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What Is Pendulum Reading?

When you hear the word “pendulum,” what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? Many people would say hypnosis, but that’s not how we use it in our crowd.

A beginner spiritual person might not know, but we use pendulums for inner growth and spiritual healing. If you need guidance, you can use it to find the answers you need through pendulum reading.

What Is Pendulum Reading?

We use a lot of divination in our community, and pendulum reading is one of them. How is it done? How exactly do you read a pendulum? Well, pendulum reading involves asking the universe a question and getting your answer through the pendulum’s movement. It is a practice that has been done since ancient times. People use it to make essential decisions and locate things, like water and even gold.

I said before that people often associate pendulums with hypnosis, right? Well, that’s not how pendulum reading or pendulum dowsing works. It isn’t a test of concentration but simply an act of asking whether it’s a yes or a no answer. Whenever you need to decide something but find it hard to make a decision, the pendulum can aid you. Pendulum reading is a practice — a powerful tool to guide you spiritually in life.

Despite the stereotypes associated with pendulum reading, it is one of the many different forms of psychic readings that are becoming more popular these days. I can see why it’s popular given that you only need simple objects to perform it, and it’s also quite simple. In fact, you can learn how to use a pendulum within a few minutes. However, mastering the pendulum can take some time, and you must operate it with consistency to maximize its reliability.

The Pendulum

Your primary tool for pendulum reading is the pendulum, which can be any small weighted object connected to a string or a wire. It can be any material, so long as it is weighted and hangs from any string you use. You can use crystals, wood, stone, plastic, your diamond ring, or even just a bolt you found somewhere. However, it is ideal that it has a diameter that isn’t larger than an inch.

On the other hand, the string must be thin and strong, about six to eight inches. You can use a fishing line or a wire — either one is great because they are almost invisible. Both are also sturdy enough that you don’t need to worry about them breaking. You can also buy a pendulum in a crystal or a metaphysical store if you want. However, it is crucial to ensure that the pendulum you buy is responsive to you.

The tissue is that not all crystals will respond to you. This makes it difficult if you plan to use a crystal pendulum when performing a reading. In that case, my advice is to test the pendulum before you buy it. It would also be best to buy personally from a store, looking at the pendulums displayed and feeling for the one that draws you intuitively. Feel the one that calls out to you, making sure that you trust your gut feeling to get the pendulum that’s most responsive to you.

How To Do a Pendulum Reading

Okay, I’ve tried to explain pendulum reading as best I can. Right now, you’ve also learned what a pendulum is, what to use if you want to make one yourself, and how to pick the correct pendulum when you buy one. Let’s move on to learning how to do a pendulum reading, which is quite simple, as I’ve said before. When you do a pendulum reading, you start with making sure you have a clear mind.

1. Clear Your Mind

You need to prepare yourself by ridding your mind of clutter. You must have a clear mind and firm belief in the spiritual world and the divine. If not, pendulum reading is unlikely to work for you. Since the answer to your question comes from your subconscious, you can only perform a reading once your mind has become quiet.

2. Sit in the Correct Position

Sitting in the correct position is also vital in pendulum reading. You have to be sitting upright, with both of your feet placed flat on the floor. As for the pendulum, hold it in a way where the pendant is in your line of sight. If the pendulum is too long, you should hold it somewhere near the middle, so it doesn’t move too much.

3. Create a Language for Your Pendulum

Creating the language for your pendulum is perhaps the most critical step. This will allow you to understand the meaning of the pendulum’s movement. This is also a one-time step unless you want to change the language of your pendulum. With that said, go ahead and assign your own interpretation to the pendulum’s motion, such as “Yes” for the front back movement or “No” for the side to side swaying.

4. Test Your Pendulum Language

Before doing the actual reading, be sure to test your language first and verify that it works. You can do this by asking facts with answers that are yes, no, or maybe. Ask anything true, and if the pendulum swings back and forth, now you know that it is working. If you didn’t get the correct answer, you need to reprogram the language of your pendulum once again.

5. Perform a Reading

If the test shows that the pendulum works, you can now perform a reading. You will need to first call on to the universe, saying a prayer to ask your spiritual guide to give you truthful answers. Once you are done, ask a specific question that can only be answered with either yes or no. If your higher consciousness is open, the pendulum can answer your question.

6. Clear or Reset Your Pendulum

It may take some time to get an answer. There are times that you may not even get a response, which happens when your connection to the universe is cut off. If you get the answer to your question, don’t forget to clear your pendulum when you’re done. You can do it by holding the pendulum in the palm of your hand, which is how you reset the pendulum for your next reading.

Wrapping Up

So, what is pendulum reading? As you know by now, it’s a simple practice that can help direct you to the right path in life whenever you’re at a crossroads and unable to make a decision. The pendulum may just be a small tool or accessory in the eyes of others, but it can give you the final push you need. While I don’t recommend using only the pendulum when making a decision, it can offer reassurance that you’re doing the right thing.

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