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10 Best Crystals for Aquarius: Go With The Flow

Aquarius, the water bearer, is a water sign that comes with a lot of great personality traits. Those born under Aquarius are often highly independent and dance to the beat of their own drum.

They are generally honest and friendly, and they are often loyal friends and intellectuals. There are many crystals that can help an Aquarius to keep better balance.

Many of them can help to boost their positive traits and help relieve their negative ones.

🪨 Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a popular crystal that can be used for many things. It is a healing stone that can help you with many different aspects of your life.

It amplifies both thought and energies, and it will boost the power of any other crystals that you have in the area. It has the ability to increase your psychic abilities, and it can help you with concentration and memory.

It can absorb energy as well as store it and release it when needed. Your emotional, mental, and spiritual selves can be better balanced by this stone.

It can help to have a better connection between your mind and body.

🌹 Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

This is a highly loving crystal that helps Aquarians who need to keep their compassion as they do their service for others. Aquarians can tend toward becoming detached from their own emotions, and this crystal can help them to be more connected with them.

It can also help them to remember to see to their own needs so that they remember to practice self-care. It can be hard to accept things the way they are, but rose quartz can help you to do that and to have gratitude for what you have.

It can help you to break old, toxic patterns and to make new ones.

💙 Blue Apatite


This crystal helps you with communication, opening your throat chakra and helping you to talk in groups as well as during public speaking. It is also helpful when you need spiritual guidance so that you can better communicate with that guidance.

If you ever have trouble keeping up your motivation, this stone can help. It can also give you more creativity and make you more intellectual.

It helps to get rid of irritability caused by frustration or confusion. It can help you to get to the heart of the truth and to relieve your anger and other negative emotions.

🦟 Amber

Amber (Sunstone)
Amber (Sunstone)

Many Aquarians get stressed out, and amber can help. It can help to heal you and to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit.

It can make you more calm so that your stress goes down. If you suffer from depression, amber can also help to relieve that condition.

It can help you to be more self-confident and intellectual, and it can help you to be more creative and self-confident in everything you do. It pushes you to be more spontaneous, and it helps to bring you better balance.

🌝 Moonstone


Those born under Aquarius are often highly interested in social justice and change. This stone is great for new beginnings and times when things are changing.

It can help you to be stronger and boosts your inner growth. Aquarians commonly have high achievements in their sights, and moonstone can help them with getting to their goals.

If you have stress and unstable emotions, this crystal can help you to have better balance and calmer. It’s a lucky stone that can bring you good fortune and success.

💕 Lepidolite


With lepidolite, you can soothe your mind and get out of your head so that you get the downtime you need. It can help you to get more enjoyment out of life.

It relieves stress and can get rid of blockages in your energy. This crystal can help you to give more thought to your actions so that you always make better decisions for yourself and others.

🔮 Amethyst


Aquarians have high ambitions and ideals, and this pretty purple crystal can help them on their journeys. If you have definite wishes for the future, this crystal can help you take your dreams and make them into reality in a practical way.

It’s a powerful stone that is also highly protective. It can stop negative energy and turn it into love and protection.

It protects against every kind of harm and negative wishes that come from others. It can help relieve stress and dispel negative emotions like anxiety and fear.

When you have times of sadness and grief, this stone can relieve them. It can also assist you in your psychic abilities.

🪨 Cavansite


Though it isn’t one of the most popular stones, it’s a beautiful blue color and is helpful for Aquarians to boost their psychic abilities and to deliver power to their chakras. This crystal can help you better understand the higher realms and the wisdom they impart to you.

It can help with your intuition so that you can better see what’s going on around you. It can help you to make your life better as well as helping others to live better lives.

Place one under your pillow to understand what your dreams mean.

💋 Garnet


Garnet is the traditional Aquarius stone. It helps Aquarians to find the universal love that they’re looking for.

It can inspire you to find the devotion and love you need to thrive. This stone can give you more self-confidence and aid in opening your heart to others.

It will energize your chakras and cleanse them at the same time. It can help balance your energy as well as revitalizing you.

Garnet can improve your relationships by bringing more love and passion to them. It can get rid of disharmony in your emotions and help you to have better perception of yourself and others around you.

‼️ Hematite


This stunning crystal has powerful grounding energy that is great for bringing an Aquarian back to Earth. It can detoxify your emotions and let you replace past hurts with vitality.

This stone can help you to have more confidence and can calm worry and stress. If you are trying to manifest big things, this crystal can help you to get what you’ve been seeking.

🐟 Aquamarine


This crystal is well-known for its ability to help you have more courage. It’s great for Aquarians who are truth seekers because it can bring universal truths to you.

It is highly calming and can help you to get rid of your stress and anxiety. It can aid in making you more sensitive and can get rid of fears.

If you have so many responsibilities that you feel overwhelmed, you can get help from an aquamarine. It can clarify things so that you have less confusion in your life.

If you have self-destructive behaviors, use an aquamarine to help you get rid of them.

🧲 Magnetite

Magnetite aligns well with Aquarius, aligning the chakras and helping with better emotional stability. It is a magnetic stone that can repel negative energies and attractive positive ones.

It is great for giving you balance so that you are more calm and able to use both hemispheres of your brain for more success. If you have a lot of extra energy, this crystal can ground them so that you stay as calm as possible.

Use it to attract what you’re looking for in life.

🥤 Sodalite


Like many other crystals for Aquarians, this crystal will give you calmness and bring order to your mind. It boosts your rational thought so that you see things as they truly are.

It can help you to communicate your feelings better, and it can help you to be more objective when needed. If you have panic attacks, this stone can help to calm them.

It also helps you to balance your emotions and to have more trust and acceptance of yourself.

🥽 Labradorite


This pretty crystal can help revitalize your spirit and give you a better connection to the spiritual realm. It can help you to be more visionary in your everyday life and to use insight along with your inspiration for more practical decision making.

It has water energy that allows Aquarians to have the patience that they often need more of. As you’re moving forward toward goals, this crystal can help you to get there.

🖤 Black Onyx

Black Onyx
Black Onyx

This crystal is perfect as an effective grounding stone. It will help you to manifest what you design in life and to take your ideals and make them into reality.

It can impart strength to Aquarians and allow them to have higher stamina. It aids in having more vigor and helps you get rid of grief.

If you wish you had more self-control, black onyx can help. It can boost your self-confidence and allow you to make wiser decisions.

It also brings good luck and can encourage you to be happier.

⭐️ Celestite


This pale-blue crystal has positive vibrations that can help you with your spiritual development, something that Aquarians often find challenging. It can also help with your connection to the spiritual realm and with achieving balance between the two ruling planets of Aquarius.

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