The 8 Best Crystals For Fertility

When you’re having issues with your fertility, or you simply want to be as fertile as possible, there are a lot of crystals that can help you get there.

With one or more of these crystals, you can increase your fertility for easier conception.


Moonstone has a soft, satiny look, and its powers are also soft and highly feminine. It’s often called the Stone of New Beginnings, and it’s perfect for helping women with their fertility.

It’s one of the best stones for women to use to give women better balance so that they are better able to conceive. It can help women to have more regular cycles, have balanced hormones, and help their metabolism as well.

All of these factors are important when you’re trying to get pregnant. This beautiful crystal can also help to reduce your stress, and this can help with conceiving.

During a full moon, set better fertility as a goal while you hold your moonstone for great benefits. You can also sleep with a moonstone under your pillow or wear it in jewelry to keep it nearby.

The stone has long been associated with goddesses as well as Mother Earth. It is also associated with gentleness and the emotional stability needed to be a parent.

A highly nurturing stone, it’s an ideal crystal for those who want to be mothers.



This crystal ranges from orange to red and has the fiery color of passion. It’s a stone that can help you with many aspects of yourself, including creativity, leadership, courage, and endurance as well as helping boost your fertility.

It can raise your energy as well as encourage more sexuality so that you are more likely to conceive. It is associated with the sacral chakra which is the energy center for the reproductive organs of both men and women.

Carnelian also stimulates all of the reproductive organs of men and women to help them be more fertile. It helps the reproductive organs to be better balanced so that they can all work together in harmony.

This stone also assists with the hormonal system. This stone is well-known for its ability to spark creativity in the user, and this can help with the conception of a new life.

It boosts the sex drive and gives you more confidence so that you are able to make love spontaneously. Keeping this stone in a pocket or on a belt are both helpful ways to use a carnelian.

This stone helps to increase fertility for men and women, though it is a stone for harnessing feminine energies. For women, this stone can help them to produce more hormones, while for men it’s used to increase the potency of sperm.


Rose Quartz

This lovely stone is a soft pink that radiates love. It is often known as the perfect stone for unconditional love, and this can be for a child that you want to conceive.

It is tied to the heart chakra, and it stimulates the opening of the heart to receive the blessing of a pregnancy. If you have had problems conceiving, it’s normal to feel stressed and even guilty.

This stone helps with those feelings so that you can heave a more positive outlook toward conceiving. It makes people have more sexual vitality as well as allowing them to be more sensual.

This love stone helps you to love yourself and to be confident in your self-worth, both important abilities to have when seeking a child. One way to use this stone is to keep it under your pillow or mattress so that it continues to open you to a child all night every night.

When your heart is open and ready to receive a pregnancy, you are more likely to conceive. It’s a calming stone that can help you feel less stress and more love.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz


Chrysoprase may not be the best-known crystal, but it boasts a lot of special abilities. When you are trying to conceive, it’s important to balance your yin and yang energy, and this stone can help you do that.

It increases fertility and stimulates your own sexual power. It can also boost the mood, making it a perfect crystal for those who are depressed as well as those trying to conceive.

It brings energy to the heart chakra so that you are more able to love, including loving yourself. This stone can bring you calm and can help you to have better emotional health.

It can help you to rid yourself of self-blame so that you are more positive in outlook. Keep a chrysoprase near you, especially in a pocket, to let it work for you.

It’s especially powerful when it’s paired with a carnelian. This pale-green stone is also helpful for use when there are illnesses that need healing so you can be at your most fertile.

When you’re plagued by self-doubt and other negative feelings, this crystal can help you with maintaining a positive state that can boost your fertility.



This pretty crystal is a mottled purple, and it can help you in a number of ways. It’s often called the stone of transition, as it helps you invite in the change that you want.

It can help you to change your perspective so that you’re ready for new things in your life. This is especially important when it comes to creating a new life.

Many women fear being pregnant and giving birth, and this fear can keep chakras blocked and can decrease your fertility. Lepidolite can help you to get rid of that fear and trepidation so that you’re more fertile.

Having big transitions in your life, such as a pregnancy, can come with stress. This stone eases that stress for a better transition.

It has positive effects on your overall well-being and is highly calming. It’s helpful to wear one in jewelry so that it’s always with you.

There are lots of new transitions when it comes to pregnancy and taking care of a baby. With this stone, those transitions will be met with calm and positivity.

It’s a peaceful stone that can bring peace to your mind and your life.


Green Jade

This gorgeous crystal has long been prized by humans for its many energies and abilities. It’s a great stone for women who want to be mothers.

The energy of green jade is highly magickal and nurturing. It helps to soothe the soul and allow your heart to be better balanced and full of love.

If you have negative emotions that have been pent up, this stone pushes you to let go of them for your own well-being. It’s a stone that gets rid of the energy barrier that many people have built that can harm their ability to be open to new life.

When you have better balance in your heart and you’re open to love, you are in a better place to have a baby. It’s also a powerful fertility stone because it increases the amount of oxygenation and blood flow to your pelvic organs.

It’s also considered to be one of the luckiest stones, and that luck can come in handy when you’re trying to conceive. Seeking a pregnancy can be stressful and may lead to anxiousness.

Use this stone to ease these feelings so that you can better concentrate on conceiving. Simply holding green jade in your hand can help you to benefit from its energies.

green jade


The pinks and greens of this amazing crystal denote balance between energies. It helps your heart, root, and sacral chakras to be better energized and pure.

This stone is a type of jasper, and its green and pink are related to the many factors that go into having a safe and successful pregnancy. The pink part is symbolic of the love that you have for both your baby-to-be and your partner.

The green is symbolic of nurturing and new life. This crystal has healing energy that can help rid you of negativity.

Simply being more positive and in a better emotional state can help you when you’re trying to conceive. It also helps your aura to be more balanced, and this is believed to help with fertility.

This stunning stone can help you with getting rid of chakra blockages, and this is very helpful for better fertility. This crystal is also believed to help the mother and the child to stay healthier during the pregnancy.



The ancient Greeks prized the garnet for its ability to spread love and to enhance fertility. Today it has these same abilities that you can use to conceive more easily.

It has a strong healing energy that can help you with physical reproductive issues. It can help wounds to heal so that you are in better condition to get pregnant.

Garnet helps you to reach a more level-headed, grounded state. It’s calming and allows you to stay away from emotional turmoil.

This can help you to get ready for the chaos of parenthood.


Which stone is your favorite?

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