What Are The Luckiest Numbers In Numerology?

Previously, we have talked about your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, and Name Number, but what we have not looked at is lucky numbers, and how to find them. One of the things that makes lucky numbers hard to figure out is that a number that is lucky in America, might be an unlucky number elsewhere.

In addition, luck means different things to different people. One person may consider gaining money as luck while another might consider improved health or feeling good as luck.

Whatever you consider luck, you can find your lucky numbers with numerology. Any of your various numbers could easily be lucky for you.

We know that numbers govern our lives from the clock that tells us where we must be when to the cost of dinner. We have house numbers, phone numbers, license plates and driver’s license numbers; within these numbers we can find our lucky numbers.

For example, if you have a 7 Life Path number, most western systems of numerology consider 7 a lucky number, but in China, July is the Ghost Month, and is considered unlucky; therefore, other events that reduce to 7 are also considered unlucky. However, the numbers you consider lucky are lucky for you because they resonate with you on an inner level.

finding your life path number

If your Life Path Number does not feel lucky to you, move on to other numbers that resonate with you more. Numerology gives us several options to choose from when selecting lucky numbers.

You may feel more resonance with your Expression Number, your Birth Number, or your Soul Urge Number. Each of these numbers applies to a different aspect of our lives, and lucky numbers vary from person to person based on the resonance of their specific numbers.

Types of Numbers:

  • Life Path Number/Mullant/Radix number)
  • Expression Number/Destiny number
  • Soul Urge, Motivation, Heart’s Desire numbers
  • Birth Number
  • Birthday/Radix Number
  • Personality Number
  • Growth Number

Life Path Number

The Life Path number shows us the direction we should follow to achieve our most satisfactory and fulfilling direction in life. The Life Path number is the most important of the numbers and shows us the major lessons we need to learn during this lifetime.

We reach our Life Path number, number by adding together the numbers in your complete date of birth. Remember when determining our Life Path numbers, we add each number separately first.

Birth date December 13,1956 = 1+2=3, 1+13=4, and 1+9+5+6=21=3.

Then we add together the numbers 3+4+3=10=1

We would then reduce the number to 1, to get the Life Path number of a person with that birthday.

Expression Number

Our Expression Number reveals our abilities and talents. We often refer to this as the Destiny Number as well because it shows us what we could be.

Calculating the Expression Number works by using the chart below that associates each letter in your birth name with a number. We then add the letters in each part of the name separately and most often reduce them to a single digit, although some systems stop at the 2-digit number we arrive at just before the single digit number.





































To arrive at the expression number from the name Daniel Evan Smith, for example, we would assign a number to each letter in the name. Add the names separately, and then add them together and reduce to single digit.

Daniel: 4+1+5+9+5+3=19=10=1

Evan: 5+4+1+5=15=6

Smith: 1+4+9+2+8=24=6

Expression number: 1+6+6=13=4

The Expression number provides insight into our innate qualities. The more we explore this number, the closer we will come to understanding ourselves.

Soul Urge, Motivation, Heart’s Desire numbers

To determine our Soul Urge Number, also known the Motivation or Heart’s Desire Number, we start by pulling only the vowels from the name. Using the same letter number chart as the Expression number, we assign each letter a number.

Daniel: a, i, e = 1+9+5=15=6

Evan: e,a = 5+1=6

Smith: i = 9

We then add 6+6+9=21=3

Our Soul Urge number represents our likes and dislikes, both inner and outer. When contrasted with other numbers, they can help us know which numbers are compatible with our numbers and which to avoid.

Once we know what our number is and how it relates to other numbers, our Soul Urge number helps us find a greater sense of purpose and tells us what factors drive us. This helps us gain a deeper understanding of our inner motivation and find direction more easily.

Birthday/Radix Number

The Birthday, or Radix, Number is another option to look at to find lucky numbers. To arrive at this number, we add only the numbers of the day of the month you were born. For example, if you were born on the 21st,, we would add 2+1=3

Some systems do not reduce this number; however, most of the systems I have studied reduce it to a single number called the Radix. Our Radix number guides us to our inner selves by using the numbers 1 through 9 and is the system on which numerology is based.

Personality Number

The Personality Number reveals the face we show to the world. It shows us how our personality can relate to others and even how we like to dress or talk.

To determine the Personality Number, we pull the consonants from the name and add them using the same letter number chart as the other numbers.

Daniel: 4+5+3=12=3

Evan: 4+5=9

Smith: 1+4+2+8=15=6


The Personality Number is a 9, and this can help us use the qualities of the number 9 to determine how the world sees us.

Growth Number

The growth number modifies the Life Path number. we can use the patterns contained within this number to help us on our path in life.

The growth number uses only the numbers from your first name to determine the outcome. Your growth number can help with your development, and growth.

Daniel: 4+1+5+9+5+3=19=10=1

The growth number for Daniel is 1 which may well be a lucky number for him.

Lucky Days

Once we have these numbers, we can do calculations to tell us which days are the luckiest. To find our lucky numbers, we compare our life path numbers to the current calendar day calculation.

Birth date December 13,1956 reduces to 3+4+3=10=1

Today’s date (example) May 5, 2022= 5+5+2+2+2=16=7

The luckiest days for you will be the days when the two numbers coincide.

With the life path number of 1, a date such as May 8, 2022 would reduce to 5+8+2+2+2=19=1 is likely to be a lucky day since the life path number and the day number are the same.

Qualities of the Numbers

  1. Individualism, Leadership, determination, boldness, self-confidence, pioneering
  2. Stability, cooperation, diplomatic, peaceful, sensitive, tolerance
  3. Self-expression, imaginative, original, inspiration, optimism
  4. Traditional, balance, trustworthiness, self-discipline, committed, practical, persistent
  5. Adventurous, modern, visionary, invention, magnetic, energetic
  6. Responsible, tranquil, empathy, stable, balanced, caring
  7. Intelligent, intuitive, spiritual, logical, reserved, mysterious
  8. Ambitious, organized, effective, realistic, powerful, courageous, successful
  9. Idealistic, kind-hearted, enthusiastic, altruistic, imaginative, devoted

11: Charming, idealistic, intuitive, dreamy, discerning

22: Visionary, expert creator, successful, leader, innovative, genius

33: Master instructor, educated, knowledgeable,

Can Numerology Help Me With My Decisions?

Numerology can help us make choices in our lives to help us achieve the outcomes we want in life. However, numerology like other forms of divination is a tool.


These numbers represent tendencies and allow us to know how the universe aligns for us on any given day. We are not bound by these numbers, but we can use them to help us find the most beneficial days for different projects.

Nothing is unchangeable. We use the tools we have in our arsenal to help and protect us throughout our lives whether it is numerology, tarot, or pendulums.

We make our own choices and the more guidance we have, the better our decision-making ability.

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