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Numerology Marriage Compatibility: Meet Your Match

Love seems to be always in the air, doesn’t it?

We either want to meet our match, we want to strengthen our relationship, or we know, deep down, we’re in a failed relationship, but we resist admitting it to ourselves.

“Who is my soulmate?” You wonder. “What kind of numerology marriage compatibility do I have?”

Try as we might, we cannot help but search for love, even amid the changing times.

In the last several decades, divorce rates have risen, and many people have talked a big game about how marriage is a thing of the past and perhaps we should just get rid of the tradition altogether.

Not so fast.

The truth is, anthropologically, psychologically, and of course spiritually, marriage is in our best interest. And if we have children, it is most certainly in their best interest.

Benefits of Marriage


For couples, marriage holds tremendous benefits.

There are the practical advantages of shared resources like rent or mortgage and other bills. You get tax deductions, social security benefits, retirement benefits, and health insurance benefits.

You have someone you can count on to help you out in times of need. True partnerships include a spouse who lifts you up when you’re down, who carries the weight when it is too heavy for you, and who picks up the pieces when you drop them.

And you perform the same tasks for your partner when the tables turn.

Trust me, the tables always turn in long term relationships.

A number of physical benefits exist as well. Married people traditionally have more sex than single people. By a lot.

And there are a number of health advantages to having a healthy sexual relationship, including increased endorphins, better sleep, less stress, and more.

Numerology Compatibility

You are also more likely to be in better physical and psychological health if your partner is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

Evidence shows that positive influence is vastly more powerful than negative influence. So if just one of you is interested in leading a healthy life, the other one is likely to pick up those cues and begin to live a healthy lifestyle as well.

Spiritually, meeting your partner in this life allows you to relax your ego more, surrender to the divine better, and release your past stories, opening you up to a world of possiblity.

No. A universe of possibility.


Then there are the children.

Children from a healthy, married, two parent household have a huge advantage in life. They are more likely to succeed academically. They are better psychologically equipped to navigate difficulties in life.

They perform better on exams and stress tests. And they are more capable of forming long lasting friendships and entering into committed healthy relationships themselves.

The benefits are myriad, while the advantages to staying single for the rest of your life and simply flitting from relationship to relationship as your fickle heart wills are minimal.

That lifestyle also gets very old very fast.

And very lonely.

Marriage Is not for the Faint of Heart

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Marriage is not for the faint of heart.

It is the most intense and serious commitment into which you will enter in your entire life.

You stand up together and promise to have each other’s backs for the duration of your human experience here on earth, and that is no joke.

Most people are half crazy, ego filled, and lost in life.

Put Your Own House in Order

We barely know how to love ourselves; how could we possibly manage to love someone else? Forever!?

We can’t.

We cannot possibly manage to love anyone else on earth until we learn to love ourselves.

So, before you read ahead to figure out your numerology marriage compatibility, think really hard on what you actually want.

What if you do find your perfect match? Will you believe they really love you? Will you have the confidence to enter into a relationship without jealousy, criticism, and self doubt?

Are you prepared to work on yourself and your relationship for the rest of your life, starting right now?

numerology and weddings

You better be.

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson has a chapter in his book 12 Rules for Life called “Put Your Own House in Order.”

It is relevant to this discussion of marriage because, after years of experience working with some of the most clinically damaged patients on a mental health level, he notes that one of our biggest problems in society is that we’re rushing about judging others, trying to change or save the world, and entering into relationships when we don’t even know ourselves.

We don’t keep our rooms clean. We don’t properly care for our bodies, minds, and spirits.

And we think we’re ready to march on the streets in protest of this or that issue.

Or get married and commit ourselves for the rest of our lives to someone else!?

Slow down.

If you are lonely and ready for love, look inside first.

Put your own house in order.

Get healthy, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Take account of where you are in life, know who you are and what you want.

Then, when you line up with someone who also knows themselves and what they want, you can more easily enter into a partnership.

And together, you can spend the rest of your lives developing yourselves (because that work never ends) and developing your relationship.

And then raising children who are equipped to do the same.

Numerology Marriage Compatibility

Great, you say. I’ve done the work. I’ve put my house in order. I’m healthy, and I’m ready to partner up.

Where’s my soulmate?!


A quick note on soulmates first.

Realize that literally anyone and everyone could be your soulmate.

Your children are your soulmates.

Your friends and family are soulmates.

And you may take lovers throughout your life (ideally before you are married and not after) who are also soulmates.

There are many kinds of soulmates in this life as we come in and out of the human experience over and over in a kind of recycling program. We create soul contracts with many spirits, meeting each other repeatedly across lifetimes in new fun ways.

So, if you are looking for a soulmate, that’s easy. Throw a rock and you’ll hit one of your soulmates.

If you are looking for a life partner, someone to endure the good and bad times over decades, that’s where compatibility comes in.


Remember to take all of this numerology with a grain of salt. Your life path number is a loose predictor of who you are and where you are in life, as is the life path of your life partner.

True compatibility is quite simple and easy to figure out:

  • Do you want the same things?
  • Are you willing to commit to a life of joys and hardships together?
  • Do you have things in common?
  • Do you have some areas of difference?
  • Are you both healthy and willing to work on yourselves?

If the answer to those questions is yes, you’re likely compatible.

In all of my experience working with women and couples, I have found that the single biggest predictor of a successful relationship comes down to one thing: both people want the relationship to work. That’s it.

Having said all that, here are the most compatible life path numbers in numerology

1 Ones are most compatible with 3, 6, and 2. As ones are leaders, 2 and 6 will be more likely to stand in respect of your leadership and serve as a faithful beta to your alpha. Be careful not to abuse that power.

2 Twos are most compatible with 1, 3, 6, and 8. These life path numbers will bring stability and gentleness to your slight chaos and doubt.

3 Threes are most compatible with 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, and 9. Because you are so easygoing and adaptive, you have a wide range to choose from. 3 and 7 will be hard for you because neither of you will be the strong leader in the duo.

4 Fours love order, so you will be compatible with 4, and also 6, 7, and 8. They will be faithful and loyal to your introverted soul.

5 A free-spirited nomad, you are compatible with 3, 5, and 9, who will share your idealism and desire for freedom.

6 Because you are so diplomatic and romantic, sixes are most compatible with 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 9, but especially with 3 and 9, who will promote peace and harmony with you.

7 You are a spiritual and intuitive being, so sevens are most compatible with 4 and 6, who will share your sense of faith and loyalty, willing to provide spiritual and intellectual stimulation.

8 Eights are compatible with 2, 3, and 4, where you will find rigor and be able to express your need to be dominant. They will provide fantasy to your groundedness.

9 A giver, a nine is most compatible with 3, 5, 6, and 9, all of whom can honor your altruistic nature.

calculating your life path number

Again, take it all very lightly, and play with what works. Remember, you often have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince or princess.

Happy manifesting!

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