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Crystals for Telekinesis: Move It or Lose It

If you are actively working on the practice of witchcraft or another form of intuitive work, telekinesis is probably one of the powers you would like to master.

Wouldn’t we all?

So you’re looking for information, lessons, and even crystals for telekinesis.

But here’s the thing: most people don’t get very advanced in active power not because they are incapable of it, not because it is impossible, but because they simply give up believing it is possible.


Telekinesis is the ability to move objects, or transform the physical world, without physically engaging with it. Essentially, you can move (kinesis) things, with your mind (tele).

Jesus did it, right? He walked on water. He healed lepers. He transformed water into wine. All of these are examples of telekinesis. The ability to shape the outer world with your inner self.

Think about it. Walking on water is merely making the earth rise to meet the soles of your feet from beneath the ocean. Healing someone is merely moving the healing properties around in someone’s body. Turning water to wine is merely rapidly fermenting grapes in the water you see before you.

It’s all telekinesis.

And when you understand the fundamental principles of the things you hope to move or transform, physics, biology, and fermentation, you are one step closer to being able to do it with your mind.

Some people are just born less blocked, more open, and more in touch with their inner knowing.

You’ve heard the theory that we are never really learning anything, we are merely remembering things we already know.

An savant comes into this life much closer and much more open to that remembering process.

We can all reach that level of knowing, but our work, alongside the actual “learning” is to open up more and more each moment so that it is easier for us to learn and grasp.

“What?!” You may ask, outraged. “Are you saying we are all as great as Jesus???”


Yes. I am in fact saying that. But don’t take my word for it. Take Jesus’ word.

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

John 14:12 – 14

In the world of witchy spirituality, this passage is easily translated.

We are all children of God.

God is Love. The loving energy we all come from, the source.

Jesus was but a single example of the extension of God as human.

We are all capable of doing what Jesus did if we just believe. Indeed, we can do even more because Jesus did a lot in a short time.

Every time we do these great things, we show off the glory of this loving energy we all come from. We are examples of the glory of God.

Et voila.

We call it magic.

They call it miracles.

It’s all the same.


The difference between belief and knowing is that you leave room for doubt when you believe. You are pretty sure it is real, but you are open to being wrong.

When you know, nothing can change your mind.

Abraham Hicks explains this as the true power of the law of attraction. When you know something to be absolutely true, the universe (God) has no choice but to agree with you.

Hence, coming back to telekinesis, or any other power you hope to wield, when you know you hold this power, you hold it. Period.

So, maybe it begins as a belief.

You adopt this belief because you have seen, or read about, someone else doing this thing, holding this power, and you figure, if they can do it, so can I.

Fair enough.

Then, you are able to move from belief to knowing by changing your mind, changing your perspective, little by little, and perhaps that begins as metaphor.

You start to notice that you are affecting your environment with the power of your mind. You start to notice you have broken out of a cycle you were stuck in. You start to notice you are feeling better.

As you notice you are influencing your environment, your belief becomes stronger, and moves into knowing.

Now you are influencing others.

Law of Attraction on Blackboard with Words

Before you know it, people are moving heaven and earth to make you happy, to make you feel good.

Is this not then a form of telekinesis?

It is. It really is. You just have to believe it, then know it, and then practice it regularly.



And this, truly, is where most people fail.

They give up too soon, too easily, and they say it is too hard.

A great book to check out on just how powerful the mind is, and just what kind of power you can wield once you master your mind is “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,” by Joe Dispenza. It provides scientific evidence for all we discussed here.

Crystals for Telekinesis

The practices, the rituals, and the crystals you want for telekinesis then, are not really for telekinesis specifically but for belief and knowing.

Crystals for Grief

You have a journey ahead of you filled with healing your past wounds and negative stories, preparing yourself for intense, the religious practice of stepping into belief and then knowing, and then the daily practice of developing your powers.

It begins, always, within.


Whenever you begin the work of developing your inner knowing and your power, you should have an amethyst with you.

Amethyst is a deeply healing crystal, and all of us have past wounds we are not dealing with and therefore not healing.

You must heal and change the story that you are broken and powerless before you begin to step into your power.

Amethyst Quartz


This deep blue crystal is for opening up to the unknown. You have to begin to release the need to know and understand everything.

Sure, you can learn the fundamentals and the principles, but you have to accept and surrender that some things, like God, are simply beyond your ability to conceive. You must learn to embrace the unknown.

Forget about how and just focus on what.


Lapis Lazuli

Another blue stone, this one is for spiritual revelations. Meditate with lapis lazuli when you are ready to communicate directly with the universe and receive messages, and then watch out.

Messages from the universe come in all shapes and sizes and come from the most mysterious sources.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli


Still more blue! Are you sensing a theme here? Labradorite helps you tap into your specific path, your past lives, and the intentions you set before stepping into this human form.

It is a great stone for spiritual awakenings and beginning on your spiritual, powerful journey.


Clear Quartz

And of course you must have a clear quartz with you to keep you clear on your purpose at all times. Remember the more your purpose is rooted in the good, in Love, and in channeling the divine power of the universe, the more easily your own personal power will come to you.

The power of Love is one thousand times greater than the power of any negative emotion. Let it shine.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

And remember, at all times, that your power comes from within, from an infinitely powerful and loving universe that you are an irrevocable part of. The crystals you use, the practices you put into place, the rituals you observe, are all merely tools to get in touch with the greater part of yourself so that you may serve your higher self.

Also, don’t forget, this should be fun. We came into these human bodies to revel in our limitations and to play with our power.

Happy manifesting!

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