9 Crystals for Plants: Instant Fertilizer

If you love plants, it isn’t always easy to keep them happy and thriving. When plants are happy, they bring a lot of calming and revitalization to a space, not to mention all of the clean oxygen they emit.

If you’re having trouble with your plants, or even just one plant in particular, it can help to use the right crystals to help them thrive. Many of these crystals are green, showing you their connection with nature and the plant world.

Moss Agate

This beautiful green crystal is often referred to as a gardener’s stone because it can help you to have a stronger bond with your plants. It is one of the most popular stones used by gardeners for this reason.

Moss Agate
Moss Agate

It can help you to have a stronger connection to nature and help you to grow deep roots of your own. The light green color of the moss agate is a preview of its ability to lighten gardens.

It brings a certain clean energy to the area and helps you to fond better with the Earth. It can help your plants to be in better balance and allow them to stay healthier.

It can give your garden more vitality that is so important for plants and other living things. It’s a good idea to have this crystal in your garden so that it keeps applying its energies to the plants.

This stone also makes you want to take more care of your plants to nurture their energies. Moss agate also allows you to use the healing energies of your plants without any adverse effects on their health.

Some gardeners use it to have more confidence in their abilities to keep their plants healthy and alive. It can help you to be more creative, and this is a wonderful trait when you’re taking care of plants.


Another green crystal, this one has dreamy swirls of green shades that make it a beautiful stone to have in an indoor or outdoor garden. It is a stone that is known for its powers with both vegetation and fertility and was used by the ancient Egyptians for those purposes.


It has a blossoming energy that makes it perfect for helping your plants to produce lush growth. If you have a plant that just isn’t growing, putting a malachite near it can help it to grow better.

This stone can also protect the plant from any electromagnetic fields that can be slowing its rate of growth. It’s also a great stone for adding to the look of your garden.

Place it there to help your plants to be abundant and grow well.

Green Calcite

People often feel stress, but animals and plants do as well. Green calcite is an ideal crystal for helping to soothe your plants and make them less stressed.

Green Calcite
Green Calcite

Plants can get anxious, and when they are, they may not thrive. This stone can help to relax them so that they will feel and grow better.

Placing this crystal into the pot’s soil can help your plant to grow more easily and to get rid of any period of stagnation in its growth. It provides a revitalizing energy to your plant that can help it to be healthier.

If your plants are low on energy, green calcite can revive them and get their energy back by giving them the vibrations they need to be well-nourished. If you’re giving your plants the amount of sun and water they need and they still seem dull, this stone can be placed beside them to restore their vitality.

It’s a healing crystal that can help a plant through physical problems and to be restored. This light-green crystal is related to the heart chakra, allowing it to increase love and liveliness.

It can help your plants with these nurturing aspects so that they are in better health.

Clear Quartz

This stunning crystal is highly common in the Earth and is easy to find. It boosts the power given out by other crystals so that their powers are stronger and more effective.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

It is a major healing stone that is great for the holistic healing of plants. It has high-level vibrations that allow it to amplify what is around it.

Its unique frequency can help plants to heal and to grow better. It can even cause the soil of the plant to be more fertile.

They are often used by those who raise tomato plants because they’re believed to help protect them from pests and diseases. Clear quartz is famous for its ability to be programmed with the intentions of the user.

You can program it by holding it and letting your intentions flow into it. When you want it to help with the growth and overall health of your plant, you can program it to do this.

Tiger’s Eye

This is a powerful crystal that has both grounding and protection powers. It can help you to have more courage and strength, and it can protect you against negative energy.

Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s Eye

It can be used to help plants that aren’t in good health to be better grounded and protected from negativity. Plants need positive energy to thrive, and this stone can help them to find it.

Tiger’s eye boosts the growth of plant roots and encourages a more abundant harvest from many types of plants. It is a protective and defensive stone, protecting your plants against negative energies that can attack.

It keeps negative vibrations from reaching the plants and causing them physical harm. Plants are sensitive to energies, so it pays to have this striped stone nearby.

Plants need support and strength in order to grow, and this crystal boosts those to benefit your plants. It is one of the best stones to use for gardening because of its many abilities.

Keep it above the ground level and near the plants to help protect and support them.

Fairy Crosses

Also called fairy stones, these are tiny, brown cross-shaped stones that are relatively rare, but they are available from a number of sources. This stone is often used to create a link that allows you to communicate with other living beings.

Fairy Cross Stone

It’s perfect for allowing you to communicate with your plants to find out what is wrong with them and to encourage them to grow. When you use the crystal to communicate, you can ask a question of your plant that can be answered in a number of ways.

Often, the answer comes in the form of an emotion. If you ask your plant how it’s feeling and you suddenly feel sad, the plant may be sick.

If it is sick, one of the other crystals described can help to heal it. Fairy crosses can also help to stabilize plants and bring them into better balance.

If you have a plant that is struggling, a fairy cross can help you to find out what’s wrong so you can help it heal.


This lovely white stone has a lot of abilities that can benefit both humans and plants. It is in close connection to the moon, and the moon is a great source of energy.


When a plant is infused with this moon energy, it is more likely to survive and thrive. Plants, like humans, have natural vibrations that can be negative, positive, or both.

They can also get blockages of their energies which then need removal for the health of the plant. The vibrations of the moonstone can help to remove these blockages and allow your plant’s natural energies to flow.

Moonstone can help damaged plants to regenerate faster so that they are stronger. It also encourages the plant to put down deep roots so that it’s better supported.

It’s a great stone to keep in your garden to help with the energy and vibrations of your plants.

Green Aventurine

Another green stone, this pretty crystal contains different shades of green, and it’s highly beneficial for plants. It’s considered a lucky stone, and this luck can extend itself to your plants.

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

It’s helpful to have nearby when you’re planting seeds so that the seeds are more likely to sprout. It also encourages new plant growth and boosts the optimism of plants so that you and your plants are both in a positive headspace.

It’s also a good crystal to use for new beginnings. Use it when you are starting out a plant or to use when you’re planting cuttings.

It can help your plants to get a great start in life.


Just like people, plants need good energy and joy. Citrine is a bright yellow or orange stone that is connected to the sun and the energy it provides.


This is a joyous stone that spreads its warmth to those around it. If there is negative energy around your plants, this crystal can turn it into positive energy.

If you have a plant that needs to be revitalized, place a citrine near it to boost its vitality. With its tie to the sun, this crystal is representative of the healing energy of the sun.

Give your plants some extra energy and joy with this beautiful crystal.

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