meanings behind numbers, like the basic zero through nine?

Just knowing the meanings behind these numbers can change everything. It’s especially important to notice if these numbers seem to follow you in life.

If so, you not only want to take note of it, but you also want to use the meanings to direct you in the right direction.

Zero (0)

The number zero means very little to your life, but when you add this number to the back of another number, it could be a game-changer. Seeing zeros consistently should tell you to not change anything.

So, keep doing what you’re doing. Seeing zeros repeatedly should reassure you you’re on a good path.

One (1)

Although number one may be a sign of negativity, it also means it’s time for a change. So, rather than see it in a negative light, consider it’s time to embrace change, which can be totally positive for you.

Consider opportunities that have been put before you that you’ve been struggling against. Maybe the ones are trying to tell you something.

Two (2)

If you’re seeing the number two a lot, that may mean that things are about to come together for you, as two resonates with balance and harmony. So, whatever it is you’re doing, just keep doing it knowing that everything will come together soon.

Three (3)

Seeing the number three often could mean you’re about to get lucky. This may be the right time to start pursuing that dream or something that you’ve felt has been out of your reach, as your luck is soon to change.

Stay positive and keep at it knowing that things may be heading in a different direction for you.

Four (4)

The number four represents stability. But it may be that seeing them often is a sign that you need to change things up a bit and break away from your normal routine.

It may be time to try something different.

Five (5)

The number five is associated with the act of gratitude. If you haven’t been very appreciative lately or if you’ve been on a ‘me’ and ‘my’ kick lately, maybe it’s time to consider everything around you.

Start appreciating the world around you and get in tune with your senses. Appreciate everything you hear, smell, touch, see, and taste for starters and go from there.

Six (6)

The number six reminds us that negative energy is among us. But it’s time to kick that to be on a path to inner peace and self-love.

This garners appreciation of yourself and others, but it also wants you to start seeing things more positively. To manifest what you want in life, you’ll need to move past the negative to the positive.

Seven (7)

Seeing sevens is a good thing. That means something new is about to happen. It’s the time for newness and new opportunities.

Prepare for what’s to come. Is there something you’ve been seeking? A new job? A blind date? A pending move? Whatever it is, embrace it. It’s to your advantage.

Eight (8)

Eight is always a good number to see around you. It can only mean success and abundance in your life.

But make sure to weed out the negativity as always. Eight is empowering and you should embrace yourself with the confidence you need to aid in your success.

Nine (9)

Nine is more connected to empathy. Consider if you’re being empathetic and compassionate to others.

It may be that others could use the wisdom and natural talents you bring. Share what you have with the world; someone out there could use them and your wisdom.

Number Combinations

While knowing what single numbers you see repeatedly represent is helpful in guiding you forward, further study of Numerology has shown us that various combinations of numbers say a lot as well. In fact, the more combinations of numbers there are, the more complicated a number reading can be.

That is why it’s important to consult with a Numerologist when you start getting various combinations. Some of those combinations include life path, expression, soul urge, personality, and birth day numbers.

All of these combinations hold special meaning within themselves, and then other meanings when combined with one another. Here is a little more insight on these numbers we just love to study.

Life Path Number

Your life path number does exactly what it says. It forms the basis of the path of your life, and many Numerologists would say it is the most important number of all.

That’s because it’s reflective of you as an individual—your personality, the type of person you are. Every individual has their own individual life path number that is specific to them, so yours won’t look like anyone else’s.

The life path number is calculated by adding up all the numbers in your full date of birth.

Expression Number

You’ve heard of destiny. Well, equate that to your expression number (destiny number), which helps you to see what all you can be by taking a close look at your abilities, desires and goals.

Once you determine your expression number, combine it with other core numbers to get a better picture of the person you are meant to be.

Your expression number is calculated by converting your full birth name into numbers. A Pythagorean chart (numbers chart) can help with this.

Soul Urge Number

Your soul urge number gives you a true look inside yourself. It uncovers the type of person you really are on the inside and what you desire most. These are things that we may not even notice about ourselves on the surface.

Your soul urge number is calculated using your full birth name.

Personality Number

Your personality number unveils the side of you that you allow people to see. This is the unmasked version of yourself.

This may be a conscious effort on your part or not. It also reveals how others perceive you to be.

Your personality number is also calculated using your full name, but just with the consonants in your name

Birth Day Number

Whether we study Numerology or not, our birthday will always hold special meaning to us. For many of us, it’s through our horoscope.

In Numerology, our birth day number holds the key to our future and what we are meant to be. When you combine your birth day number with your life path number and other core numbers, it can reveal so much about you including your purpose in life.

So, these are the special meaning behind almost every number you’ll ever need. This is just the basics of the love of Numerology. Continue to read, study or consult with a Numerologist to learn more.

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