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99 Crystals for Strength: Unlock the Power Within

100. Black Agate

Chakra: Root

Like most black crystals, black agate has superior grounding effects, perfectly molded for someone experiencing hard times.

Black Agate
Black Agate

Its stripes can help you appreciate the beauty around you and maybe even find your inner zebra. Historically, black agate was used to heal nausea, and joint and bone problems and to remove negative energy.

I liken this one to a moving breakup song.

101. Mocha Scapolite

Scapolite is a semiprecious stone that contains aluminum, calcium, and sodium. Historically it was used as an antioxidant to treat glaucoma, cataracts, and circulatory problems.

Mocha Scapolite
Mocha Scapolite

Wear this gem after a workout to boost your glow. This crystal is last on the list because it is hard to find and it is very brittle for jewelry, but I did find a ring (linked in the crystal name) that may work if you take great care of it.

Luckily, scapolite comes in many colors. The brown color is associated with self-growth and grounding, key to strengthening your aura.

If you liked reading this, you may also enjoy the 35 Crystals for Wisdom in this much shorter blog post. After all, now that you’ve gotten some strength I believe a daily dose of wisdom is a great compliment to your spiritual practice.

With a rainbow of these crystals altogether, you will have the ability to heighten all 7 chakras and stay fashionable every day.

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