How To Use Crystals For Chakra Cleansing And Why It’s Important

The chakra system is an ancient concept that originated in India thousands of years ago. It has lasted this long, and crossed cultures, because it is an incredibly powerful way to understand human health, on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Which practices you put into place to align your chakras can include everything from meditation to crystals for chakras.

If your chakras are not aligned, and don’t worry, most of us do not have aligned chakras, something is off. The idea in chakra work is to align again every single day.

When you do the work to align your chakra, you have no time to worry about things out of your control, no time to go about getting involved in issues that don’t concern you, and no energy to do things that are harmful to you and throw you out of alignment again.

The Power of the Chakras

What is really fascinating about the chakra system is that it coincides quite perfectly with the 7 Christian sacraments and the 10 sefirot from the tree of life in the Hebrew Kabbalah tradition. Author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss has written extensively on this subject in her book Anatomy of the Spirit.

These are widely disparate practices and belief systems, and yet somehow, they all align.

Bring to them the meditative and neutrality practices of Buddhism, and you are doing some powerful transcendence work.

One of the most amazing and wondrous things about our ancient religions of the world is that they all interact, connect, and say basically the same things.

Witches, traditionally, are not practitioners of any one religion.

Everyone wants to call me a Wiccan, asking me about which gods I pray to and which deities I honor.

I usually just nod and smile, reminding them that not all witches are Wiccan. Indeed, most of us are not. Wicca is actually quite new, only arriving on the scene in the last century, and it is very rigid in its practices and beliefs.

To each their own.

Historically, however, witches have been pagans, which only means we don’t practice one of the major organized religions, and indeed usually follow our own rites, rituals, and traditions.

Many of us are what you can call “eclectic witches.” A little of this and a little of that. We are practitioners of energy, and we are evidence based, deeply spiritual, and intensely curious.

So, when we find something that crosses religions, cultures, and oceans, like the chakras, we pay attention.

What Are the Chakras?

The chakras, just like the sacraments and the sefirot, represent an energy center in the human body. When you have an open chakra, that part of your energy is healed and clean. When you have a blocked chakra, you are struggling with illness – physical, mental, or spiritual – in that area of your body or life.

Each chakra, in the Hindu practice, has its own color and energy with which it is associated, and thus we can also associate it with its own chakra crystal.

Note that as you make your way up from the first chakra, the root, to the last chakra, the crown, the color scale is also graded along its natural progression, from red to violet.

Root (muladhara) Color: red

The root chakra is your most human chakra; it roots you into the earth from which your human self has been created. We are all made of the same stuff the earth is made from, the crystals are made from.

When your root chakra is open, you are grounded, present, and connected to all human and animal life. You feel humbled by your own existence, your miraculous ability to have come into this life and to live it fully.

When your root chakra is blocked, you feel disconnected and out of touch with humanity, you lack humility and compassion, finding yourself angry and judging others.

Sacral (svadhisthana) Color: orange

Your sacral chakra is the seat of all creativity. It is located exactly in the female womb, just above your groin area. We all have a feminine side, we all have tremendous potential to create, and we all give birth many times in our lives, to new ideas, new ventures, new tangible objects.

Colorful chakra icon set with om calligraphy and body silhouette doing yoga lotus pose, healthy lifestyle. EPS10 vector.

When your sacral chakra is open, you are bursting with creative energy that feels like you are in touch with a heavenly muse. You have ideas and visions for what is possible.

When it is blocked, you feel lackluster and bored. You may experience “writer’s block” or whatever block you have in your own artistic area. You feel uncreative and empty.

Solar Plexus (manipura) Color: yellow

The solar plexus chakra is located in your actual solar plexus, right in front of your heart, where your “gut” is located. The biological solar plexus is a web of nerves and ganglia that interact with your entire central nervous system and your actual gut.

When your solar plexus is open, you feel supreme physical health, you are energetic, and you are confident. You get a great read on people and issues, “trusting your gut.”

When it’s blocked, you feel confused and anxious. You may have gut issues like nausea and diarrhea and even panic attacks that cause both. You don’t trust yourself and may give up your power to someone else.

Heart (anahata) Color: green

The heart chakra is located in the center of your chest, just over your heart. It is the seat of your love, compassion, and intimacy.

When your heart chakra is open, you have a feeling of deep love and joy in you for all beings and all things and all ideas. You are bursting with love energy. Every day feels like spring and you want to share your love. You also notice that others are attracted to your love energy and want to share it, give it, and pay it forward.

When you’re blocked here, you feel alone, out of love, and out of luck. You can descend into depression and angst, feeling like not only are you not loved, but also that you are not worthy of love. Likewise, others will read that energy and not want to be around you.

Throat (vishuddha) Color: blue

Your throat chakra is seated right at the base of your throat. It is your capacity to speak your truth loudly, clearly, consistently, and without fear.

When your throat chakra is open, you are confident in your voice and have no worries about how people will take what you have to say. You know you are speaking from your most authentic space, and you are willing to accept the consequences.

When you’re blocked, you might feel silenced, you may even have a sore throat. You worry about how people will interpret what you say and if it will get you into trouble.

Third Eye (ajna): Color: indigo

Your third eye chakra, or your witch’s eye, is located just above your brow, and right in the center of your forehead. It is where you see the world and all its people clearly. You see through the veil into deeper meanings.

When your third eye is open, you just know things and you can’t even explain them at first. You see it, you feel it, and you know it. This is your sixth sense and it is alive and well. Witch’s with a strong and clear third eye are the ones most known for their magic.

When your third eye is blocked, you forget your power and your intuition. You second guess yourself and you don’t trust your first impression.

Crown (sahasarara) Color: violet

Your crown chakra is located at the base of your skull, at the crown of your head. It is the seat of your connection to the divine, where you gain all your wisdom and connect your godlike self to the larger source of energy from which we all come.

When your crown chakra is open, you have no doubt about the powerful universe that has your back in all things. You are at your best, and it is incredibly rare for anyone with an open crown chakra to have any other chakra blocked. This the final level of transcendence, to have a constantly open crown chakra. These people are the seers and mystics among us.

When your crown chakra is blocked, as most of ours are, you feel mostly human and not so divine. You may “believe” but you lack the faith and knowledge to work with your beliefs.

Chakra Crystals

Below is a list of the crystals that correspond with the chakras. Note the correspondence with the chakra color system as well.

Root – Note lots of deep reds and blacks here. Bloodstone, black obsidian, red coral, and mahogany.

Sacral – Oranges and browns. Orange carnelian, golden tiger’s eye, stilbite.

Solar Plexus – Yellows and ambers. Citrine, fire opal, amber, golden tiger’s eye.

Heart – The range here spans from pink to green. Rose quartz, rhodonite, amazonite, green opal.

Throat – Blues and aquamarines. Turquoise, blue lace agate, aquamarine, kyanite.

Third Eye – Purples and dark blues. Sodalite, sapphire, lapis lazuli.

Crown – And here we go from light purples and violets to clear. Clear quartz, moonstone, amethyst quartz, and amethyst.

Remember that the chakra crystals serve as brilliant and tangible reminders to do your chakra work, keep yourself aligned, and make the meditative and spiritual journey from your root to your crown. You can also refer to my post on how to unblock the chakras with crystals where I go into greater detail on this subject.

Happy Manifesting!

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